Into The Unknown episode 6


Episode 6

After the incident, Chachi hid himself in his work, dedicating all his energy to his career with strong determination. It served as a convenient distraction, allowing him to avoid confronting the inner demons and the emptiness that constantly haunted him. Deep down, he was aware that his heart remained frozen, securely encased in a fortress of guilt.

Chachi after the incident hid himself in his work, throwing himself into his career with relentless determination. It was a convenient distraction, a way to avoid confronting his inner demons and the emptiness he felt inside. Deep down, he knew that his heart remained frozen, locked away in a fortress of guilt.

He had always been a man of distinction, so he went ahead to build a reputation for himself, his name became synonymous with success in the corporate world. He was a formidable lawyer and a savvy businessman, commanding respect and admiration wherever he went. His tailored suits, polished shoes, and unwavering confidence painted the picture of a man who had it all.

But behind the disguise of power and prestige, Chachi struggled with guilt, he hadn’t been able to forgive himself for what happened to Dumebi. He had zero interest in women, much to the confusion of his friends and colleagues.

Dumebi had been the love of Chachi’s life, the woman he had planned a future with. Her laughter, her warmth, and the promise of a life together had been abruptly quenched in that horrific incident. The pain of losing her had cut so deep that Chachi vowed never to form any connection with another woman. He couldn’t bear the thought of going through that kind of agony again. He feared he might not survive if something happened to another woman he cared about.

Arinze had been a true friend during those difficult times. “Chachi, you have to forgive yourself, what happened wasn’t your fault, it was an unfortunate event. I know it’s hard but you have to let go and live your life it’s been many years now.”

“How can I do that, be with another woman, maybe get married and have children when I have no idea what her life is like? Whether she is dead or alive or what kind of life she is living. What about her parents? They have never been able to get over what happened to her.”
“I know, and you are doing your best for them, you support them financially and help sponsor her siblings’ education. I think that is something.”
“That’s not enough, moreover, I can’t feel anything for anyone”
“That is because you refuse to open your heart to love.”
“Arinze. I know you are trying to help, but as long as Dumebi is out there I can’t be with another woman. I have a meeting in the next…” he glanced at his watch “5 minutes I’ll see you later” Chachi strolled out.

Arinze watched him leave, feeling a profound sadness. He had tried everything in his power to help Chachi heal, even introducing him to Jesus in the hopes that it might provide solace. However, Chachi remained steadfast in his emotional torture, convinced that it was the only way to remain loyal to Dumebi.

But, little did Chachi know that God has a way of orchestrating encounters that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

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