Into The Unknown episode 10


Episode 10

The next day Chachi called Ifeoma and shared his experience with her.
“For the first time, I felt light as if a burden had been taken away from me and also for the first time, I prayed for Dumebi and I felt at peace.”
“I’m glad to know you read the book. That’s the Power of God at Work through His word.”
“Thank you Ifeoma, you don’t know what this means to me.”
“You are welcome Chachi.”

After this encounter Chachi was able to open his heart to love and their connection continued to grow, leading them toward a future that held the promise of love and healing, despite the tragic chapters of their pasts.

Chachi couldn’t deny what he felt for Ifeoma. Her strength, resilience, and genuine kindness that emanated from her drew him in like a moth to a flame. And Ifeoma, in turn, found herself increasingly drawn to Chachi’s intelligence, charisma, and the way he made her laugh.

Late one evening, under the gentle glow of the stars, Chachi and Ifeoma found themselves on a rooftop terrace. The city lights sparkled below them, and a soft breeze carried the scent of the night’s flowers.

They sat side by side, their hands almost touching but not quite, their unspoken desires hung in the air like an unbreakable tension.
Chachi finally broke the silence, “Ifeoma, I can’t deny what I feel when I’m with you. You’ve touched a part of my heart I thought was forever frozen.”

Ifeoma turned to him, “Chachi, I feel this connection between us too. But the question is can you let go of Dumebi?”
Chachi was quiet then he answered, “All I know is that I’m deeply in love with you and I want to get to know you better.”
“I want that too.”
Chachi reached out and gently cupped Ifeoma’s cheek, his thumb brushing away a stray tear. “Ifeoma, I don’t have all the answers, and I can’t erase the pain we’ve both endured. But I do know that what we share is special. We can’t let our pasts dictate our future. Maybe, just maybe, we can find healing in each other.”
After he said that they both held hands and watched the stars.

Later Chachi met with Arinze, he teased him.
“Loverboy you are scarce these days, but I’m glad things are progressing between you and Ifeoma.”
“Bro, I’m so in love with that woman, I thank God she came into my life.”
“Thank God, if not you will still be doing hard guy.”
They both laughed and before Chachi could respond his phone rang, looking at the screen, he saw that it was Dumebi’s father. He picked up the call and after a short conversation ended the call.
“That was Dumebi’s father he said there was an urgent matter he needed to discuss with me if I could fly in tomorrow.”
“What seems to be the problem?
“He didn’t say but I can’t go tomorrow, I have the Tuscano deal to round up tomorrow.”
“Yeah, you are going for their jaw, right?”
“You know how we do it, bro,” they laughed and shook hands.
“I told him I would be there on Saturday, so what do you say we fly out to Kaduna for the weekend.”
“Well, I will have to check with Tife, I hate leaving her alone with the kids but if you need me, I will be there.”
“Alright, so you will let me know yeah?”
“Sure. You are still coming over for dinner tonight, right?”
“Yeah, can’t miss the movie night with the kids.”
“I’ll see you later then.”

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