Into The Unknown episode 8


Episode 8

Ifeoma had a mental breakdown and it took a whole year before she could come out of it. The betrayer of Uche and Amara deeply hurt her, even the bravest of heart would have struggled with this double dose of misfortune.

To think that all she shared with Uche was a lie and that her best friend connived not only with her fiancée to betray but Amara also tried to eliminate her. She moped around all the time staring into space her parents enrolled her in therapy but it wasn’t working. One day while leaving the Therapist’s office the secretary gave her a phone number.

“I know therapy has not been working for you. call this number she had a similar experience to yours.”
“Okay thank you” Ifeoma collected it reluctantly.

After several weeks she called the number and they agreed to meet. Her name was Rosa, and she shared her story with Ifeoma. “I met my ex-husband Tony in my father’s company, he was one of his loyal employees. When we fell in love and decided to get married my father and stepmother were happy. My father felt that when he retires his company will be in good hands. But what we didn’t know was that Tony was a scam, he was my stepmother’s boyfriend. You see my stepmother is just 5 years older than me, my mother died years ago and left my dad, my sister, and I. My dad met my stepmother a few years ago and they got married but unknown to my father, Tony planned their meeting. To cut the long story short they stole and sold everything my father ever worked for, his company, and all his properties and disappeared. As a result, my father died of a heart attack and I and my sister were left penniless. You had no idea the nightmare I went through. I didn’t know how to process the deception. Losing my husband, the company, or my father. It was a dark time for me.
“Woah, what a story, I’m sorry for your loss, it’s nothing compares to what I’m dealing with.”
“Thank you, but it didn’t end there. My sister fell ill and died, I was devastated, I told myself it was over and I was going to commit suicide. That day I had bought a pesticide and was walking back home to my friend’s house who was kind enough to put me up. Then the pesticide fell from my hand and dropped on a piece of paper as I tried to pick it up, the caption caught my attention, it said: “Don’t do it.” I was shocked, I picked it up and noticed that it was a page out of a book. I looked around and saw the other pages and eventually found the book it was a devotional. I took it home and read every page, it was God’s word sent to me at a crucial moment in my life. After I finished reading, I went looking for other copies of the book. That book saved me and gave me hope, it taught me never to give up hope and that God is the author of my life, whether in good or bad times he never leaves us, he is always near, he loves us and will always make a way for us. I took the prayer of salvation and today I’m happy again I even remarried.”
“Really, remarried, after that experience?”
“Yes, God sent me a helper. When I was at the university, I had a friend with whom we had lost contact. When he came home from the UK, he came looking for me and one thing led to another we fell in love and got married we have a daughter now.”
“Woah, I can’t believe all this happened to you and you survived. Hearing your story now made my experience nothing compared to yours. I guess in a way I should be grateful, imagine living with a man like Uche as a husband and having a friend like Amara. That is a recipe for a miserable life. I wouldn’t have wished them dead but I have been saved from a life of misery and pain.”
“So, you see, it’s not over until it’s over, life must go on but I also know that moving on sometimes can be difficult so, I want to commit this book into your hands I have given it to so many people and it has helped them.”

Ifeoma collected the book and thanked her. She read the book daily and her new friend ensured a new one was delivered to her every month. Ifeoma gave her life to Christ and eventually came out of depression. She put her life back on track and built her career working for her father’s firm even though she has forgiven Uche and Amara she has a problem trusting anyone.

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