Into the unknown episode 3


Episode 3

The days leading up to the wedding were filled with mixed emotions for Ifeoma, Amara, and Chidi. Ifeoma was on cloud nine, busy with preparations and completely oblivious to the storm that was brewing beneath the surface. Amara was struggling with her desire to have Uchenna all to herself.

Ifeoma had always been the centre of attention, and her upcoming wedding was no exception. Her infectious enthusiasm and meticulous planning left no stone unturned. She was determined to make it a day to remember, and she had enlisted the help of a professional event planner, Miss Pamela.

However, the presence of not one but three event planners for the same event had started to get on her nerves. But she knew better than to confront her mother and her future mother-in-law. Ifeoma sighed and decided to address the situation with Miss Pamela.
“So, Miss Pamela, I believe we have everything under control. Please do not let the other event planners push you over.”
“Sure, Miss Ifeoma, I understand,” Miss Pamela replied, trying to assure Ifeoma.

While Ifeoma and Miss Pamela discussed the wedding details, Amara’s thoughts were miles away. She watched Ifeoma with envy, wishing she could experience the same joy that her friend was feeling. However, Amara unknown to Ifeoma was hiding a secret passion for Uchenna, the man Ifeoma was about to marry.

She knew that Uchenna didn’t share her feelings, but she couldn’t control her emotions when he was around. Amara felt no guilt about betraying her friend with Uchenna. She had been secretly working to damage Ifeoma and Uchenna’s relationship for a long time, causing trouble between them and even causing breakups between them.
As the wedding day approached, Amara felt a sense of urgency to make her move. She believed that Uchenna belonged to her, and she was determined to do whatever it took to have him for herself.
Unknown to Ifeoma and Uchenna, Amara has been the source of the differences and misunderstandings they had experienced over the years. She is the devil behind the scenes, manipulating events to her advantage.

Amara has one last card to play. She is going to use it to ensure that Uchenna becomes hers, and no one will take him from her. Amara has a plan; one she intends to carry out on the wedding day. She could already picture the scene in her mind: Ifeoma chapter closed and Uche rushed to her, seeking comfort, just as he always did. Amara knows that what she is about to unleash will be the end of their relationship, with no possibility of reconciliation. She couldn’t help but smile secretly at the thought.

Amara’s distant gaze didn’t go unnoticed by Ifeoma, who tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, girl, come back to me. I called you twice, and you were lost in thought.”

Amara blinked and forced a smile. “Oh, sorry, nothing serious, just something I need to take care of. Where is the event planner?”
“She left, and Uche and Chidi are on their way,” Ifeoma replied.
Amara scoffed at the mention of Chidi. “Come on, why do you always scoff every time Chidi’s name comes up in a conversation? You know the guy likes you ba?”
“Oh, please, forget him. He’s not my type,” Amara said dismissively.
Ifeoma raised an eyebrow. “Why not? He’s successful and handsome too.”
Amara thought to herself, “But he’s not Uche.” Aloud, she simply said, “He’s not my type.”
Ifeoma tried to warn her, saying, “Girl, don’t say I didn’t warn you. He won’t always be drooling over you.”
Amara’s mind was consumed by her secret desires, and she brushed off Ifeoma’s warning with a nonchalant “Whatever.”

Little did she know that the storm brewing beneath the surface was about to intensify, with potentially devastating consequences for everyone involved in the upcoming wedding.

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