In Love with my brother’s friend episode 6


Episode 6

Kemi arrived late for dinner and sat in a corner with her friends. everyone was having fun. Remi and Shalewa’s friends were sharing stories from their past. Babalola and Emeka sat on the same table with Remi and Shalewa.

Amid the festivities, Kemi observed the interactions between Babalola and his fiancée. Their engagement seemed arranged, a thing of duty rather than passion. Yet, beneath the surface, Kemi detected a vulnerability in Babalola’s eyes, as if he, too, struggled against the constraints imposed by his impending marriage. Babs and Kemi exchanged stolen glances. Their eyes met like magnets, drawn together by a force that defied explanation.

At some point, Abiodun Khalil walked into the room. Despite not having seen him for years, Kemi could still recognize him. He appeared even more handsome than before. While Babs was the bad boy, Abiodun was the original rebel, sexy, soft-spoken and persistent. With a Lebanese and Nigerian mixed heritage, he stood tall and handsome, commanding attention whenever he entered a room, causing boyfriends to fade into the background while girls flocked to him. There was a subtle competition between Abiodun and Babs; when one expressed interest in a girl, the other would try to win her over first.

As he made his way through the hall, all eyes turned toward him. A group of women immediately surrounded him. He acknowledged Remi with a nod, winked at Emeka, and glared at Babs, obviously their rivalry was still on.

After taking a seat, Abiodun scanned the room. His gaze landed on Kemi, and he smiled. At that moment, the man sitting next to Kemi stood up and left the hall. Abiodun seized the opportunity and took the vacant seat beside her.

“This must be Tiny, Remi’s little sister,” he remarked.

“Hi, Abiodun.”

“Wow, you’re no longer Tiny; you’ve grown into a beautiful woman. I can confidently say that no woman in this room can hold a candle to you.”

“Abiodun, flattery will get you nowhere.”

“I’m serious. You’ve become the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. When I heard you were back, I knew I had to be here to see my crush.”

“Oh, Abiodun, the last I heard, you were married. Is your wife not here tonight?”

“No, we’re going through a divorce.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

While Abiodun and Kemi conversed, Remi, Emeka and Babs scrolled at him. But given Babs’ earlier confession, it’s obvious he was feeling jealous as well. There’s an untold story behind this. Abiodun liked Kemi and in the past, Remi and his friend ensured he kept his distance from her. If he were talking to Kemi one of them would show up and either drag her away or try to intimidate him. Not that he’s easily intimidated, but he understands the dynamics of the game.

Despite Babs’ being a pastor, a departure from his former game-playing days, the intensity in the look he gave Abiodun suggested he was ready to strangle him. So, Kemi decided to leverage their history. When Abiodun invited her to dance, she accepted, differing from her usual strategy of avoiding him due to his reputation. They danced repeatedly and spent the rest of the evening together. At a point when Abiodun left to get a drink Remi came over.

“What are you doing?”

“Enjoying myself at your dinner party.”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“We are just having fun.”

“You have a boyfriend.”

“Look, relax Big brother I can take care of myself.”

“No, you can’t, Abiodun is way out of your league.”

“I will be careful.”

Abiodun returned “Hey Rem, welcome to the married club.”

“You are getting a divorce Abiodun so you are in no position to welcome me to the club.”

He glanced over at Shalewa “Your babe looks like she is one of the good ones let’s hope you can keep her.”

“That’s none of your business. What are you doing with my sister.”

“Remi will you stop that,” Kemi warned.

“Stay out of this Kemi.”

“Hey, chill, man. Your sister is no longer a teenager; she’s a full-grown woman who can make her own decisions. Right, Kemi love?” Abiodun asked.

“Come on, Abiodun, let’s go dance,” she said, giving her brother a bombastic side-eye. As Abiodun moved to follow Kemi, Remi restrained him.

“My sister is still off-limits to you. I’ll be watching you tonight, and I know you don’t want to be on my wrong side.”

“Relax guy. I was never afraid of you, and I’m still not.” Abiodun shrugged off Remi’s hand and followed Kemi to the dance floor.
Babs was having a terrible night. Seeing Kemi with Abiodun churned his stomach. Coupled with Derin watching him keenly and policing him everywhere, Babs knew in his heart that Kemi was the one for him. However, he thought it wouldn’t work due to too much opposition. Despite telling himself to stay away from her after their earlier talk, his heart refused to accept that.
When she entered the resort’s dining room like a goddess, he sensed trouble looming. One part of his mind urged him to leave, retreat to his hotel room, pack his bags, and head back home. However, with Abiodun’s presence, he decided to stay. Abiodun was trouble, far out of Kemi’s league. He made a conscious decision to keep a close watch on her.

Babs noticed the subtle warning signals Remi directed at Abiodun as he conversed with him. Abiodun was smart enough not to cross paths with Remi, but Kemi, on the other hand, was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. No one could control her, not even Remi and that independent spirit was one of the things he always admired about her.

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