In Love with my brother’s friend episode 3


Episode 3

A few minutes later Kemi entered the hall and was surrounded by family and friends, including some she hadn’t seen in many years. Her parents took the opportunity to introduce her to new acquaintances, including business partners and friends. Kemi also reconnected with old friends from her age group with whom she had grown up in the same social circle either their parents were friends or business associates just like Moyo’s whose parents were also present at the party.

As the night wore on, Kemi found herself drawn into conversations with old friends, each interaction taking her back on a journey to her past. The mention of Babs brought triggered a wave of emotions, a mix of excitement and anxiety. Would he still be the charming heartbreaker, or had time softened the edges of his once untamed persona?

Finally, she was able to escape and join the toast of the party Remi and Shalewa. As they exchanged pleasantries Kemi’s gaze locked with a familiar pair of brown eyes, and it was as if the time stood still, Babalola Animashun, in the flesh-older, and more masculine but still wickedly handsome. Kemi’s heart raced as a sudden realisation hit her, she hadn’t gotten over her feelings for him. The intense eye contact was broken as someone called for Babalola’s attention.

Kemi shifted her focus to the woman beside him, assuming it must be his fiancée. The lady looked at Kemi with a gleam in her eyes. Choosing to avoid the moment, Kemi averted her gaze and continued talking with her brother and his fiancée.

In the corner of her eye, Kemi noticed Babs approaching while she was engaged in conversation with Remi and Shalewa. “Well, who do we have here, Oluwakemi Olafusi?” Emeka’s voice rang out, and Kemi turned to see him, her face lighting up with a smile. “I can see you are no longer Tiny,” he teased.

“Hello, Emeka.”

“Hello, Emeka, is that how you’re going to greet your adopted brother? Come here jo.” Emeka pulled her into his arms, giving her a bear hug.

“Hey, will you let go of my sister,” Remi interjected, but Emeka ignored him.

“Can you imagine, even now that you’re a full-grown woman, we are still not allowed to touch you? Na wa for who no get sister,” everyone laughed.

“If I remember correctly, you are married. Where is Doris, by the way?” Remi teased him.

“She went to the ladies. So, if I am married nko? Kemi is our sister, so don’t interfere.”

“I can’t wait to meet Doris,” Kemi said.

“Hi Kemi, welcome home,” Babs greeted.

“Hi Babs,” Kemi responded without looking at him.

“No, you have to address him properly, Pastor Babalola; our dear friend is now an ordained pastor,” Emeka announced.

“Oh, how nice,” Kemi murmured.

“Come on, is that how you two are going to greet each other after ten years?” Emeka observed.

“Yes, it’s fine, no more hugs,” Remi announced, prompting laughter from everyone.

“Hello,” the lady accompanying Babs greeted.

“Sorry, my manners. This is Pastor Derin, um… my fiancée. Derin, this is Kemi, Remilekun’s sister.”

“Nice to meet you, Kemi.”

Derin, dressed in a modest yet elegant outfit, placed a possessive hand on Babs’s arm. Her eyes conveyed a quiet determination, and her smile concealed a subtle awareness of the underlying currents between Babs and Kemi.

“Nice to meet you too, Derin.” After a brief chat, Kemi excused herself. “You have to excuse me; I need to find my friend. Nice seeing you guys again and nice meeting you, Shalewa, Derin.”

“She is so cute,” Shalewa observed.

“Well, we are not allowed to admire her,” Emeka joked.

“Yes, because you know what will happen if you do. I have my eyes on you, Emeka. Your eyes better not wander.” Laughter filled the room.

Kemi found herself breathless as she hurried from the room to the kitchen, where she poured herself a drink. “I’m in trouble,” she thought, attempting to calm her racing thoughts. “Focus, Oluwakemi Olafusi; you’re staying for two weeks. Just stay out of his way, and you’ll be fine,” she reminded herself.

Moyo noticed Kemi leaving the hall and decided to follow her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Liar, you don’t look fine. Out with it.”

“The crowd in there is overwhelming. I just need a break.”

“A break from the crowd or Babs?”

“What is wrong with you, girl?”

“Because I know you. I know you deny that you’re over him, but I was watching you tonight; you’re not. Listen to me; you’re my friend, and I know it’s because of what happened between you two that you haven’t opened your heart to love. I say this is your chance. He was married and is now a widower; go for what you want.”

“Are you crazy, Moyo? He has a fiancée; they are getting married.”

“Yes, but they are not yet married. I saw the way his eyes followed you, Kemi. He likes you.”

“Even if he did, he’s a pastor now, and he’s better off being with a pastor like himself.”

“You can become a pastor too. You got yourself born again a few years ago, didn’t you?”

She laughed. “Well, I haven’t been behaving like one. I was with Daniel then, and I just felt a deep need to connect with God at that time. But the moment we broke up, I stopped going to church.”

“Eh, eh. If you did it for Daniel, how much more for Babs, the love of your life.”

“Please, Moyo, first of all, I didn’t do it for Daniel, secondly, don’t put ideas into my head. I’m going to find myself a gentleman and go dance with him. I suggest you go find your husband before someone else does.”

“Stubborn girl.”

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