In Love with my brother’s friend episode 17


Episode 17

Babs met with Derin and her brother, Pastor Dipo, to discuss his plans and the contemplation he had undertaken through prayer. Convinced that marrying Derin was the right course of action to help her break free from her struggle, Babs shared his conviction with them. Initially, Derin was reluctant, but eventually, she was swayed by Babs.

As they deliberated on the decision, Babs reassured them of his commitment to support Derin in her journey to overcome the challenges she faced. He emphasized that his choice was rooted in a genuine desire to help her and he believed that God had led him to this decision. He assured her that together, they can face whatever challenges come their way.”

“What about Kemi? I know you love her very much,” Derin asked.

“I have made my peace with Kemi, and she understands my reasons and accepts my decision.”

With this understanding, they concluded the meeting with a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Pastor Dipo promised to discuss the matter with their parents, asking for their understanding and support for this unique path that Babs was willing to tread for the sake of Derin’s spiritual well-being.

Babs’ parents opposed the marriage, creating an ironic situation where the same insistence they had for Babs to marry Derin was now met with resistance. Derin’s parents were equally unyielding, demanding to know why Babs had withdrawn from the engagement initially.

Despite the initial resistance from both sets of parents, Babs was able to convince them of the sincerity and necessity of his decision to marry Derin. He explained to his parents his commitment to Derin and the compelling reasons behind their union. Babs emphasized the transformative impact their marriage could have on Derin’s spiritual journey and how their partnership could contribute to advancing the gospel.

On the other side, Derin’s parents were equally unwavering in their demand for clarity. They wanted to understand the circumstances that led to Babs backing out of the engagement before considering his renewed proposal. Babs, shared his personal growth, newfound understanding, and the spiritual motivations propelling his decision.

Amidst these discussions, Pastor Dipo played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the families. He communicated Babs’ sincerity and the genuine desire to marry Derin. Pastor Dipo successfully conveyed the merits of the proposed union to Derin’s parents.

Babs’ parents, convinced by his sincerity, eventually gave their blessing. Similarly, Derin’s parents, reassured by Pastor Dipo’s endorsement and Babs’ transparency came to see the potential within the union.

With both parents in support, the stage was set for Babs and Derin to move forward with their marriage plans, ready to face the challenges and joys that lay ahead as they embarked on this journey together.

Remi burst into Babs’ home, visibly upset, his emotions on full display.

“Babs, I don’t understand why you’re doing this. I can’t believe you would jeopardize Kemi’s and your own happiness to help Derin. She’s not your responsibility.”

“She is my sister in the Lord,” Babs responded.

“This is crazy, Babs. You need to come to your senses.”

“Remi, I’ve already discussed this with Kemi, and she understands why I’m doing it. Please, Rems, accept my decision. Derin needs help, and I can assist her because I know what she is dealing with.”

“You said Kemi understands, so why is she leaving everything and following her ex, Daniel on a mission to Brazil?”

“What?” Babs was taken aback.

“She resigned from her job and gave up her lease. She leaves in two weeks. Tell me if that is not her running away to avoid seeing you and Derin create a life together in her city.”

“Oh my God, Remi. I don’t know what to say.”

“End this madness now, Babs. If you are truly my friend, you have to do this for me. You are saving one woman, but another is giving up her life because of you.”

Remi’s outburst left a palpable tension in the room, and Babs found himself caught between the convictions of his heart and the unintended consequences unfolding before him. Babs couldn’t shake the realization that his actions were inadvertently causing pain to someone he deeply cared about. The news weighed heavily on Babs, leaving him torn between his commitment to help Derin and the unintended fallout in Kemi’s life.

Babs reached for his phone and dialed Kemi’s number. The conversation that followed revealed a complexity of emotions. Kemi explained her decision to embark on a mission to Brazil.

“Remi came to you, right? He just can’t stop meddling. Listen, Babs. I’m not doing this because you chose Derin. Daniel told me about his mission work in Brazil, and he approached me for support for some of the improvised families. It was during our conversation that I asked him if there was room to volunteer, and he said yes. Just like you felt the need to marry Derin to save her, I felt that this is what I need to do at this time. I am only taking two years off.”

“Two years, Kemi. Remi is going to skin me alive.”

Babs couldn’t persuade Kemi to stay; he understood what it meant when God called you. As Babs absorbed the depth of Kemi’s sacrifice, Remi’s plea echoed in his mind. The weight of responsibility settled on Babs’ shoulders as he grappled with the realization that his actions, aimed at helping one person, had inadvertently caused pain to another.

Jumie Nath

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