In Love with my brother’s friend episode 2


Episode 2

As she stepped into Nigeria, the vibrant chaos of Lagos greeted her. Remi, still the mischievous older brother, welcomed her with a knowing grin. The reunion was a happy one, and Kemi was excited to see him again. They are the only children of their parents and they are quite close. After her parents had Remi, it took them 8 years before Kemi came along.

Kemi missed Lagos like kilode! As they drove through, she observed the bustling city, the traffic, and the people. Even that early, Lagos was alive, it is believed that Lagos never sleeps and it’s true. Kemi could feel the energy in the air and was feeling excited to be back home. Also, she would be seeing her friend Moyosore who returned home two years ago to marry her heartthrob.
Kemi’s parents were waiting as they arrived home, and she was warmly welcomed by them. Her mother, overwhelmed with emotion, couldn’t hold back tears upon seeing her.

“Mum, why are you crying? I saw you just three months ago in New York,” Kemi remarked.

“I’m just so happy you’re home,” her mother replied.

“You know your mum; she can be very emotional when it comes to her only daughter” her father teased.

Kemi and her mum are close. When she received the scholarship at to study abroad, her mother accompanied her. Since then, her mother found many reasons to travel and visit Kemi. On one occasion, she even stayed for two months until Kemi’s dad persuaded her to return. When she didn’t, he joined them with Remi, and they all enjoyed a vacation together. These were precious family moments that Kemi cherished so much.

After enjoying her mother’s delicious meal, Kemi left for her room for some much-needed rest, aiming to revive herself for the evening’s party. Remi’s parents were hosting a pre-wedding party celebration for him and his fiancée, Shalewa.

As Kemi lay down on her bed, she decided to make a call to her friend Moyo. “Hey girl, your bestie is in town,” Kemi announced, anticipating her friend’s excitement.

“Welcome home, Kemi! I can’t wait to see you tonight,” Moyo exclaimed.

“Me too. How’s my little angel doing?” Kemi inquired.

“She’s good. I’ll be dropping her off at my mother-in-law’s place tonight. So, how do you feel?” Moyo asked.

“Feel about what?” Kemi questioned.

“Seeing Babs again after all these years,” Moyo reminded her.

Kemi sighed. “I don’t know, but we’ve moved on. I have a boyfriend, remember, and Babs is getting married again soon.”

“Okay, if you say so. How is Leke?” The conversation between Kemi and her friend then shifted to other topics.

A few hours later, Kemi’s mother sent stylists to her room to assist in getting her ready for the party. The makeup artist was putting the finishing touches on her face when her friend Moyo burst into the room.

“Hey, where is my girl, Kemi?” Moyo exclaimed.

Kemi rushed over and hugged her friend, and the two of them began dancing like teenagers. “So good to see you, Kemi, and you look stunning in that dress,” Moyo complimented.

“And you too.”

“Oh, don’t lie to me. I’m fat.”

“You just had a baby; cut yourself some slack.”

“I know. I’m hitting the gym next month. I’m so happy Leke couldn’t make it. Honestly, I don’t know what you are doing with that guy. He is not your type at all.”

“He is crazy, and I like crazy.”

“Oh, I missed you so much.”

“Me too.” They hugged.

“Where is that husband of yours?”

“Olaide is downstairs. The party is in full swing; Babs and his girlfriend just arrived.”

“Oh, really great.”

“Great? Is that all you have to say?”

“Look, I’m over Babs, and I just want to have fun tonight.”

“Ok, I hear you, girl.”

Downstairs the party was in full swing, with Babs and Derin making a grand entrance. Babs looked exceptionally handsome in his two-piece suit while Derin wore an elegant nude dress. Babs was a little apprehensive about seeing Kemi tonight after ten years. Despite it’s been ten years, Babs’s memory of the event that happened the night before Kemi travelled out lingered in his mind, playing repeatedly and he just can’t get it out of his mind.

Babs and Derin were warmly greeted by Remi, Emeka, and their partners. They extended their respects to Remi’s and Emeka’s parents. Unfortunately, Babs’s parents couldn’t attend due to being out of town on missionary work.

Despite scanning the room for Kemi, Babs couldn’t locate her in the hall. As he turned to Derin to catch what she was saying, his gaze suddenly fixed on Kemi and her friend Moyo descending the stairs, captivating him. While he had seen Kemi on social media and occasionally checked her page to keep tabs on her life, seeing her in person tonight left him breathless. The feelings he had nursed for many years couldn’t be denied any longer. Derin observed Babs’s reaction to Kemi with disbelief.

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