In Love with my brother’s friend episode 15


Chapter 15

Remi urgently summoned Babs and Emeka for a meeting, and upon convening, he played the video, leaving them both dumbfounded. “I can’t believe this, Derin,” Emeka exclaimed. “I thought she was a pastor.”

“Well, pastors are human; they make mistakes too,” Babs replied.

“Why are you so calm about it?” Remi questioned Babs.

“I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t able to pin it down. I’ve also been praying a lot about the marriage. You know how they say marriage will either make or scar you? I wanted God to give me directions on this.”

“What are you going to do?” Remi inquired.

“I am going to confront her and demand the truth,” Babs announced solemnly. “I need to know the truth.”

Later that day, Babs invited Derin over, and as he played the video, Derin grew visibly uncomfortable and subdued.

“Where did you get this from?” Derin asked.

“It doesn’t matter where. Were you planning to marry me while you were involved in this?” Babs questioned.

“No, I never wanted to get married to you or anyone. When Kemi showed up, we came up with the idea that if I was able to catch you in a compromising position, then I would be able to call off the wedding. But because you and Kemi didn’t perform the act, my father decided to go ahead with the wedding plans.”

Babs listened to Derin’s explanation with a mixture of shock and disbelief. The revelation unfolded a web of deception that left Babs trying to deal with the aftermath of the plot.

“So, you wanted to call off the wedding for this,” Babs asked, trying to comprehend the extent of the action. “You were dragging my name in the mud when you are no better. All the while you were setting traps for me you were busy behind my back.”

Babs sighed, pain evident in his eyes but he decided to put his feelings aside and offer her support. He spoke with a heavy heart, “Listen, Derin. The Bible says, ‘What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?’ I know that scripture is often directed at unbelievers, but it can apply to us as believers too. All these indulgences of the flesh, is it worth missing heaven? You have to fight this, Derin, or it will destroy you.”

Derin, tears streaming down her face, replied, “You think I haven’t tried? We’ve been together for so many years, and every time I say no more, I find myself walking back into it.”

Babs felt a profound sense of sadness as he witnessed Derin’s tears. He recognized the internal struggle she faced, torn between her desire for change and feelings and desires.

“I understand it’s not easy,” Babs said, his voice softened with empathy. “Breaking free from such struggles requires more than just personal willpower. It demands the help of the Holy Spirit.”

Derin, still visibly shaken, nodded in acknowledgement. “I know, you’re right, Babs. I just feel trapped, and every time I try to stop, I end up back where I started.”

Babs reached out, offering comfort. “You don’t have to face this alone, Derin. Seek support, whether through friends, family, or even professional help. And most importantly, turn to God. Let him be your strength in overcoming these challenges.”

“Dipo has been very helpful.”

“Your brother knows about this?”

“Yes, and he has helped keep it a secret. My father must never find out, or else he will send me away forever.”

“Can I ask him to come over? You need him right now,” she nodded in agreement.

When Pastor Dipo arrived, Babs showed him the video.
After watching the video, he turned to face her. “Derin, I thought you put all of this behind you.”

“I’m sorry, Dipo. I just couldn’t stay away.”

“Then you leave me no choice. Father must hear about this.”

“Please don’t,” she knelt down. “If you tell him, you know what will happen to me.”

“But you promised you will put an end to the relationship, and it’s obvious you need a stricter measure.”

“I beg you, please. I promise this is the end.”

“Did you even think of what would have happened if this got out?” He was sad as he faced Babs. “I know there is no way you will want to marry her after this, but I need you to help keep this secret.”

Babs, caught in the unfolding drama, struggled with conflicting emotions. The weight of the secret and its potential consequences loomed large in the room.

“Dipo, I understand the severity of the situation, but not involving my parents is not an option what will be my reason for calling off the wedding?” Babs expressed, his concern.

Pastor Dipo, torn between a duty to uphold moral standards and a desire to protect Derin, sighed deeply. “Babs, I understand but if your parents hear this our father will hear. Derin’s childhood was rough, our father was too harsh with her which was what lead her to this in the first place and I know what he will do if he ever finds out about this.”

Derin, still on her knees, pleaded, “Please, Babs, I know I’ve made mistakes, but I’m willing to change. I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.”

Babs, contemplate the complexity of the situation, spoke to Dipo, “ok I will find a way to relate to my parents without it escalating. Derin needs help, not condemnation.”

Pastor Dipo, after a thoughtful pause, reluctantly nodded in agreement. “Fine, but thank you Pastor Babalola. We shall take our leave now.”

After they left, Babs slumped in his seat. He couldn’t believe the turn of events. He was happy that finally, he was free to be with Kemi, but now he needed to face his parents. There were matters to resolve.

Babs met with his parents and told them the engagement was off.

“Babalola, I thought we are over this matter. It’s just a few days to the wedding. How can you call it off?” his mother exclaimed.

“You should ask why,” Babs replied.

“Why?” his mother asked.

“Because Derin has been cheating on me with another woman.”

Babs’s revelation hung in the air, casting a heavy silence over the room. His parents exchanged glances, registering shock and disbelief.

His father, breaking the silence, spoke sternly, “Are you sure about this, Babs? Accusations like this should not be made lightly, especially so close to the wedding.”

“I have evidence,” Babs asserted. “I discovered a video that exposed Derin’s actions. They were seen together at the resort and other secret places”

His mother, with a mix of concern and scepticism, asked, “And what about Derin? What does she have to say for herself?”

“I confronted her, and she admitted to the affair,” Babs replied, his voice tinged with a mixture of hurt and anger. “She has been struggling with it for many years.”

His father, after a moment of reflection, said, “We’ll have to talk to Derin’s family and address this matter. It’s unfortunate, but it’s crucial to handle it with care.”

Babs, was able to convince his parents not to disclose to Derin’s parents the real reason behind the broken engagement. The family that once looked forward to a wedding celebration was now left dealing with the aftermath of shattered expectations and the need to navigate the delicate aftermath of a broken engagement.

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