In Love with my brother’s friend episode 18


Episode 18

Kemi received an invitation to the wedding, but by then, she would be in Brazil. Despite being unable to attend, she sent a wedding present and offered her sincere apologies for missing the celebration. Kemi had set her sights on the future, leaving Babs and Derin in her past, where they must now reside.

Babs and Derin tied the knot in a lavish ceremony, attended by many ministers of the gospel. To the outside world, they appeared to be a match made in heaven, but only Babs and Derin knew that the journey ahead of them would be challenging.

Following their wedding, Babs and Derin returned to New York, resuming their roles in the church. While Babs devoted considerable time to church activities, he also invested time in nurturing a deeper relationship with Derin, patiently working towards gaining her acceptance as her husband. The journey to intimacy was a gradual one, it took several months for them to connect emotionally and physically. It wasn’t until a year had passed that they began to fully embrace the roles of husband and wife.

Their journey was marked by moments of strength and fragility, joy and hardship. The expectations on them as a spiritually grounded couple added layers of stress to their relationship. But they remained committed to their future together and leaned on God and each other during the tumultuous times. The difficulty of the path they had chosen tested the foundations of their marriage, requiring resilience, understanding, and a deep well of patience.

In Brazil, Kemi immersed herself in the mission work, periodically reaching out to her family. Remi struggled with the distance, eagerly asking when she planned to return home during their conversations. While her family missed her dearly, they respected her choice to follow her own path.

Despite occasional thoughts of Babs, Kemi consciously avoided dwelling on what might have been and focused on her present reality. When the anticipated two-year period approached for her return, Kemi surprised everyone by deciding to join the team on another mission. This time, their assignment was particularly perilous, involving areas inhabited by cannibals where many missionaries had lost their lives. Undeterred by the danger, Kemi remained resolute in her commitment to accompany the team into these remote and challenging regions.

Around this time Babs and Derin were expecting their first child. Babs was excited about becoming a father. Derin was indifferent but she was happy knowing it brought Babs’s joy. She recognizes the sacrifice Babs made for her and is committed to making him happy.

Derin was driving home one evening after a Bible study meeting with one of their congregation members when she drove into an unfortunate situation where she was hit by a stray bullet and died on the spot.

Babs was devastated, dealing with profound grief, and he found himself questioning God, asking why such a tragic fate had befallen him the second time. He remembered the death of his first wife Lara. In his search for solace, another minister revealed to him that marrying Derin was not just a choice but a divine assignment—a crucial role in ensuring her spiritual journey ended in eternity. Although deeply saddened, Babs drew a measure of comfort from these divine assurances and mourned Derin quietly.

In the days that followed, the congregation mourned the loss of their beloved co-pastor, sharing in Babs’ grief as they collectively sought strength through prayers. Babs acknowledged the impact Derin had on his life and the lives of those she touched. He was grateful for their brief time together.

Three months had passed, and there was no word from Kemi and her team. Despite sending out search parties, their whereabouts remained elusive. Concerns heightened as the possibility that they might have fallen into the hands of cannibals was raised.
The uncertainty surrounding Kemi’s fate weighed heavily on her family, intensifying their grief with each passing day. During the heart-wrenching situation, Remi blamed Babs, holding him responsible for the tragic turn of events that befell Kemi.

In his heart, Babs held firm to the belief that Kemi was still alive. He had an intuition that if Kemi had passed away, he would somehow feel it deep within. Driven by this conviction, he decided to embark on a journey in search of her. He found two people willing to accompany him on this arduous quest.

Their journey ran into weeks, and as they journeyed, they also spread the Goodnews in various settlements. After weeks of travelling, the challenging territory, they arrived at their destination. Inquiries within the community revealed that the team had ventured into another part of the forest, and they had just received news that one person from the team had returned but in serious condition.

Hope coursed through Babs as he heard this information. In his heart, he clung to the possibility that the survivor could be Kemi. The uncertainty of the situation heightened his anticipation as they pressed forward, to the next settlement where the survivor was being treated.

Babs was overjoyed when he met the survivor and it was Kemi.

“Babs, how did you find me?” Kemi inquired, her eyes reflecting a mixture of surprise and hope.

“God led me to you. Even when everyone believed you were dead, I knew in my heart that you were alive. So, I set out to find you,” Babs replied, his voice resonating with a sense of determination and love.

“You shouldn’t have risked your life in such a manner,” Kemi expressed concern, touched by Babs’ commitment.

“Kemi, you are my life, and I would risk it over and over just to save yours,” Babs declared, his words echoing with unwavering devotion.

As Kemi began recounting the harrowing tale of their capture by cannibals and the daring sacrifice made by Daniel to save her, emotions ran high. Kemi wept for the demise of Daniel and Babs consoled her while giving thanks in his heart for Kemi’s survival.

Kemi’s parents had to arrange for a Helicopter to lift them out of the remote settlement as there was a need to get Kemi to the hospital urgently. It was during this journey that Kemi learned about the demise of Derin. While saddened by the loss of another wife and child for Babs, Kemi found solace in knowing that Derin had received the necessary help she needed.

Kemi spent several weeks in the hospital recuperating. Throughout this period, Babs and Kemi discussed their future together. The trials they had faced—crossing rivers and scaling mountains—seemed to have finally given way, and the prospect of a life together became increasingly evident.

After her recovery, Kemi, accompanied by Babs and her family, returned to Nigeria. Kemi’s time at the hospital not only mended her physical health but also strengthened the bond between her and Babs. As they faced the challenges and triumphs that life had thrown their way, it became apparent that the obstacles that once threatened to keep them apart had given way.

Kemi and Babs celebrated a quiet and beautiful wedding, exchanging heartfelt vows that resonated with their commitment to a beautiful future together. During the ceremony, the minister invited them to say their vows.

In the presence of God, our families, and our dearest friends, I stand before you, Kemi, ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with you. My love, today is a testament to the miracles that God can orchestrate. Our journey has restored my faith in God’s boundless love and grace. I stand before you, overwhelmed with gratitude for another chance at love. I promise to cherish, honour, and love you for the rest of our days together. To be your partner in all of life’s adventures, great and small. I vow to stand by you in times of joy and times of sorrow, to be your confidant, your supporter, and your best friend. Together, we will build a life filled with joy, understanding, and unwavering love. I love you with all my heart Kemi.

As we stand here, surrounded by our loved ones, I pledge my heart and my love to you, Babs, for all the days of my life. I am grateful to God for guiding us back to each other. Someone once told me that if I love you, I should let you go, and if it’s God’s will, you will return. After Thirteen years of waiting, God’s timing has proven perfect. I love you, Babs and my love for you will endure through all the days of our lives. I promise to be patient, kind, and to uplift you in times of need. To create a home filled with warmth, understanding, and acceptance. In good times and challenging ones, I will be by your side, sharing in our triumphs and facing our struggles as a united front. With you, I choose to build a future full of love, laughter, and endless joy.

Today, we make these vows not as a formality, but as a sacred commitment. With God’s grace, we will nurture our love, grow together and face the joys and challenges that come our way, hand in hand. May our journey be blessed, our hearts forever intertwined, and may our love continue to deepen with each passing day.

The witnesses responded with a resounding “Amen!”

They exchanged the rings and the minister presented them to the congregations.

“I now present to you, Mr and Mrs Babalola Animasahun. May God bless your union.”

The end.

Thank you all for staying with me on Babs and Kemi’s journey. Phew! what a journey. Love is not the only ingredient required to make a relationship work. That you love someone doesn’t mean they are good for you and you must end up together. Neither is marrying someone you don’t love mean that you cannot make it work. A wise man once said, “Love the person you marry,” which is so liberating. May God’s love shared in our hearts always be for us a guiding light.

Much love,
Jumie Nath

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