In Love with my brother’s friend episode 5


Episode 5

The wedding venue was a beach resort on the outskirts of Lagos, where Remi and Shalewa had organized three days of fun activities for their friends. They arrived ahead of the rest of the family, who would join them a day before the wedding.

Babs attended with Derin, and Kemi was there with her friend Moyo and her husband, Olaide. Emeka and his wife, along with a couple of their friends, were also present.

As each guest arrived, the resort staff assigned them, rooms, and on that first day, everyone gathered at the beach. There were enough drinks and snacks and of course music and games. Everyone was having a great time and enjoying the ambience of the resort.

Kemi made an effort to avoid Babs and Derin, a fact noticed by Babs, who remained calm. He resolved to seek her out later and have a conversation with her. Derin keenly watched Kemi’s and her deliberate effort to avoid Babs. Despite Kemi’s efforts, her coolvalstories paths crossed with Babs a couple of times and the undeniable connection between them was evident, as unspoken glances revealed the unresolved tension boiling beneath the surface.

As the evening wore on, the guests gradually made their way back to their rooms. Eventually, only Kemi and Moyo remained, engrossed in catching up on life in New York after Moyo’s return to Nigeria.

Choosing to clear his head with a walk on the beach, Babs coincidentally ran into Kemi and her friend. Determined to address the tension between them, he initiated a conversation. After Moyo excused herself, they found themselves seated alone. The air crackled with anticipation as they sat in silence, surrounded by the sea and the sound of waves.

“Kemi,” Babalola’s voice was a whisper. “We need to talk.”

“We have nothing to say to each other.”

Babalola sighed, a mixture of regret and understanding clouding his features. “Kemi, I’ve carried the weight of what happened between us ten years ago with me and even though life took us in different directions, you were never far from my mind.”

Kemi’s heart quickened, and she remained quiet, her eyes fixed ahead. The air seemed charged with the weight of unspoken words. Babalola’s eyes held a mix of emotions – regret, longing, and an undeniable warmth that time had failed to erase.

“I’m sorry for hurting your feelings ten years ago. I know that rejecting you was very embarrassing for you. You expressed your feelings for me, and I was mean.”

“Well, you made it clear that night that you felt nothing for me.”

“I lied, Kemi. You don’t understand. I wanted you to stay.”

“What did you say?”

“I wanted you to stay that night, Kemi, but you were only 17 and my best friend’s sister. It took all my willpower to send you away. I was ready to damn the consequences and be with you, but it would have been disastrous.”

“But no one would have known.”

“Have you forgotten Remi almost caught us? I might be a bit of a rebel, but you were different. Despite the eight years between us, I was drawn to you.”

“You were?”

“Yes, but all that is in the past now. I just want you to forgive me and hope that we can be friends again.”

“Are you saying you don’t have feelings for me anymore?”

“What does it matter? I’m marrying Derin by the end of the year.”

“Well, it matters to me because I thought I had gotten over you until I saw you at the engagement party.”

“I’m sorry, Kemi, you and I can’t be together.”

“Why not?”

“I have a fiancée.”

“A fiancée you don’t love. As long as you both are not married, I have a chance.”

“Look, Kemi, I’m being groomed to take over my parents’ church, and what I need is a woman like Derin who is a pastor and understands spiritual things.”

“What about your brothers? Babajide is the one who always wanted to be a pastor why can’t he take over from your father.”

“He believes as his first son it’s my responsibility.”

“Well, I may not be a pastor, but I am a believer.”

“You, Kemi,” he laughed, “did they bind your hands and legs and ask you to say the salvation prayer?”

Kemi chuckled. “Is that what you think of me?”

“You are too strong-headed and wilful; I just don’t see you in that light.”

“So, what you’re saying is that you will put the church over your happiness.”

“It is called duty; I don’t have a choice,” he became sober. “I’m sorry, Kemi.”

“I guess then, there is nothing more to say between us.” Kemi stood up and walked away. Babs watched her leave, and even though his heart was breaking and he longed to follow her, he knew it was futile.

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