In Love with my brother’s friend episode 4


Episode 4

On the other side of the room, Babs and Derin rested their feet, taking a seat in the corner.

“So, that is the popular Kemi Olafusi. Did you too have a history?”
“What made you think that?”

“Because I could sense the tension between you both. And the way you looked at her when she came into the hall… were you two involved?”

“How can? She was 17 when she left, and I haven’t seen her in ten years. Kemi is like a sister to me; moreover, she is Remi’s sister-she is off-limits.”

“She might be off limits, but that doesn’t mean you two didn’t get involved behind Remi. You know how guys always crave their friend’s sister, especially when she is off-limits.”

“Was that what happened to you? Were you carrying on with your brother’s friend behind his back?”

“Of course, not.”

“Please drop it; there is nothing there.”

“I hope so. I will be watching you both.”

Babs excused himself that he needed some air. Outside, he took a deep breath, thinking he was prepared to see Kemi but she threw him off balance. She looked more beautiful than ever. He recalled the night before her trip when she sneaked into the guest room where he usually sleeps whenever he stays over at Remi’s. It was sheer willpower, loyalty and the knowledge that she was a minor that prevented him from taking what she offered that night. But her kiss tormented him for many years even during his first marriage. He tried to see her a couple of times when he was in her city, but she refused to see him, and when she came home two years ago, he was on honeymoon with his late wife.

From her reaction tonight, it’s obvious she hasn’t forgiven him for that night. He felt the need to apologise and clear the air. Despite knowing he couldn’t be with her now, as his future was with Derin, he still needed to think about the church. He was being groomed to take over from his father, and he required a spiritually strong woman like Derin by his side, not someone like Kemi, who was headstrong and passionate. Yet, he couldn’t shake off a sense of sadness about the situation, he sighed.

Emeka appeared beside him puffing a cigarette. “So?”

“So what?”

“You are in trouble, oh. I saw the way you looked at her. You are marrying one woman and in love with another.”

“Even if Derin is not in the picture, Remi will never agree for Kemi and me to be together.”

“Talk to him, you never know.”

“I know Remi. It will be a waste of my time, but then I’m bound by duty to marry Derin and that’s what’s important.”

“Life can just be complicated at times’ Emeka said.

“You can say that again my friend.”

After Babs stepped out, Derin found an empty room and placed a call. “How is the party going?”

“I made a discovery tonight. Babs is in love with Kemi, Remi’s sister.” Derin declared.

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

“The way he looked at her, it was very special.”

“How can we use that to our advantage?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet, but I will keep a close eye on them. If any opportunity comes up, we will take advantage of it.”

They continued their conversation for a while, and after ending the call, Derin returned to the hall to find Babs.

At a certain point that night, Remi and Babs found themselves alone. “I finally confirm my suspicions tonight.” Remi’s said.

“What suspicion,” Babs asked.

“That something happened between you and my sister.”

“What are you talking about?” Babs became uncomfortable.

“I always knew she was infatuated with you and I know you indulge her because she is my sister. You slept over at the house the night before her trip to the UK and left in the morning with some flimsy excuse. Kemi didn’t come down for breakfast and she was not herself the whole day. Since she left, the two of you have cut every communication, and she never asks about you. Tonight, she couldn’t even look at you, I could feel the tension between you both. I have asked you before and I’m asking again. What happened between you two.”

“Come on guy, I told you nothing happened.”

“You won’t betray me and break the guy code, will you?”

“Rem, I’m getting married, remember.”

“We know you are doing this because of your parents and the church. If you ask me Derin is not your type at all.”

“But she is very strong spiritual and that’s the kind of woman I need by my side.”

“Every time I see her, I just have a feeling there is something not right about her.”

“Derin is okay. It will be fine; we just have to find a way to make it work.”

The party continued into late in the night and Kemi made sure that her part didn’t cross with Babs. He didn’t get any opportunity to talk to her as Derin didn’t leave his side throughout the night.

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