A wife for hire episode 3

Episode 3

Two days later, I walked into Angie’s bedroom that early morning which is a Thursday, I wanted to wish her a good morning like I usually do before leaving for work

I opened her bedroom door only to see my daughter sitted on her bed, dejectedlly staring into space. Angie looked so lost in thoughts that she did not even notice my presence at the door

I was alarmed as I walked towards her on the bed and sat beside her, worry clearly written all over my face as I looked at her

” Angie, baby are you okay?” I asked worriedly and she jerked back to reality

” Yes daddy.. I am fi..fine” she answered stammering but her eyes said otherwise

” Angie you are clearly not fine! when did you start lying and hiding things from daddy… please Angie talk to me, what’s wrong with you?” I probe further still looking at her although she couldn’t see me

” Daddy I am fine.. just thinking about mom, that’s all” she answered and sighed

” Are you sure?” I asked to be sure that was all that was bothering her

” Yes daddy.. is mummy really going to come back and stay with us as you promised me?”

” Yes Angie, she will.. she even wants to talk to you in a video call tonight” I said and watched Angie’s eyes lit up in delight

” Really daddy? Mummy wants to see and talk to me tonight?” Angie asked excitedly

I can understand my daughter’s excitement right now, because it has been a long while since Sophie her mother thought of having a video call session with her.

For reasons best known to her Sophie usually avoided having call sessions with Angie until after so much persuasion from me.

I’m only sad because I knew very well that she is only having tonight’s video session to lie to Angie about a voice surgery, and not necessarily because she sincerely wants to speak with her daughter.

She actually promised to do the call four days earlier when we spoke on phone but failed as she usually does, I pray she keeps to her promise tonight so Angie’s excitement and hope would not be ruined and dashed

” Yes baby.. mummy will be talking to you tonight so please cheer up, you know daddy hatess seeing you sad!” I affirmed touching her cheeks tenderly

” I know daddy… thank you so much, I can’t wait to talk to mummy and tell her about my eye surgery and other things”

” Okay baby.. I will be off to work now, I just wanted to check up on you my angel before I leave” I said softly

” Daddy you are going to leave me all alone here?” Angie asked staring at me although she couldn’t see me

” Of course not baby… Aunt Oge your personal nurse will be here soon, don’t worry okay”

I watched as Angie’s face changed into a deep frown, and then into a dejected look

” please daddy I don’t want her today.. I can stay alone until you come back from work!” Angie begged as if her life depended on it

” common Angie.. Aunty Oge will take care of you better especially with your medication because it is what she’s paid to do” I explained to Angie and she heaved defeated

” Okay daddy.. I understand” Angie said with a plastic smile on her face

I stood up as I kissed her goodbye on the forehead, I was wondering why Oge isn’t here yet, she is probably making lateness to work a hobby already.

I had to stay a little longer with Angie to keep her company while waiting for Oge.

Some minutes later, Oge came and apologized as usual for coming late.

I shook my head as I left home to my car and drove out in silence on my way to my workplace.

All through my drive to work, my mind was troubled, I kept wondering why Angie was so against Oge coming today.

Negative thoughts kept flooding my mind as I kept driving, wondering if my daughter is actually in safe hands because Angie doesn’t just disapprove of someone without a valid reason.

When I couldn’t help the thoughts anymore, I reversed my car and changed direction towards my house

I knew I really needed to have an heart to heart talk with Angie to be able to put my mind at ease while at work

On reaching the street my house is located, I packed few distance away from my gate and came down from my car

I walked the few distance to my house, opened the gate and used my key to get into the sitting room but neither Oge or Angie was there.

I decided to go meet Angie at her bedroom but I halted when I heard yelling voices in the kitchen followed by my Angie’s crying voice

” Will you wash those plates fast and sparkling clean!.. id!ot! you only know how to eat food but to wash plate is a problem” I heard Oge’s voice loudly as I quietly drew closer to the kitchen

” ..I know it’s your daddy that is spoiling you and giving you such liberty, blind batt! It’s because you useless thing that makes him not to have my time no matter how much I try to get his attention.. nønsense! She continued unperturbed

On reaching the kitchen door I met it open with Oge’s back facing the door, making it impossible for her to see when someone is at the door

I stare in shocck at the scenario before me

Angie, my blind daughter was over the sink washing dirty dishes despite her delicate condition, whilst Oge was with a cane behind her issuing instructions not minding Angie’s tears and strugglles

” Angie or whatever your name is! Finish that plate fast before your dad returns from work so that you will continue from where you stopped yesterday in washing your dirty clothes and my clothes which I brought from the house, let the washing machine rest small abeg!” Oge concluded and turned to move out of the kitchen but halted in shocck on seeing me standing there staring intensely at the scenario

” S..si..sir, yo.. you are back so ear.. early” Oge stammered while I left the kitchen door and angrilly moved into the kitchen directly towards her

” Oge! Are you out of your mind! what do you think you are doing to my daughter! ” I shoute3d and before she could regain her composure, I gave her two resounding slåps

” I’m sorry sir.. it is the handwork of the dëvïl” she begged and it fueled my ánger even more

” Dëvïl you say! Okay I will show you that those phrases doesn’t work where my daughter is involved!”

” daddy is that you? Let me come and meet you!” Angie sulked from the sink where she stood. She made an attempt to move towards me but I stopped her movement with my next words

” No Angie don’t come, wait where you are so you won’t fall.. let me first sort out this issue!” I said holding Oge on the arm before bringing out my phone to place a call to a police officer who is a close friend.

After the call ended, I went to the kitchen door and securely locked it to ensure Oge doesn’t escape before the arrival of the police.

I stood beside the door with my eyes fixed intensely at Oge to be sure she doesn’t try anything stupid, as I know ladies like her are unpredictable both in words and actions, I won’t want to risk it with Oge after what I have seen today.

” Please sir, I am sorry, please forgive me sir.. it will never happen again, I swear! Angie please help me beg your daddy!” Oge begged kneeling but all her pleas fell on deaf ears, no one messes with my daughter and goes scot free

” Daddy.. please let her go, I don’t want her to fllog me with her cane” Angie said but I ignored her, I rather became angrierr after hearing the floggingg part

Soon my phone rang and when I picked I was informed by my friend that his policemen were outside


I turned to Oge and told her

” Move gently outside or I will be forced to move you outside myself!” I said with no iota of sympathy for her

When she made no attempt to leave the kitchen, I walked towards her, yanked her up by pulliing her on the hair.

I opened the kitchen door and led her out of the house to the gate area where the policemen were standing, and eagerly waiting for the unfortunate culprit of child abuse

I handed Oge to them as I promised to come over to the station later in the day to make a statement, and also file a case against her for mistreating my daughter which is against our work terms

After the policemen arrested Oge and took her away, I went into the house to properly attend to Angie, my daughter

I met her still standing beside the kitchen sink, crying heavily

Oh! how I hat3e seeing tears in my daughter’s eyes but that daughter of Jezebel had made my daughter shed painful tears

” I’m so sorry Angie.. forgive daddy for employing such a wícked aunty for you Angie” I said as I moved into the kitchen and led her to the kitchen stool

” Daddy I think she must be the wícked aunty I saw in my dream the other night” Angie said still crying as she sat down

” I think so too Angie, but tell me when did all this ill treatment start and why did you not tell me about it?” I asked kneeling before Angie who is sitting on the kitchen stool

” It started two days earlier, daddy she makes me wash the dishes and also her dirty clothes, she beats me each time because I don’t wash the clothes clean. sometimes she keeps me hungry until few minutes to when she knows you will be back home..” Angie explained and paused before she continued inaudibly

“..she always threate3ned to be3at me with her cane if I dared talk on what she does to me, that’s why I was so scared to tell you.. daddy do you believe aunty Oge uses hurtfull words on me? she is always calling me a spoilt brat and a blind bat!” Angie concluded and bursted into heavy tears.

I looked at my fragile daughter and did not know when I began shedding tears too

I hugged Angie while soothing her with words

” Daddy is so sorry Angie.. I promise this will never happen again and I will also make sure Oge never comes close to you ever again, rather someone better will take her place” I promised while rubbing her back to calm her down

” Please daddy I don’t need another nurse again.. if it is not my mom then I don’t want any other woman!” Angie said firmly

” It is okay Angie.. I will talk to your mom so she can come back before your eye surgery.. are you happy now?” I asked as I released her from the hug

” Yes daddy.. thank you so much daddy!” Angie answered happily

” Anything for you my Angie.. now baby please clean your tears and smile for daddy!” I said and watched as Angie wiped her and afterwards smiled brightly

” I love you daddy!”

” I love you more Angie”

” Lets go to your room and dress you up so we can go out and catch some fun.. how about that?” I asked smiling at her although she couldn’t see me

” Hurray daddy! I am excited already, I want to wear that pink dress and sneakers you got for me.. lets go!” Angie said almost jumping down from the kitchen stool

” Careful baby! Let me carry you today… It has been a while” I said and carefully carried Angie up

” ..wow! my beautiful daughter is growing heavier by the day!” I continued sarcastically and we both laughed, as we continued cracking jokes on the way to Angie’s room.

That night I laid on my bed and still couldn’t believe that I had almost damaged my daughter’s physical and emotional health unknowingly

So what if I did not take Angie’s morning uneasiness serious and choose to return back home?

Then my daughter would have continued suffering in silence in the hands of that inhumane nurse, Oge

I will be extra careful with whom I leave my daughter with from now onwards

As for Oge, I will make sure she spends years in jail for what she did to my daughter, by the time she manages to get free she will learn a bitter lesson never to messs with people’s children again, mine inclusive.

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