A wife for hire episode 19

Episode 19

” Benny what exactly do you take me for?… like after cheating on me with that dümbåss, I am supposed to continue dating you?” Sophie asked lowly over the phone getting me confused over what she means by what she’s saying

“..Do you know what hurrts me the most Benny? the fact that it wasn’t even a woman like me but rather it was a goddamn dïcck… you are nothing but a cheat and a gay who is füçkìng your fellow men for money!” Sophie said further which confused me even more

” don’t call me again Benny, we are done and dusted.. men like you are scüms, if after four years of being together you could do this to me then it means you aren’t worth even a drop of my tears you åssholle!” Sophie said now raising her voice and I actually thought she was going to hang up the call but she didn’t, instead she said something that shockedd me even more

” …your child? like were you expecting me to still keep your seed in me after your betråyal?.. Benny I got rîd of it before coming back to Nigeria to meet my family.. I mean I have had two abørtions for you in the past so what’s the big deal now?” Sophie retorted scoffing and I had to cover my mouth with my hands so I won’t shoutt out loud in shocck

Sophie in a relationship for four years and from what she has just said she has gotten three abørtions so far, Jesus Christ!

I felt so betrayed and cheated by her, I mean God knows that I have been faithful to this woman for eight years but for half of those years she has been cheating on me with another man using work as a excuse

She deprived Angie and I of her time, love, body and attention with the excuse of “my work this, my work that! Only for me to find out this were all deceits!.

God! this is just too much for me to shallow and I feel like going in there to confront her about all everything I’ve heard her confess but I knew I had to keep my cool, so I would hear more from her conversation with her supposed lover abroad

” I don’t care if you are here in Nigeria to look for me or not, all I do know is that I am done with your cheating escapades and nothing, I repeat nothing can ever reunited us again.. I am back with my family now so fück off Benny! I have issues back here that I’m trying to fix, I don’t need you adding to my headache. Don’t füçkìng call my line ever again, I’m bloccking you right away. Mod@fücka!” Sophie said and abruptly ended the call

“.. men are indeed stúpîd! Gosh, can you imagine Benny calling me to return back to him after all he put me through? what exactly does he take me for? Infact let me blocck his number now, åsshole!” Sophie soliloquized hissing and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that she would be out soon, so in other to avoid being caught I tiptoed quietly out of the room.

I went to the visitors room which has been my abode since Sophie came back, to clear my head because it is really heavy

To say I was hürt and paíned by what I heard earlier is an understatement, more than the hurrt and pain I was in a serious state of confusion.

I walked around the room considering where I went wrong in our marriage to warrant such betrayal from her, what is it she really needed that I couldn’t offer her that led her to do what she did at the states

My thoughts wandered far

Was it for money? I know I am not the richest man on earth but I know I wasn’t and I am still not doing bad financially.

Was it for looks? I know I am good-looking to a fault, this makes ladies flood around me like a running river even after knowing I am married!

Was it love and attention? Angie and Sophie are the only family I have so I made sure I showered then with all the support, love and attention I could offer.

Or maybe it’s for sëx? but I know I wasn’t bad in bed either, my pën!s size is perfectly okay, also in the past I ensured that anytime we made love it was memorable, adventurous with new things to try out and I also made sure that she was well satisfied before I sleeps off.

So why did she do what she did and exposed me and Angie to such emotional turmoil? Gosh! I am so confused and need direct answers from her to clear the whole resentment already building up in my heart.

I now love Tessy no doubt but I am human and it’s only normal that I feel hurrt that my wife for eight years was a big betrayal!

She took me for a foøl for all those years and to imagine that I had even cautioned Tessy who had earlier assumed correctly!

No I won’t take this laying low! I must confront Sophie, that’s it!
I decided and left the bedroom on my way to my bedroom where Sophie stays presently.

I opened the door in ánger but I met the room empty with only her phone laying on the bed, I checked the toilet and bathroom but she wasn’t there.

I guess she is in the dinning room eating with the others, I wanted going to confront her there but another glance at her phone laying on the bed made me change my mind.

I still craved to know more information about her selfish act in the states, I was skeptical though

As my wife, whenever Sophie was back home from the states her phone was usually lockedd and truthfully before now, I never cared or suspected anything because I trusted her with everything in me.

I picked up the phone hoping to find it lockedd as usual but I met it unlocked which got me wondering if it is a trrap or something, but I cared less!

What matters is me confirming what I heard earlier and from the look of things, she must have unintentionally dropped the phone on the bed out of angerr when she came out of the bathroom, without actually checking if it was lockedd or not.

I swiped the phone whilst sitting on the bed and went through her chats on WhatsApp

First thing I saw was a pinned chat with dozen messages from a particular number, although it was now showing blockedd.

She has actually blockedd the Benny she was speaking to earlier, her lover abroad.

I opened the chat and read through the current messages

I nearly had an heart attacck with the little I read, my heart was bleeding when I saw the place where the Benny guy wrote that he misses my wife’s āss, imagine that!

In his words: ‘I miss your tight åss baby, when are you going to come over so I can ruin your sweets baby?’ and she responded that she will be around him the following week because she missed his dïck too.

Going further down, I saw the next message which reads: ‘your husband is really a dummyy who is missing a lot, how can he be letting your åss waste for nothing simply because he believes in this godly scripture that ånal séx is ungodly and medically unhealthy’ what a man! Do come back fast baby!’

I saw this message and scream3ed in shocck! Sophie and anall sëx? no wonder she kept suggesting it whenever we made love but I am so against it

For God’s sake, what exactly hasn’t this woman done before? and do I even know the woman I married at all? I thought inwardly as I kept reading their dirty chats until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I threw the phone back on the bed and moved out of the bedroom, my next destination is the dinning and sitting room to confront Sophie because I need explanations before my head explodes in furry.

I reached the sitting room and saw whom I was looking for sitting comfortably in one of the sofas in the sitting room, eating the soup Tessy and I prepared.

Tessy and the children were sitted on the other side of the sofa playing a game I can’t currently tell the name.

Tessy looked up from the game she was playing and saw me standing at the entrance staring intensely at Sophie

She paused the game with the kids and walked over to where I stood

” Ton what’s up with you?.. I was worried and wondered why you didn’t come out to join us for dinner but then I thought maybe you had an urgent work to attend to, so I decided not to disturb you.. but I was planning to check up on you after the last game we are playing now” Tessy said to me which got Sophie’s attention from the meal she is eating, she looked up to see me staring at her ângrilly

” are you okay Ton? you don’t look happy and why are you staring at me like that?” Sophie asked but I kept quiet still staring at her not knowing how to start confronting her.

” Daddy! are you okay? why are looking at my mummy Sophie that way?” Angie asked in her small voice staring at me

” Uncle Tony.. is everything okay with you?” Chioma asked next and I nodded wearing a plastic smile on my face

” Yes babies I’m fine, don’t worry about me… please babies can you excuse mummies and I? it’s adults talk so please Angie go with Chiom to your room okay” I told Angie and Chioma who nodded immediately before going out leaving me alone with Sophie and Tessy.

I turned to Sophie, furiousllly
” Sophie, who the héll is Be..” I was about asking Sophie who Benny is but I was cutt off when a soft knóck landed on the door of the sitting room

” Who is there?” Sophie asked whilst standing up and walking to the door to see who was Knocking.

” Benny! what exactly are you doing here? The gutt you have in coming to my matrimonial home, how far you can go to find me huh?” I heard Sophie saying in a low voice at the door

” I should be the one asking you what you are doing here because I didn’t come here for you.. I was directed here to see someone else, not you Sophie!” I heard the second voice replying her

Tessy and I exchange confused glances before we slowly walked to the door to check who the visitor is, and what the word exchange at the door was all about.

We approached the door but who we saw there shockedd us; it is Ben, Tessy’s ex-boyfriend

” Ben what are you doing at my guy’s house?.. have you gone cråzy already?” Tessy asked looking at Ben who was equally staring at three of us in a confused state

” Tessy I was directed here because I wanted to see you and Chiom as I knew for a fact that if you aren’t at home, you will surely be at your new boyfriend’s house… But what I don’t understand, is what you Sophie is doing here” Ben asked moving his gaze to Sophie

” Tony is my husband.. so tell me why I can’t be at my husband’s house, huh Benny? and who exactly is Tessy to you that you came here to see her? ” Sophie replied clearly fuming

” It’s none of your business Sophie.. we both know that I do not owe you those explanations anymore but I will still tell you anyways, Tessy here is the mother of my daughter whom I came back to Nigeria for!” Ben said proudly

” you came to Nigeria for the mother of your child yet you were blowing me with lies over the phone!.. wow! now I see that you are not just b!sëxual but also a pig!” Sophie vented as though she was forgetting that Tessy and I was still standing there

” Ben you are bïséxual?.. like sleeping with your fellow man too?.. Wait! you and Sophie knew each other in America, I still don’t get what exactly is going on… Ton won’t you say something, why are you suddenly quiet?” Tessy asked looking at me but I still kept quiet unable to say a word

” Yes Tessy I am bïséxual, so what?” Ben answered looking at Tessy before turning to look at Sophie whilst smiling mischievously

“As for you Sophie you called me a pig? so what do you call yourself that kept sleeping around with all the rich bosses you worked for back in America.. or you think I didn’t know? I’m no fooll Sophie, I saw all the chats and sëx videos on your phone so quit acting like a saint when we both know you are not!” Ben replied and Tessy shoute3d in shocck but for me I kept my cool, no longer shockedd about anything that has to do with Sophie, so far I have seen and heard enough for today!

” you know what? Just get out Benny and stop telling lies against me in other to breakk my home apart.. Tony baby don’t believe him, he is lying against me, I can swear it!” Sophie tried defending herself but I shook my head in disgustt and walked out on them.

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