A wife for hire episode 15

Episode 15

After Tessy left, I came to Angie’s bedroom door and knockeed lightly before opening the door to get in.

I met Angie seated on the floor of her bedroom crying with a stifle voice, whilst placing her head on her knees.

” Angie! Angie! Can we talk please?” I asked pleadingly as I stood in front of her

” Leave me alone daddy!” Angie shout3ed but I was unmoved

” Angie please talk to daddy! I feel hurrt seeing you this way… I’m sorry for all I did but believe me when I say I did all I did for your happiness and not to hurrt you” I explained and slowly sat down beside Angie as I placed my hands on her young shoulders.

” It still hurrts daddy because I loved mumm.., sorry I mean aunty Tessy so much and I believed she loved me too… or was all those affection she showed me fake too?” Angie openly expressed herself in a way I have never heard before.

” No Angie.. Tessy loved you so much beyond the job she was initially hired for… Infact you were the main reason she split her pay money into three parts and took just one part” I explained and watched as Angie slowly lifted up her head from her knees

” She did that for me?” Angie asked me and I confirmed with a slow nod

” Yes she did Angie! that’s why I’m here on behalf of Sophie, Tessy and even myself, we are so sorry for deceiving you.. please forgive us Angie…” I apologized but I got no response from Angie which worried me even more

“…please Angie say something to daddy.. I feel hurrt each time you ignore me this way!” I said but Angie still remained silent staring into space

“…you don’t want to talk now?do you want to be left alone for now?” I asked and when I still got no response from her, I took that as a ‘yes’ to my question.

I heaved as I stood up to walk out but Angie held my hand which stopped my movement

” I’m no more angrry with you daddy! I understand you did everything you did so as to fulfill my wish and make me happy.. so I forgive you and everyone else!”

” For real? Wow! Thank you Angie… I’m sure Tessy and Sophie will be so happy!” I exclaimed in joy as I sat down again and hugged my daughter

” About them.. I don’t think I’m ready to face any of them for now especially the woman who had introduced herself as my real mother… As always she had choosen her work in the states over me!” Angie murmured almost in tears

” Angie you are too young to be bearing grudges… you know I taught you that when we forgive someone, we should forgive him/her wholeheartedly, remember?” I asked staring at Angie and she nodded in affirmation

” I remember daddy! I’m sorry for what I said earlier” Angie answered staring back at me

” It’s okay Angie… you should get some rest now, okay?” I said and Angie slowly nodded as she stood up

” Yes daddy.. thank you for everything you’ve done for my happiness… I love you daddy and nothing will ever change about that!” Angie confessed as she climbed her bed and laid down with her back on the bed.

” Daddy loves you too Angie.. what will you love to take for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

” Spaghetti with chicken.. I love the way mummy, sorry I mean aunty Tessy cooks it!” Angie said and I saw the strugglle in her eyes.

I knew she was still finding it hard to accept the fact that Tessy is not her real mother but a hired one.

” It’s okay Angie… I am not against you calling Tessy mummy neither does she have a problem with it.. also I know this is hard and I’m sorry for putting you through all this!” I said feeling sorrowful

” It’s okay daddy.. I understand everything, you don’t need to worry about me, I’ll be fine!” Angie assured but I was still worried about my daughter, she is too young for this kind of emotional stress

” Are you sure Angie?”

” Yes daddy.. I’m very sure”

” Can I ask a request from you?” I asked Angie and when she gave a nod, I continued

“…please give Sophie your real mother a chance to get to know you as a daughter… I believe she loves you so much although she has her shortcomings… please Angie do this for me” I said and when I got no response from Angie, I decided to give her time to recover from all this present happenings.

” It’s okay Angie, I will give you time to think this through, for now take a nap… I’ll be back to check on you later okay… keep in mind that Daddy loves you always okay!” I said kissing Angie on the forehead before walking out of her bedroom.

My next location was my bedroom. Sophie and I needs to talk about what she exposed Angie and Chioma to earlier.

I opened the door and stepped in only to see Sophie sitting séxily on my bed, she was putting on a new set of her short revealing purple nightwear which I used to love so much in the past, with no brā or panties to hide her privates.

She never even bothered to go check on Angie.
She rather dressed se3xy and waiting for me to come in.
She stood up and began catwalking sëductively towards me, while uttering in hushed se3xy tones

” do you remember this Tony?” Sophie asked me referring to the nightwear she wore while I simply gave a nod still holding the door handle

“…you bought this for me on one of your short travel trips, I kept it securely back for you. That first night I wore it, if you still remember, I was so elated that we had made love all through the night, so much that the room felt how much we loved and valued each other!” Sophie said romantically as she finally reached where I stood quietly beside the bedroom door

” I do remember all those memories Sophie… there’s no point reminding me of them!” I answered as I slowly closed the door and fully came into the bedroom.

” So what changed Tony.. why did you share my lips with another woman?” Sophie asked slowly using her hands to caress my lips

” A lot changed Sophie… A lot!” I said slowly moving away from Sophie, I don’t want to risk falling into temptation considering how scantily dressed she was, combined with the way she was caressing my lips and chest.

” True, a lot indeed changed… you changed from the upright Tony I used to know into a cheat, who was kissing his slüt in my matrimonial home!” Sophie shoute3d but I ignored her vulgarr utterances

” Tessy is not a slüt Sophie!.. and what I meant by a lot changed isn’t what you said, what it meant is that my feelings for you changed!.. Tessy is now whom I love ” I said calmly

” I will pretend like I didn’t hear the last line.. I just want to keep believing that Tessy woman seduced you into sleeping with her behind my back, because the Tony whom I know would never think of looking at another woman aside his wife, which is me Sophie!” Sophie replied clearly fuming in ánger

” Sophie I’m guessing that’s why you were always taking advantage of my love for you because you knew me so well… did you ever consider how I was coping those cold nights I was so hørny and needed comfort?.. did my emotional needs and that of Angie ever matter to you at all?” I gave an honest response already tired of keeping it all in

“..Sophie your work and selfish desires always came first before your family… Angie and I cried, begged and talked to you severally on some of your self-centered decisions but you were always insensitive as you still are” I shouted staring at her without blinking whilst Sophie was standing quietly, unable to say a word but when she finally did I was shockedd at her response

” Am I the first woman to go to the states to work leaving her husband and daughter here?.. others do that all the time but in my case, my husband decided to cheat on me by sleeping with his hired wife!”

” I’m not surprised you are saying this, you’re always seeing faults in everyone else aside yourself.. anyways you are wrong about Tessy and I, we’ve never been intimate with each other no matter how much we wanted to… I still respect myself, Tessy’s body and my wedding vows to you!”

” Really? thank you so much Tony for not breakiing our wedding vows by sleeping with that whøre… I love you so much, that’s why I will forgive you for kissing another woman aside me, but don’t do so again” Sophie exclaimed happily and I chuckled at how funny everything seems

” I don’t need your forgiveness or love anymore Sophie.. I love Tessy now and for Angie’s sake, I’ll take our separation process slowly so you will get to know Angie as a mother should.. I’m sorry we had to end this way though” I said walking to the bed to pick a pillow so I will go over to the visitors room for the night, as I knew sleeping with Sophie in my bedroom is not an option.

” Tony you’re not serious right? and were are you going to?”

” I’m not joking Sophie.. I no longer love you and as for where I’m going to, it’s the visitors room.. that’s where I will be sleeping in for now!” I said as I walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.


The next morning, I woke up and while dressing for work in the visitors room, Angie walked in all dressed for school.

” Good morning daddy! thanks for the spag.. it was nice just the same mummy Tessy prepares it” Angie said and I was wowed!

” I’m glad my baby enjoyed it.. I had to call Tessy to ask for her cooking recipe since you said yesterday that you love the way she makes her than mine” I said making a puppy face and Angie kept laughing at my childish behavior

” You’re acting like a baby daddy… Don’t tell me you are now jealous of mummy Tessy?” Angie said and I was so happy knowing that my daughter is better than she was yesterday

” Of course not Angie… I’m rather happy, you are feeling better compared to yesterday!”

” I told you already that I’ll be fine daddy.. so tell me daddy why did you sleep in the visitors room? Is you and mummy Sophie fíghting?”

” I see you’ve now crafted out a name for your two moms? Mummy Tessy and mummy Sophie.. it’s nice Angie” I commented smiling, I am trying to avoid the question she asked earlier because I don’t want to trouble her young mind more than I’ve already done so far.

” Daddy I know you are intentionally trying to avoid my question.. it’s okay I will let you be since I believe it is the usual adults matters” Angie replied and I nodded with a smiling face that indicates appreciation.

” Yes Angie.. you are right, it is adults matters and we will sort it okay!” I assured Angie who nodded in understanding

” Okay daddy… I have to go to school now, it’s almost 7:30, I believe my school bus should be here anytime soon.. bye daddy, see you at noon!” Angie said as she walked out of the door waving at me

” Goodbye Angie.. take care of you and please stay out of trouble.. love you!” I said waving back and chuckled when I saw her popping her head through the bedroom door to say

” I love you too daddy… have a nice day at work and don’t miss me too much.. bye”

After she left, I heaved as I thought of everything that has happened in my life so far.

I wondered how Angie will cope with the news of my separation with Sophie because I knew that a real mother will always remain dear to a child no matter what happens.

I sighed as I picked up my briefcase to walk out when a phone call came on my phone.

The phone screen showed that it’s Tessy calling.

I smiled as I picked up the call as I was also planning to call her when I get to the office but unfortunately for me, her call came in first before I could call.

” Good morning Tess.. I see you are missing me already!” I teased sitting on the bed

” Good morning Ton.. yes I missed you and also needed someone to talk to right now, that’s why I called” Tessy said and I noticed that her voice was a bit unsound

” Are you okay Tess? you don’t sound too good?” I asked and when she kept quiet, I knew that definitely something was wrong with her

” I’m not fine Ton.. it’s Ben, he is back for Chiom!”

” Which Ben? do you mean Chiom’s father?

” Yes Chiom’s father who abandoned us for five years now.. he is back from the states for Chiom and I!” Tessy said and I was silent unable to utter a word.

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