A wife for hire episode 13

Episode 13

” Tess why are you crying? did I say something wrong?” I asked touching her on the shoulder but she continued crying without saying a word to me

” Is it that you don’t love me enough to be my girlfriend?” I asked getting confused

Tessy sniffed as she slowly wiped her tears and uttered in low tunes, such that I was barely hearing her

” Ton I love you and it hurrts because I know that it is morally wrong to be in love with a married man, it’s something I know I won’t feel happy if I am in Sophie’s shoe… moreso what if you are still in love with your wife and probably just attracted to me but confusing it with love?”

“…I won’t want to be painted as this desperate woman who was hired as a wife only to end up falling in love with her married employer, and now wants to snattch him away from his wife!” Tessy explained and I understood from her perspective

I heaved and using my palm, I held her face lovingly

” Tess I am not a confused man, I make sure of things before pursuing it.. as for people, they will always talk no matter what so I don’t see that as a reason to cry. I love you and you love me, that’s all that matters here or don’t you love me like I do?”

” Ton I love you.. but then I am scared that I am not your type of girl because of my indigent background.. I am insecure because I feel that if we decide to take a tour on the relationship path, Sophie who has been married to you for about eight years has a greater chance of winning you back to herself when she comes back… I am also scared that you might not accept everything about me… I am scared of so many things Ton” Tessy confessed with all sincerity and I sighed

” Tess, I love you and I am willing to accept all of you… As for Sophie, I will tell her everything and sort it out with her when she comes back.. for now lets take it a step at a time”

“…so I am going to ask again.. Tessy Ikenna Ugo are you going to be my girlfriend?”

” Are you sure about this Ton?”

” Very sure, just the way I am sure about my love for you!.. so for the umpteenth time will you be my girlfriend?” I asked already exhausted and anxious

Tessy nodded and slowly backed it up with a loud ‘YES’

I smiled widely, feeling so elated. Finally!

Out of the excitement I hugged Tessy whilst plastering kisses all over her face while she kept blushing in excitement

I eventually stopped and we sat there staring at each other such that I can’t remember for how long we did before I spoke out

” I am so happy!” I exclaimed in excitement as we continued staring at each other

” You are so beautiful Tess.. thank you so much for accepting me!” I said touching her cheeks lovingly

” You don’t need to thank me Ton… I accepted you because I felt the same way towards you!”

” I know but I am still thankful to you for considering me worthy of being accepted as your guy!”

” It’s okay Ton! Thank you too for considering me worthy to be your girl” Tessy answered shyly

” Can I kíss you?” I requested staring hungrily at her lips

Tessy blushed shyly as she fidgeted with her fingers and gradually nodded a ‘Yes’ to my request.

As soon as she gave me the nod, I clamped my lips on hers and together we kissed passionately without a care in the world

Our hands unconsciously began roaming everywhere on our bodies and before we could realize it, our upper wears were off and thrown to the floor

I was left shirtless with just my shorts on me, while Tessy was left with only her pink bra and trousers on her body.

We slowly fell on the bed with me on top of Tessy and Tessy beneath me.

We continued kíssing and flipping over each other whilst smooching and romancing.

I soon took off her bra and was about succking on her breåst when I abruptly stopped, knowing this wasn’t right in all ramifications!

First, I love Tessy and want her as my lawful wedded wife whom I can get to savor on our wedding night without any regrets or guilt whatsoever, if we continue with this I know that we will surely regret it after we get back to our senses.

Secondly, I know doing this with her on the first day of our relationship will only make her feel like I only came after her body which isn’t true at all.

Moreover I am still married to my wife, and doing this with Tessy before my separation with Sophie would only mean that I have broken my policy of never cheating on any woman.

As I evaluated everything and I came to a conclusion, I adjusted slowly from Tessy on the bed and began wearing my shirt that was lying on the floor

” What’s wrong? why did you stop?” Tessy asked looking at me, I guess she was taken unawares by the way I had abruptly stopped

” Tess please wear back your clothes, we can’t do this for now… we can control ourselves until our wedding night because if we allow our emotions control us now you might end up feeling used after the act… I won’t want us doing something we might regret afterwards!” I explained to Tessy touching her cheeks

Tessy heaved and nodded in understanding

” I understand Ton… you are right; we were moving too fast due to our emotions and would have eventually regretted it afterwards… thank you so much Ton for stopping us before we made that huge mistake” Tessy said as she took her bra and clothes from the floor and began re-wearing them right before me.

” I’m sorry I initiated the kiss which made us go that deep and also thanks for your understanding Tess!” I said and laid down on the bed waiting for Tessy to finish dressing up

” Thank you too” Tess replied and slowly laid on my chest

We laid in silence for a short while before I bróke the silence

“I know I’m asking this late and that you’ve also told me before that you are single but I still need to be very sure… Are you in a relationship currently?”

” No Ton.. I am not in any relationship and haven’t been in any for two years now”

” Okay.. then who is my treasure whom you saved on your phone? and why do you keep taking that particular call in private when it rings and the name pops up” I asked curiously

” It’s because of the contract and Angie, that why I take the call in private to avoid lots of questioning… if not for Angie’s sake, I would not be hiding my daughter because she isn’t something to be ashamed of!” Tessy responded in a nonchalant manner

” What are you saying Tess? I’m seriously confused” I asked out of confusion

” I have a five years old daughter Ton and that is whom I saved as my treasure because that’s what she is to me!” Tessy confessed

To say that I am shocked by her confession is merely an understatement, I am stunned!

” I still don’t get it.. you have a daughter outside wedlock?”

” Yes I do Ton… She will be six years by next month”

” How did it happen? Mind sharing?”

Tessy heaved then slowly she began;

” Seven years ago I was in a relationship with a male friend Ben, whom I actually thought loved me whereas he was just using me to win a bet with his friends… he is my first boyfriend and the one who had deflowered me but after I took in, he denied the prëgnåncy and bróke up with me” Tessy said with a shaky voice

” Oh my God! I’m so so sorry Tess… I didn’t know you were hürt this much” I said already moved by her story

” No Ton, don’t be sorry for me because I am no more hurrting… my daughter is the best thing that has happened to me and no matter what happened in the past, I have never regretted having her even till today” Tessy said and I nodded because I perfectly understood that feeling, I do feel the same way with my daughter Angie.

” I know right.. children tend to change so many things about a person and are also capable of making people hurrt less especially when we look at them and hear them call us ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’!” Tessy said and I nodded in affirmation before saying

” You’re right… that’s the same way I feel whenever I look at my daughter Angie and hear her call me daddy”

” Yes, children are indeed blessings from God… that’s one of the reasons I love and immediately felt so endeared to Angie because I have a cute daughter like her as well”

” I understand.. so what’s your daughter’s name?” I asked smiling

” Her name is Chioma but I do call her Chiom.. she is cute just like me, her mother” Tessy said and we both bursted out laughing

” Yes of course, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that… A beauty will always beget beauty… I really do wish to meet her, where is she now?”

” She is with my mom at the other side of town… I do visit her at least twice a week and every weekend to bond with my daughter. I miss her so much” Tessy confessed and I knew she meant it

” You will be fine Tess… what about her father? I mean your ex boyfriend, has he been in communication with his daughter after her birth?”

” I wish but no he hasn’t… After he bróke up with me, the next thing I heard was that he was taken to the states by his uncle who lives there”

” United States?”

” Yes, that’s what I heard from his maternal aunty”

” Oh! that’s the same state Sophie moved to after her masters in Germany… don’t worry Tess, everything will be fine okay!”

” Yes I know that and by God’s grace, my daughter and I is fine already without him in our lives”

” It’s okay.. so when am I meeting my second daughter?” I asked teasingly

” When do you want to meet her?”

” How about this weekend?”

” How is that going to be possible when we both know your wife is coming back on Saturday… That reminds me, how and when are you going to tell her about our relationship? I need to know what I’m getting myself into Ton”

” Give me a week, I promise to sort things out by then… Meanwhile bring Chiom over tomorrow, I want to meet her” I said and Tessy lifted up her head to look at me

” Are you sure about this? you are really accepting my daughter as yours?”

” Yes, why not? If you love and has always accepted me and Angie even before you fell in love with me, then tell me why I can’t do the same to you and Chiom?”

” Well we both know that this part of the world favours men more than women… especially when it is a child gotten out of wedlock, the woman would automatically be seen as one who was loose in the past!” Tessy said and I felt that there’s more to the utterances

” From your utterance, I’m guessing you’ve been disappointed by men in the past because of Chiom!”

” Yes, about three men have left me simply because I told them the truth that I have a daughter out of wedlock… one of them even asked me to choose between my daughter and him”

” And I’m guessing that you had choosen Chiom?”

” Obviously I had choosen her that’s why I am still single, I will always choose my daughter and family above every pleasurable things… besides I believe that any man who truly loves me will accept everything about me which includes my daughter…”

“..so I don’t view it as a disappointment at all, I see it as God saving me from self-centered men.. Ton I love my daughter so much and that’s what matters to me” Tessy concluded whilst I heaved as I remember those instances Sophie had always choosen her work and other things over Angie and I.

Tessy is different and I love that about her.

Everyday, it seems like the more I am getting to know my hired wife now my girlfriend, the more I get to fall in love with her nature and personality.

” You did the right thing Tess.. I’m sure Chiom will someday grow to be proud of her mother who had never abandoned her for a man!” I said somewhat wishing Sophie had done the same thing back then, instead of exposing Angie to such emotional turmoil of a mother’s absence added with her previous condition.

” Ton I am curious about something!”

” What’s that Tess?”

” Were you really serious about the no se3x before marriage? and you really meant it when you said you want me for keeps, that is marriage?”

” Common Tess, sëx is meant for the married and I intend to respect your body by waiting for the right time… As for the second question, where you really expecting me to date you for fun at this point in my life? Of course yes I want you for keeps, that is marriage!” I said and Tessy bursted out in tears again wetting my shirt

This time she kissed me first while I reciprocated.

After we disengaged from the kiss, she looked at me with so much emotions as she said to me with all honesty

” Thank you Ton, you’re a good man because all men I came across always demanded for sëx before marriage… and although I wasn’t so comfortable with it, I gave in to two out of the three men I dated after Ben, Chiom’s father!”

” It’s okay Tess, that’s in the past now… moreso I am not pure either because before Sophie came into my life I had dated three girls in the past, and I had premarital séx with them as my girlfriends” I confessed to make Tessy feel at ease with herself.

I guess I succeeded because she heaved and after a while said;

” Well like you said, everything is in the past now!.. we are in the future so lets face it together!”

” Yes Tess, we will face it and come out victorious.. I love you Tess” I said putting her head back on my chest, that way she would easily hear how much my heart beats for her

” I love you too Ton” Tessy said and slowly heaved and relaxed with her head on my chest.

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