A wife for hire episode 7

Episode 7

God! I totally forgot to fill her in on the name part.

I soon recovered from the shocck and looked at Tessy begging her with my eyes to say something to cover up the mess we made

” yes Angel I changed my name after my voice surgery… and for your new name, I figured that it will be lovely to give you a pet name synonymous to your real name and I’m glad you actually love it too” Tessy said smiling although Angie couldn’t see her

” Thank you mummy.. how is the states and you haven’t tell me how your journey was or are you tired today? I will let you rest until when you are ready to”

” yes I am tired Angel.. I need to rest for a while but I promised to fill you in on everything later tonight” Tessy said

” Really mummy?” Angie asked excitedly

” yes baby.. I will come to your room to gist you so better get fully prepared”

” I’m always prepared but mummy also be prepared to spend the night with me in my bedroom not daddy’s bedroom as always.. tonight is only for me” Angie said and Tessy agreed

Angie’s statement made me realize that we still haven’t made a decision on some things, including how to manage our sleeping space without Angie suspecting anything

I plan doing all that after dropping Angie at the hospital for the surgery tomorrow, she will be asked to spend extra two to three days at the hospital after the surgery so hopefully before she is back home the portraits and everything else will be put in place.

Tessy soon prepared dinner for us and after eating she assisted me to give Angie her medication, after which we sat down in the sitting room to talk as a family would.

Tessy was just sitting there telling Angie lies on how the states and the journey back was, while Angie was sitting on her laps laughing with all her teeth showing.

As I sat down watching them, I wished Sophie was actually the one making Angie laugh this way, since as a mother she is in a better place to do so than Tessy who is a hired wife.

I checked the time on the wall clock and it showed 9:50pm

” I think it’s time to go to bed Angie… you know that we need to wake up early for your appointment tomorrow”

” yes Angel.. daddy is right, lets go to bed so you can wake up early tomorrow.. don’t worry I will tell you bedtime stories to enable you sleep faster” Tessy said and carried Angie up on her back

” Please Tess.. help me give her an evening bath before putting her to bed”

” Tess? my name is Tessy not Tess.. and for the evening bath don’t worry I planned doing so already” Tessy said and I looked at her in amusement

” I thought everybody is having a new name.. so what’s wrong with me giving my wife a new pet name as well? Or Angie what do you think?” I asked looking at Tessy to see her boiling in Γ‘nger

” I think it sounds lovely daddy! mummy I think you should also give daddy a new pet name” Angie said moving excitedly on Tessy’s back, it’s a good thing that Tessy was holding her firmly

” No baby.. we are fine the way we are, don’t worry about us okay” Tessy said tried pacifying Angie but my daughter wouldn’t have it as she kept pestering

” No mummy, I don’t agree with you.. please give daddy a new pet name too.. please Mom, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Angie begged and I watched as Tessy sighed before replying

” It’s okay, if that is what my Angel wants.. I will call daddy by the pet name Ton, do you like the name?” Tessy asked looking at me as she awaited my response

” Well it’s okay.. I like it although it sounds a little weird and funny!” I said shrugging

” It’s settled between me and daddy then.. so can we go to your room now Angel?”

” yes mummy! goodnight daddy, I love you” Angie said waving at me from Tessy’s back

” I love you too Angie, goodnight Angie and goodnight to you too Tess… Sweet dreams” I said and watched as Tessy left the sitting room with Angie firmly on her back.

I’m glad that they were actually getting along fine.

I sat in the sitting room for a while before finally getting up to switch off the house lights and then made my way to my bedroom.

Before going to my bedroom, I made sure to stop by Angie’s room to check on her and Tessy, and I was happy when I saw them sleeping soundly in each other’s embrace.

Maybe this wasn’t a bad idea afterall, I thought as I left to my bedroom for the night.


The next morning, Tessy made breakfast for us all and got Angie dressed and I drove them to the hospital before leaving for work.

I had a contract to sign at the office after which I intend to come back to the hospital to stay with Angie as I won’t want to inconvenience Tessy too much, considering the fact that staying with Angie at the hospital wasn’t in her job description or agreement.

I stayed longer than I intended to and by the time I was back, the surgery was already successfully carried out.

I walked into Angie’s hospital room and met Angie sitting on her hospital bed with her eyes in bandages

She was giggling loudly at what Tessy was saying, I think it was children’s jokes but at least I was grateful to her for keeping Angie company and making her laugh in my absence

” I see you two are really having fun.. you have forgotten all about this handsome man here” I said jokingly as I sat beside Angie on her hospital bed

” Daddy you are back, welcome back”

“Welcome back Ton” Tessy greeted without bothering to look at me

” Thank you” I said
we talked on other random things and soon we were interrupted when her phone rang

I was expecting Tessy to pick the call there but instead she excused herself and walked out of the room to pick her call

That’s strange, I thought but then I didn’t want to let her personal affairs bother me, so long as it doesn’t come in the way of her job as my hired wife then it’s fine by me.

As soon as we left the hospital room, Angie turned to me with her bandaged eyes as she smiled mischievously

” What is it Angie? why giving me that smile of mischief?” I asked looking at her

” It’s nothing mischievous as you think daddy.. actually while you weren’t here mummy was saying something about organizing a welcome party for me with other children in attendance and I am so overjoyed!” Angie said and I was surprised

” Really? mummy said that?”

” yes she did! you can ask her when she comes back” Angie confirmed and shrugged

” No problem Angie, I have never doubted you and wouldn’t start now.. as mummy suggested we will surely organize a welcome party for you on your return from the hospital, it’s a promise”

” Thank you daddy.. I am feeling a little sleepy” Angie said and I noticed that already through her body language

” No problem Angie.. take a nap, when you are awake we will talk more okay?”

” Okay daddy.. take care of mummy, tell her we will talk when I wake up” Angie said as I helped her to lay down comfortably on the bed and soon she doze off.

After watching Angie sleep, I left the hospital room in search of Tessy as I kept wondering what was keeping her for so long.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s approximately twenty minutes since she left to pick her phone call privately.

I met her at the hospital lobby still on phone and I walked towards from the back as I called out to her

” Tess.. you are still on phone till now?” I said and watched as she almost dropped the phone in shocck but quickly composed herself

” Ton, are you now trying to lecture me on the time frame to talk on the phone? Is that included in the job agreement because I am not sure I saw it” Tessy said defensively in her usual questioning manner

” No Tess..no.. I know it was wrong to ask you that and I am sorry okay” I apologized and she heaved with no response.

I watched as she placed back her phone on her ears and talked briefly, before ending the call with an “I love you”‘ to whoever it was she was talking to.

God knows who it was, but it’s her personal affairs hence it’s not my business whatsoever.

After she brought down her phone, I went straight to the main conversation that brought me here in the first place

” Angie said you talked about throwing a welcome party for her.. am I correct?”

” yes I did.. I figured it is only normal considering the fact that she just regained her sight.. why? was the suggestion bad?” Tessy responded looking curiously at me

” Not at all.. it’s actually very nice and I’m happy you could actually suggest something so wonderful.. thank you”

” I will take that as a compliment although it almost came out as an insullt.. for your information I have many wonderful suggestions imbedded in me but eitherways you’re welcome” Tessy said and attempted to walk back to the hospital

” Angie is sleeping and I will advise we don’t disturb her.. maybe we should make use of her sleeping time to talk on the party arrangements.. or what do you think?” I asked praying inwardly that she says yes

” Okay no problem.. where do we sit to discuss on that?” Tessy asked and I pointed at the hospital’s garden that is opposite where we stood

” We can sit over there at the hospital’s garden.. there are relaxation chairs for visitors” I said and Tessy nodded.

I led the way and Tessy followed behind me quietly.

We sat and talked about the party arrangements. From her exquisite suggestions, I must admit she was really good at planning parties that I had to ask

” Are you or have you been an event planner or organizer before?”

” Not really an event planner.. but I have many part-time jobs so helping to organize parties and events is one of them” Tessy answered nonchalantly and I was wowed!

We talked on other life subjects as we sat enjoying the evening breeze and each other’s company.

We later joined Angie at the hospital and I excused them to buy dinner at the hospital’s cafeteria.

When I came back, we ate dinner together. Initially, I wanted to spend the night with Angie at the hospital but my daughter insisted on her mother staying instead.

Thankfully, Tessy had no problem with it and so I left them and went home a happy man, knowing that my daughter is in safe hands.

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