A wife for hire episode 10

Episode 10

We came back home late that night, very exhausted after the outing, Angie went straight to her room to take a rest whilst Tessy and I decided to play a game of ludo in my bedroom.

We sat down on the bed with the ludo in front of us eager to begin the game.

Before we began, I felt it was necessary to appreciate her efforts directly with words because although it was a paid job, I know for a fact that not every lady would be as nice and considerate as she is, even Oge that I intended paying higher wasn’t anywhere close to Tessy.

I looked at Tessy in the eye before my utterance

” Thank you so much Tess for all you do for Angie and I.. I so much appreciate it especially with the way you left the kitchen organized after the sumptuous meal you served us earlier” I said smiling sheepishly

” It’s okay.. I am only doing the job I was paid for, it’s nothing special to be thanking me for” Tessy answered nonchalantly unable to meet my eyes

I smirked as I stared at this shy side of hers that I never knew existed

” Really ma’am? You are just doing your paid job, so cooking for us was also included in your job description?” I asked jokingly folding my hands

” Should I stop doing so since it is not included in my job description?” Tessy asked looking at me seriously, it was then I realized that maybe I had gone too far with my jokes

” Noo.. not at all Tess.. I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way, I am only trying to let you know that it is a big deal and for the fact that you do it selflessly, you deserve every accolades and appreciation you get from me” I said in a attempt to clarify things between us

” okay if you say so.. I don’t just want you thinking that I am probably doing it for a desperate motive or anything of that sort, some men sometimes tend to think such of all ladies” Tessy said and I began to understand her point of view

I smiled as I said to her truthfully

” I have never thought of you in that way.. besides you never liked me and clearly stated that you are accepting the job for Angie’s sake.. except maybe you’ve started liking me but then I know it’s almost impossible” I said shrugging and almost immediately Tessy began coughing seriously

” Should I get you water?” I asked out of concern

” No don’t worry.. I am fine now!” Tessy answered and indeed she was fine as the cough ceased, but she became unusually quiet like someone who was in a meditating mood

” Are you okay Tess? why are you suddenly quiet? Is something wrong with what I said?”

” Yes Ton everything is fine and no you said nothing wrong…” Tessy said whilst adjusting herself comfortably on the bed, and then continued
“..lest I forget! thank you so much for all the appreciative words earlier… I appreciate all your kind words and actions towards me since my stay here… I must admit that you are a nice and considerate person too” Tessy concluded as I kept looking at her wondering if she is the same person who spoke those words, or someone else is speaking through her

And then I thought, so Tessy can speak softly and sweetly? Wow!

I wonder if there are other sweet sides of her am yet to see or know of.

I was still curious about the semi organized kitchen, hence I decided to ask her directly

” I am sort of curious though… Why did you tidy up the kitchen today? that’s quite unlike you or were other times always an intentional act to see my reaction?” I asked curiously as I awaited her response

But instead she looked at me and laughed without giving me an answer to my question

” Please Ton, can we begin the ludo game now? I am already tired of this question and answer sessions… except maybe you are no longer interested in the game, then I can go to my bedroom to get a short nap before Angie wakes up for her bedtime stories” Tessy said avoiding my question and since obviously she wasn’t comfortable giving me an answer to my question, I decided to just let the sleeping dog lie, at least for now

” Okay no problem” I consented and I stretched my hands forward to bring the ludo game more closer to us on the bed

When I did, I began arranging it

After I was done with everything I need to put in place, the game kicked off between Tessy and I.

Unfortunately for me, Tessy was very good at playing ludo and kept winning against me.

It got to a point I became so tired of loosing, and had to tactfully end the game to preserve my man pride.

” I’m tired please.. you are just an expert in the game of playing ludo, I doubt I can actually be3at you” I said as I sigh and laid on the bed exhausted

” Not really.. I keep learning since I play it a lot with someone I love so much!” Tessy replied as her countenance changed into a sorrowful look

” Are you okay?” I asked out of concern and she nodded in the affirmative

” yes I am okay Ton.. don’t worry about me!”

” Okay if you say so.. just curious; the loved one you are referring to, is the person late? I’m asking because of your sudden change in countenance” I asked Tessy although the question I intended asking was if it was her boyfriend, but I was scared of her reaction so I switched the question to this particular one

” God forbid! She isn’t and will never be late!” Tessy said firmly

I breathe out a smile satisfied that I had effortlessly gotten an indirect answer to my other question

It’s actually a ‘she’ not a ‘he’ like I thought it was, but then why am I so concerned about her relationship status?

Could it be that I’m beginning to like Tessy more than as a hired wife? I thought inwardly as I stared at her face

” Is anything the problem?.. you keep staring at me, is anything on my face?” Tessy asked self-consciously, which made me comport myself

” No Tess.. you look beautiful hence I stared more than I intended.. I’m sorry”

” It’s okay.. anyways thanks for the compliment, though it’s weird that is coming from Mr ‘my perfect wife comparison’, if you understand what I mean” Tessy said and smirked

I nodded, well aware of my flaws and imperfections

” I understand Tess, even Dave complains the same thing about me so I know it’s actually true… but then I’m working on it, that way you won’t be constantly getting offended with me over the same issue, like you did this morning” I confessed as I sigh loudly

” Same way I’m also trying to work on my disorganized and disoriented habit with handling physical things, since you are often displeased with it… and today at the kitchen was a first attempt at doing so but I felt my performance was still poor, that’s why I felt embarrassedd admitting it earlier” Tessy said and shyly looked away

I smiled and placed my hands on her left hand that was closer to me on the bed

” No it wasn’t poor.. it wasn’t too perfect but then I was so impressed and pleased that you even attempted to keep it organized today without me saying anything.. thank you Tessy!” I said and she turned to look at me before saying

” thank you too Ton for arranging my room earlier.. honestly I was thinking of how I was going to start fixing the mezzs I created because arranging things has never been my thing, but then you came in and silently helped me fix it without me asking you to.. thank you!” Tessy explained whilst I smiled

If only she knew what my thoughts were when I first came in and saw the room in that state, but thank God that today I reacted differently, if not I would not have gotten all this appreciation from Tessy.

But it’s actually weird as well as cute seeing Tessy of all people praising and thanking me this way, gets me wondering where the ‘mighty’ and ‘questionnaire’ Tessy disappeared to.

It means that indeed kind words and actions has a way of endearing and changing people quickly.

I looked at her as I smiled and asked sarcastically

” So what I did in your bedroom, motivated you to want to change? Tell me the truth o”

” Well I won’t lie.. it was what motivated me at first but not anymore though, because I realized that as a lady I really needed to work on that habit of mine, so that’s my greatest motivation now!” Tessy said and I nodded in understanding.

” No problem Tessy.. I will always be here to guide you through, and you don’t have to worry about motivations… I will make sure to always triple it” I said and we both bursted out laughing like two lovestruck teenagers.

We kept on cracking jokes and talking about random things until we eventually fell asleep in my bedroom.


The next morning, it was a call from Sophie that woke me up from my morning sleep.

I knew it was her because I had set a customized ringtone specially for her.

At first I didn’t want to pick up but I knew I had to when she called more than twice which was unusual coming from Sophie.

I woke up to pick the call but it ended before I could pick up

I hissed as I dropped the phone and wanted laying back down but I couldn’t when I saw who laid beside me

It was Tessy!

At first, I was surprised but slowly memories began flooding in and I remembered how we fell asleep.

I stared at her face smiling to myself, as I remembered how we talked and laughed yesterday before sleep finally took us away.

My phone rings for the fifth time this morning and it was still my wife Sophie calling

I picked the call and her voice came on my loud speaker almost immediately

” so Tony, it has gotten to a point that you are now ignoring my calls?” Sophie said sniffing and I became alarmed

” are you okay baby?.. are you crying? Why? Is it because of the calls I missed? If it is, it’s because I was heavily asleep.. I apologise, I’m so sorry Sophie” I said all at once, expecting laughter but instead I heard Sophie burstinng out in tears over the phone

” I’ve been sacked Tony.. I don’t know how to feel, it hurrts badly because I had invested my all into this job only to get discarded as though I am a piece of trassh!” Sophie said crying loudly over the phone

” I’m so sorry Sophie.. but babe did you ask why they are sacking you? or did you do anything to warrant such?” I asked in concern

” I wish I did but I didn’t.. you know I love my job so much, so I’m always careful and strictly abide to the work terms.. I am sacked because according to them, they need limited staffs and will have to discharge of some, which I happen to be included” Sophie explained and I heaved before saying

” I’m so sorry baby.. please try to calm down, I’m sure with time you will get over it or probably get a better one”I said trying to comfort her

” It really hurrts Tony.. I don’t think I still want to stay back here after all this emotional torture3… that’s why unfailingly I will be coming back home this weekend!” Sophie dropped the bombshelll, which is closely followed by a ‘wow, that’s quick’ from Tessy who is laying beside me now fully awake.

I kept praying in my heart that Sophie didn’t hear it but unfortunately she did

” Where are you Tony? and which female voice am I hearing close to you so early in the morning?” Sophie asked in a tone that depicts dangerr, which made me go silent unable to utter a word.

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