A wife for hire episode 11

Episode 11

” Mmmm… Sophie it’s actually not what you think!” I said trying to find words to explain things to her but couldn’t find the appropriate words.

” May I ask what you think I am thinking eh?” Sophie resonated on the phone and I realized that I needed to say something very convincing to calm her down, before things gets out of hand.

” Sophie, it was actually Tessy.. she came to inform me that Angie doesn’t want to wake up early for school today, that’s all!” I said hoping that this convinces her, and inasmuch as I dislike lying to my wife, I also knew that telling her the truth in a situation like this is not an option either.

How will I start telling her that another woman who isn’t her, slept besides me in my bedroom last night?

I just couldn’t! even though it was unintentionally and nothing intimate happened between us, Sophie would not take it lightly and might probably blow things out of proportion, which I’m trying to avoid.

” Tony are you sure about what you are telling me? Maybe you brought a woman home last night and you are now trying to lie to cover up!” Sophie asked and I was slightly angrry that my wife doesn’t find my words trustworthy

” Babe are you now doubting my fidelity?” I asked quite surprised, because I know that I have never cheated on my wife nor do I ever plan to do so for as long as our vows at the altar still stands.

” Well I’m not saying so, I just want to be sure because I do know that all men can be funny at times… there are never satisfied with one woman and when that happens, cheating surely steps in” Sophie said with so much boldness that overwhelmed me

” Sophie, are you sure you are okay? why are you speaking like an hurrt woman who has been cheated on before whereas we both know that in all our eight years of marriage, I have never thought of loving or seeing any other woman’s nake3d body aside yours!..”

“..moreso I’m the only one taking care of Angie after you choose your job over us.. so tell me which free time I have to frolick around and cheat?” I said fuming, I still can’t believe that Sophie can doubt my fidelity to her let alone address me as ‘all men’

” I’m sorry Tony.. I suppose me loosing my job is actually taking a huge toll on me.. honestly I trust you and I’m sorry I doubted your faithfulness to me” Sophie apologized in a soft tone that immediately calmed me down

I heaved before replying

” It’s just that I didn’t like what you said.. I have and will never cheat on any woman, let alone my lawful wedded wife.. I still don’t understand where all those accusations came from Sophie” I said feeling seriously pained

” I’m so sorry Tony, I am dealing with a whole lot here and it was out of frustration I said those things to you… Forgive me! as my husband I do need all your understanding, reassurance and support at this point in time” Sophie said sniffing and it got me emotional

” It’s okay Sophie.. you’re my wife and I will always stand by you no matter what happens.. I’m also sorry for the way I lashed out at you earlier” I apologized and that’s how we settled things amicably.

We spoke for a short while and throughout our conversation she kept insisting that she wants Tessy gone before she returns home to take her place.

” babe that’s going to be so difficult because Angie has gotten so fond of her, as though she is her real mother”

” It doesn’t matter Tony.. when I come back we will tell Angie the truth and from there I will resume my place as her mother, so send your hired wife away before I return!” Sophie said firmly and I sighed in understanding

” It’s okay I will work towards doing that.. but hint me on how you intend to win our daughter over after Tessy is gone?”

” For now I don’t know yet until when I get back from the states”

” Okay babe… I will be expecting you by weekend, it’s going to be on Saturday right?”

” Yes Tony.. make sure you prepare my favorite soup for me.. I’ll have to go brush now, take good care of yourself and Angie for me.. I love you”

” Okay babe.. see you on Saturday” I said and was about hanging up when her question halted me

” Just that? what happened to ‘I love you too’, that’s quite unusual of you Tony because you are usually the first one who says it even before I do” Sophie explained and yes, she wasn’t lying but for some reasons which I am yet to understand, I found it hard saying those words back to her

” I’m sorry, it must have skipped my mind today.. I love you too babe” I said to avoid further queries from Sophie, before finally hanging up.

After dropping the phone, I turned to the side of the bed where Tessy laid, wondering why she was being so quiet throughout my phone call with Sophie, although inwardly I knew it was in other to avoid tróúble between Sophie and I.

I saw as Tessy laid quietly with her eyes tightly closed but with the way it was continuously blinking, I knew she was only pretending to be asleep to avoid any conversation with me.

I checked the time and saw it was some minutes past 6am which is almost time for breakfast, and probably Angie is already awake by now.

I stood up from the bed and made my way out of the bedroom

I first checked on Angie and when I saw her still sleeping soundly, I moved to the kitchen to prepare morning breakfast of fried yam and egg for everyone.

Medically, Angie is now permitted to eat all kinds of food, hence the reason I had choosen fried yam and egg for this morning breakfast.

Halfway into the breakfast preparation, Tessy joined me in the kitchen and quietly assisted me in frying the yam whilst I fried the eggs.

The silence in the kitchen was taking longer than I expected it to, so I decided to break the silence since obviously Tessy doesn’t intend to

” How was your night, hope you slept well?.. ” I asked and awaited her response but she said nothing

“…Tess, about my conversation with Sophie earlier.. hope you aren’t angrry about it?” I asked because I knew that her mood must have been associated with all that she heard

” Why should I be angrry? she wants me gone before she returns, so I will surely go on Friday!” Tessy said slowly and from the tone of her voice, I could dictate that she was truly hürt knowing that she will soon have to leave Angie whom she has gotten emotionally attached to as a daughter.

Undoubtedly, I was having conflicting emotions too

Although I still don’t understand my feelings towards her, I do know without being told that I was going to miss her so much when she leaves.

” I’m so sorry Tess.. I can understand how you feel but I can’t stop it.. I’m sorry!”

” It’s okay, you don’t need to explain anything to me.. I was hired for the job and so therefore need to go when the time is finally up!” Tessy emotionally said while removing the fried yam from the pan on 🔥 into a flat plate.

I moved towards her and slowly touched her on her shoulder

” Tess, stop talking this way please.. it’s only going to make me feel worst, as it is now I am already confused on how to even explain things to Angie!” I said and watched as Tessy heaved before she gave a reply

” I can understand.. so what will you two do now?”

” I don’t know honestly but I believe we will figure out a way before then!” I said scratching my head in confusion

” Okay no problem then, God help you both!” Tessy said nonchalantly and began taking the food to the dinning room

I assisted in taking the rest of the food out and together we arranged the table.

We were almost done arranging the table, when Angie came into the dinning room fully dressed for her new school.

She sat on one of the dinning chairs and we followed suit

” I see someone is fully ready for school today without waiting for me to drag her out of bed” Tessy teased smiling

” Yes mummy, I decided not to stress you today… because I came to your room yesterday night to listen to my bedtime stories but I didn’t find you.. I later checked daddy’s room and found you asleep there” Angie said innocently

” Yes Angie, your mummy decided to sleep in my bedroom yesterday.. please hasten up with your food, you know you are late and your bus would be here soon”

” No problem daddy” Angie responded and at that exact moment, we heard a loud horn outside the gate

” I think your bus is here Angel.. so you should get going now” Tessy said as she got up ready to walk Angie to the gate where her bus usually waits for her

” bye daddy” Angie said to me as she kissed me on the cheek before holding Tessy’s outstretched hands

” Bye Angie.. take care of yourself and remember to stay out of trouble” I said waving at her as she waved back whilst walking out hand in hand with Tessy.

I sat alone on the table enjoying my breakfast when Tessy’s phone rang and the phone screen displayed ‘ My treasure’ calling.

I wondered who it was but although I was curious, I knew it was wrong to pick her calls so I ignored the call and continued eating my food.

It rang for the second time before Tessy finally came in.

Immediately she saw the name on the phone screen, her face lit up in delight and as usual she excused herself to pick that particular call in private.

Curiosity was slowly eating me up as I wondered who this her private ‘treasure’ is, and so to cure my curiosity I tiptoed to the door of her bedroom to eavesdrop on her phone conversation with whoever.

The phone conversation;

” Baby I miss you so much too… hope you’ve taken your breakfast? and what did you eat?”

” Really? you miss my cooking? I equally miss cooking for you too”

” Don’t worry okay.. I will come and see you tomorrow”

” I love you more baby.. take good care of yourself for me okay” Tessy concluded and slowly ended the call with a blown kiss to the caller.

I was dumbfounded after the phone conversation I heard and for some unknown reasons I felt sad knowing Tessy actually líed to me about not being in a relationship with anyone.

But why do I care?

Could it be that I have fallen in love with Tessy? No! it can’t be

But who could this her treasure be, and why does she usually pick the call specially and in private away from Angie and I?

I stood there lost in thoughts and didn’t realize when Tessy opened the door to come out, only to meet me standing there.

” Ton.. what are you doing at my bedroom door? were you eavesdropping on me?” Tessy asked staring at me suspiciously

” Me? why would I? Moreso what’s so hard in telling me that you are in relationship with ‘your treasure’?” I asked feeling jealous

Tessy looked at me and burstedd out laughing which annoyed me even more

” See the way you are acting like a jealous lover whereas you aren’t jealous at all, just being childish.. anyways please leave me alone, whether or not I am in a relationship, it’s my personal affair!” Tessy said and attempted walking out on me but I stopped her by standing in front of her

” So what if I tell you that I am indeed jealous as a jealous lover would be?” I said sincerely, as I stared intensely at her and watched as she began acting shyly like last time

” Jealous? but why would you be jealous because of me Ton?” Tessy asked now looking directly at my face

” Do you want the truth?” I asked and she slowly nodded

” Yes I do!” Tessy answered shyly unable to meet my eyes

” Okay.. let me show you why I am jealous then” I said as I slowly moved closer to her and clamped my lips on hers for a passionate kíss.

Surprisingly, Tessy responded and together we kíssed with so much passion like our lives depended on it.

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