A wife for hire episode 14

Episode 14

Friday came and by evening Tessy brought her daughter Chioma over to the house, as she promised me she would.

I already informed Angie that a visitor is coming to the house and that she is someone very dear to mummy, hence also refers to Tessy as mummy too.

Typical of children she nodded her head vigorously, happy that someone her age grade is going to be coming to the house.

When the young girl came, I became immediately endeared to her, she is indeed beautiful and a replica of her mother, Tessy.

Chioma who is the same height as Angie, walked into the sitting room and following Tessy’s instructions to greet Angie and I, she first walked up to me and stood in front of the sofa I sat

” My name is Chioma Ikenna Ugo and I am my mother’s daughter” Chioma, Tessy’s daughter introduced herself whilst bowing in a dramatic manner in front of me

” My name is Tony and you are welcome to my home Chiom… you have a nice name. I love it!” I commented smiling at her and she smiled back at me

” Thanks uncle Tony.. mummy has told me a lot about you, she says you are a nice person!” Chioma said to me and moved over to Angie’s side of the sofa

” My name is Chioma Ikenna Ugo, it’s nice meeting you… What’s your own name?”

” My name is Angie Tony.. it’s nice meeting you too!”

After the brief introduction between the two kids, they surprisingly bonded so well and were soon behaving like children who has known each other from childhood.

Tessy went to the kitchen to fix something for everyone, while I assisted her in the cooking and arranging of the dinning table.

Soon we were done and invited everyone to the table.

Shortly afterwards; Angie, Chioma, Tessy and I were sitted and eating whilst laughing as one happy family.

After the sumptuous meal, Angie took Chioma to her room to show her all of her nice toys and games.

After the kids left; Tessy and I cleared the plates together, washed it and made sure the kitchen was in order before we went to the sitting room to rest on the sofa with Tessy lying on my chest.

Tessy began caressing my chest in a romantic manner, this my girlfriend is such a temptress.

” you’re looking for something, aren’t you?” I asked teasingly

” Not really!” Tessy said but I knew she was lying to me

” Remember Tess, we promised each other no lies? why are you now lying to me? Tell me the truth or else I won’t leave you” I said tickling her waist as Tessy bursted out in crazy laughter

” Okay fine, you caught me!.. the thing is that I’ve missed your lips and would love to kíss you again but I don’t know how to demand for it” Tessy admitted shyly and it was now my turn to laugh at her shy expression

” Really? Common Tess… there’s no point to get scared or shy over asking me for something like that… I am your guy now so you are as free as the bird to ask me for anything aside séx of course, since we’ve decided to wait until after marriage!” I said to her and Tessy nodded her head slowly as she lifted up her head from my chest.

She stared at me still contemplating whether to kíss me or not.

I would have kíssed her to make things easier for her, but I would rather she learns to build that confidence to initiate a kïss with me anytime she wants to.

I don’t know what her fear is but I want her to overcome it.

After staring for a while, Tessy gathered the courage and kíssed me on my lips.

She bite softly on my lower lips seeking entrance and I willing granted her the entrance because to be honest, I too have missed her lips so much.

We continue contesting on who is going to win the kíssing competition we had created for ourselves, when we heard a voice that abruptly ended our short moment of bliss.

” What! What exactly is going on here Tony!” Sophie’s voice rang out at the door as she stared at me and Tessy defiantly

I was short of words and at the same time surprised to see Sophie back today, I hadn’t expected her until tomorrow

Today is still Friday, she said she was coming on Saturday and not today.

” Sophie I can explain!” I said getting up from the sofa and Tessy face showed her displeasure on my demeanor

” What is there to explain Tony? the fact that you are kíssing another woman in my matrimonial sofa and home… Or that you might even be sleeping with her on my matrimonial bed… you are cheating on me Tony, are you crazzy?” Sophie thundered in a loud voice, whilst I stood scratching my head not knowing what to say to calm her down

” Sophie please calm down… Lets talk after you’ve eaten and rested, this is not the right time or place for this kind of confrontation.. Angie is inside and your voice might bring her out!” I explained softly in low tunes, and at the same time demonstrating with my fingers so the children won’t hear us

” Let her come out so she will see her father’s whore3!..

She turned to Tessy angrilly
“… look at me madam hired wife! Please was it written in your job description that my husband should be snatch3ed?” Sophie asked moving towards Tessy who looked at her unmoved

” I don’t know what you are talking about.. I am not one to snattch a grown man who is old enough to make decisions for himself!… and as a mother like you, I will advise that you lower your voice for our children’s sake, please Sophie!” Tessy responded whilst continually looking at the entrance which leads to Angie’s bedroom

Clearly we shared the same fear which is the children’s emotional safety, if they get to see this scene playing out between three matured adults.

” She is even commanding me to keep quiet in my own house, wow! This is serious!” Sophie shouted and I knew how she can be when she starts this way

” Sophie please calm down.. okay, if you insist we can talk about this outside.. I’m saying this because Angie and Tessy’s daughter Chioma is inside the bedroom, we can’t risk exposing them to see this kind of scenario at least for now!” I said trying to get her to reason with me, but Sophie wasn’t ready to listen to any voice of reason

” She even has a daughter?.. that makes it more interesting, let her come out and see what a slüt her mother is… her name is Chioma right? Chioma! Chioma! Angie! Angie! Angie! Come out… mummy is here, Angie!” Sophie shoute3d at the top of her voice and almost immediately, Angie and Chioma came running into the sitting room.

” Mummy! we heard voices followed by someone calling us, is it you?” Angie asked looking at Tessy who nodded in the negative before replying her

” No Angel.. it isn’t me! It’s the woman over there who is shoutiing your name” Tessy replied pointing at Sophie who ignored her completely.

I kept praying in my heart that Sophie will be considerate of Angie’s emotions and calm down, it’s very risky to reveal the truth about Tessy to Angie in this unplanned manner.

” Angie it’s me Sophie your real biological mother who called you.. I just got back from the states only to see your father cheating on me with this woman named Tessy!” Sophie thunderedd sitting down on one of the sofa, feeling unconcerned about the outcome of her utterances on Angie’s and Chioma’s young mind.

” Mummy, what is this woman saying? what does she mean by she being my real mother? do I now have two mothers?” Angie queried and Chioma who was equally in a confused state, had to ask Tessy

” Mummy, is Angie truly my sister, how come I’ve never heard of or seen her before now?”

” Chiombaby and Angel, please you two should go back to your room for now.. I will join you girls later to explain everything to you okay!” Tessy replied trying to send them away but Sophie stood firm in her decision not to let them leave without exposure

” They are going no where! Tony tell my daughter the truth now because if I do so, trust me, my words would not come out nice… So better start explaining to our daughter before I lose it completely!” Sophie said and I looked at her, wondering where the whole ánger and insensitivityy was coming from when we both know that the whole arrangements was her idea in the first place.

” Sophie this whole arrangements was your idea in the first place… so what’s with this whole involvement and insensitivitty on our daughter!? Please let her be for now!” I tried convincing her for the last time but Sophie wasn’t having it

” So you sleeping and cheating on me with the hired wife is also my arrangements right? Just admit the truth Tony! you wanted it but was only waiting for me to suggest it and boom! you took it from there immediately” Sophie uttered and I looked at her wondering if she lost her mental nutss in the states.

” What are you even saying Sophie? that isn’t true, you and God knows it.. okay fine! you want us to explain everything to our daughter now right? No problem!” I answered angrilly as I turned to Angie and Chioma.

I beckoned to them to come closer to me and when they did, I bent to their height and right in front of Sophie, I explained everything to them without mincing words.

” Mummy Tessy is not my real mother? you two has been lying and deceiving me all along daddy!” Angie said in a shaky voice and from her expression, I could tell that she was hurt by everything she’s been told

” I’m sorry baby… Please forgive me, I wanted to fulfill my promise to you but I couldn’t because your mother here wasn’t willing to come down to Nigeria until during her work leave!” I expounded further but instead of giving a response, Angie ran towards the direction of her bedroom in tears.

Oh! how I hat3e to see my daughter cry and to know that I’m the main cause of the tears, hurrts more.

I heaved as I stood up from where I bent, I looked at Sophie squarely on the face to see her smirking. What an insensitive mother she is!

” Now Angie knows the truth today… are you happy now?” I asked and she shrugged

” Well you caused this.. now you and this bïtch of yours can sort yourselves out, but please Tony get her out of my house afterwards… I no longer need her so her work is officially done here!” Sophie said and walked out on us into the bedroom we share together.

I turned to look at Tessy only to see her crying whilst Chioma was by her side soothing her. I guess she isn’t angrry with her mother knowing Tessy accepted the job offer partly for money sake, so as to continue taking care of her and grandmother.

” I’m sorry mummy… Please lets leave here already!” Chioma said pulling at Tessy’s fingernails

” You’re right baby.. lets go please!” Tessy replied and was about walking out with Chioma when I stopped her with my words

” Tessy please we need to talk.. you can’t leave like this!” I said touching her shoulders but she pushed my hands off

” Ton I don’t know if we will ever work out, you clearly still have feelings for your wife that’s why you couldn’t defend me from all her hurrtful words…. you watched her order me to leave without saying anything and now you want me to stay?” Tessy asked not looking at me but I knew that she is fuming in angerr

” Please Tessy give me a week like I asked you to.. I promise I will sort this out and come for us.. don’t give up on us now!” I pleaded almost in tears

Tessy heaved as she walked up to me to touch my cheeks before telling me in low tunes

” Ton it’s okay I understand.. for now I’m so worried about Angie! she must be so hurrt by all that has happened.. Please go meet her, my belongings are still here and I intend coming to pack them tomorrow, so possibly when I come I will apologise to Angie for the deceiit I had equally participated in!” Tessy said and kissed me lightly on the lips after which she walked out with Chioma.


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