A Thief In The Church episode 7

Episode 7

” we will try our best sir. ” decons Wale said calmly.
After checking the register for the attendance of workers in the church, Pastor Timothy exhaled and relaxed back on his seat. He looked from one person in the room to another. Everyone braced themselves for the next question. It was a known fact that whenever Pastor Timothy seats that way, a technical question will be given birth to.

” Pastor Eze the attendance book for workers in the church states that ‘ 20 workers have been consistently absent for last month, and you didn’t bring that to my notice. ” Pastor Timothy stared at his assistant pastor for reply.

” sir, we have called the absentees and discovered that some of them don’t have tangible reasons for their absence. ” Pastor Eze replied absent-minded.

” That’s not what i asked. I said, why didn’t you bring it to my knowledge that such a thing had taken place. ” Pastor Timothy replied calmly, but his assistant knew too well than to take his calmness for granted.
” i’m sorry sir, i thought that i could handle the situation. That was why i didn’t inform you earlier. ” Pastor Eze pled.
Pastor Timothy bowed his head for some time before looking up at his assistant. ” how many of them obtained adequate permission before leaving ” He asked.
” four of them sir. ” Pastor Eze replied looking into his own register.
” what!, you mean that only four persons took permission to be away for some time!. ”

” yes Sir! ” Pastor Eze replied.

” give me the names of those sixteen workers that did not take permission from you, they have to be disciplined ” Pastor Timothy concluded before picking the financial record. After looking at it for a while, he ordered Deacon Emeka to go and bring the money from the safe.

Meanwhile James and Peter were battling with the safe. They’ve tried all the keys in the bunch but non was able to open the safe. Peter dropped the school bag that he was carrying and began bringing out the items one after the other.
” let’s use the hammer to break the safe. ” Peter suggested. ” are you out of your mind?, don’t you that there might be other security men in this building. Immediately they hear the sound of something being hammered, they will like to come and check it out. It is not as if we are carrying real guns. ” James said in a whisper.
” so what are we going to do now? ” Peter asked. ” we will have to carry the safe along with us. ” James replied.
” I really think that you are seriously out of your mind. This thing that is as big and heavy as a rock, is what you are dreaming of carrying. ” Peter cautioned.

” i think that we have to make use of our jack knife and lighter to burn and dismantle this safe. That will reduce the noise. ” Peter added.
” Yea!, I think you have a point there! ” James replied scratching his head with his left hand.
The picked the Lighter and Jack knife and was about starting the process when Deacon Emeka Opened the door.


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