A Thief In The Church


” Madam bring more beer make we high! ” Peter screamed on a high pitch, it was obvious that he was getting drunk, and James was by his side with his hands stroking the laps of a light skin hacker that he and james pick at a junction not far from where they were presently seated.

They were many hawkers on the street that particular night, but they choosed to go to the junction. According to them, that’s where the best shots were always taken from.
They had succeeded in beating down the price to five thousand for the night for the two girls, one of which James took and the other one was left with Peter.
After which they left for the bar where they were presently seated, drinking themselves to stupor.

The woman brought four more bottles of beer as requested by peter. The quickly devoured the beer that was placed before them.

” o baby, wetin be name nah?. ” peter asked the girl that was beside him.
The girl was a bit darker than the one that James went for, and was also not as pretty as her, but to Peter, she was the prettiest girl on the surface of the earth. He was not to blame, the volume of alcohol that he had consume was working wonders.

” my name no dey important, make we begin dey go house nah, ” the girl replied sarcastically. She too was beginning to be influenced by the spirit behind alcohol.

” see o!, this girl dey form hard to get! ” Peter thought aloud.

” no worry, we go soon dey go house, and i go make sure say, i lose all the nut wey dey that your waist. ” Peter replied with a smirk. He was beginning to undress the girl in his imagination.

Meanwhile, James did not have that kind of patience in him, as he bent down his head and started to kiss the girl all over.

” girl! you sweet pass sugarcane! ” James shouted aloud, while the girl was fighting to get him off her face.

” Madam!, bring more bottles! ” this time it was James screaming on top of his voice.

Inside the Bar a conversation was on between the owner of the bar and her sales girls,

” Madam , you sure say this people go fit pay for all the drinks wey them dey buy? ” one of the sales girl asked.

” Madam na true talk o!, we never see this kind of face here before! ” another sales girl seconded.

” you people should relax, anything that they want just serve them, they will surely pay. Don’t you people trust me any more, i’m Madam ‘ point and kill ‘ nobody can drink here and not pay. ” she boasted.

” Madam where the drink nah! ” James shouted from outside. The little meeting inside came to a halt as they rushed to go and attend to them.

After everything the bill was brought to them. Everything totalled eighteen thousand naira. They paid without complaining and left the bar, walking towards their destination.

The night was far spent, moreover it was a saturday night.
They approached their mansion and went to one of the rooms. Without wasting time, they moved into the business of the day, that is straffing.

Early on sunday morning, one of the girls woke up and and woke the other one in a hurry.
They discovered that they were stark n@ked and that they were not in any mansion but inside an abandoned luxurious bus.
The first girl saw her pant hanging on one of the window in the bus, while the other one saw hers under one of the seats in the bus.

They quietly searched for their clothes and saw them outside the bus in different directions.
They quickly and quietly put on their clothes and went inside the bus. They searched the trousers of James and Peter and made away with all the money that were available while the two guys were still sleeping peacefully though they were n@ked.


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