A Thief In The Church episode 6

Episode 6

” I say, who is there!!! ” the voice asked again. The security was on patrol when He heard some voices at the back of the church and decided to check it out. He walked closer to the place that the voice was coming from.
The security man flashed his touchlight and inspected the area. When He was sure that there was no one in the surrounding, He turned to go back to his duty post. He had not up to five steps when he felt something cold pointed at the back of the head. He halt in his track like someone on a military parade ground.
” don’t think of moving or screaming, because if you do, you will be as good as dead! ” James warned him in a whisper.

When the voice called out from behind them, James and Peter quickly hid themselves behind the M saleh sound proof Generator that was on at that time of the night. Peter almost gave away their position if not that James was covering his mouth. It was when the security man backed them ignorantly that James seize the opportunity to hijack the security man.

James pointed the gun at the security man while Peter brought out a rope from the black bag that he was hanging and tied the man up. After tying the man up, James inspected the rope to see if it there was any chance of the man loosening the rope. They took the bunch of keys that was in the trouser pocket of the security man and locked him up in one of the rooms after taping his mouth.
Then the search for the CHURCH safe began. Now in possession of the bunch of keys, they began to visit the rooms in the church one after the other. They got to the strong room of the church and used the key to open it and located the safe.

Meanwhile the Church’s LCC ( local Church council ) were holding a meeting the pastor’s office located up on the first floor of the church building.
” Deacon Emeka Please bring the church register and the administration booklet for review. ” Pastor Timothy said.
The ministers in the church were present in the meeting. The church administrators always meet every first sunday of the month to preview the register, account book and administration booklet to check the growth of the church for that month.

” the administration booklet states that we had 102 visitors for last month, but our attendance has still not increased. ‘ Deacon Wale what can you say about that? ” the pastor asked the head of evangelism and follow up department.

” Sir the major challenge is that the phone numbers that is being written on the forms that we issue out are sometimes not correct, likewise the addresses sir. So it is almost impossible to follow up such a fellow. ” Deacon Wale said.

” that’s not an excuse Deacon Wale, you people should put more effort. ” the pastor replied.


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