A Thief In The Church episode 2

Episode 2

The noise of people rushing to early morning mass woke up the two sleepers that were occupying a four bedroom apartment inside the luxurious bus.

It was peter that woke up first before James followed suit. At first, they were oblivious of their present environment.
” oboy na where we dey? ” peter asked his friend James. It was obvious that he was still suffering from hangover.

” na house we dey nah! ” James screamed like someone that had an encounter with insanity.

” but from my angle of depression, e be like say this place no be house, ” Peter replied moving towards the exit point of the luxurious bus.

” e bi like say you don dey see thing, and i sure say you don high. This na our house for inside our compound. ” James countered.
It was when Peter got to the exit and looked outside that he discovered that it was not a fraction of his imagination that was playing tricks on him.
The whole surrounding was bright and beautiful, infact all creatures great and small were staring at them.
He rushed back into the bus to inform James of his discoveries. He saw James looking into the window like someone that had seen a ghost.
That was when it occurred to him that something was amiss.

” guy you dey n***d! ” James whispered to him.
” even you too! ” Peter replied and bursted into a silent laughter.
They quickly searched for their trousers but it was nowhere to be found.
Unknown to them After the two hackers made away with their money, A little boy that came out to wee in the wee hour heard snoring from the luxurious bus, and being a mischievous boy, he moved slowly towards the luxurious bus and saw the two adults sleeping undisturbed in a corner inside the bus.
He moved quietly and collected their clothes, the one that he could lay hands on. Since it was still the wee hour, the little boy could not locate their pants and singlets that was at the far right.

Peter and James searched earnestly for their trousers, but to no avail. They were even lucky that the boy did not make away with their undies, if that had been the case, they would have been so sorry for themselves.

Putting on their undies, and before anyone could say jack Robinson, the two friends ran out of the luxurious bus like two wild rabbit looking for their hole.

They took a sharp bend that led to their street after running for about forty five minutes before slowing down to catch their breathe and deliberate on their folly.

” oboy you mean sey those babes just carry our money go just like that? ” James spoke after they came to a complete halt under a mango tree that was some few yard from the batcher that they were occupying.

” them even get mind carry our trousers and shirt join am! ” Peter said with hoarse voice.
” I just thank God say them leave our boxers and singlets ” James put in laughing.
” talking about God, which time you go church last? ” Peter asked his friend James.
” me no fit remember! ” James replied scratching his head. ” mehn! Mosquitoes been full for that bus o! ” he added also scratching his hands and feet.
” no be small thing o! ” Peter replied. He too was feeling the impact of the Mosquito bite.

” but those girls think say them fit just play us go just like? “he added.

” no mind the mumu them, the only thing wey them gain na the straffing and the things wey we chop for that bar yesterday, as for the money, na counterfeit money them be that. ” James replied and burst into a wild laughter followed by Peter.

” oboy make we dey go before somebody come see us for this place with this kind of clothes. Na yawa be that oh! ” Peter added and started laughing again.

” nna mehn!, we suppose go church today go thank God for the deliverance wey Im give us today! ” Peter suggested after they’ve taken their bath and have eaten.

” na true talk oh! ” James seconded. ” but which church wey we go come go nah? ” he added.
” we go just waka dey go, any church wey make sense, we go just branch. ”

” na good talk be that. ” James replied. With that they put on their clothes and strolled out of the house.


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