A Thief In The Church episode 10

Episode 10

The two security men were startled to their bones to see Deacon Emeka standing a meter from them. He had a wide grin on his face with the kind of posture that one uses when in between seriousness and unseriousness.
The two security men quickly went on their knees begging Deacon Emeka not to expose them, that it was the hand work of the devil, and that such a thought will never ever cross their mind again.

” Deacon Emeka abeg no vex, i bin dey my own jeje dey patrol when this man come begin dey talk all those talks to me. No be say i wan follow am do wetin im dey talk. ” The second security man pleaded.
” na devil come dey stand near dey tell me all those plenti plenti things. No be sey that normal mind i take reason am. Na the handiwork of the devil. ” the first one replied shaking like a leaf in the hamattan.
Meanwhile Deacon Emeka was just standing speechless, staring at them like someone that just arrived Paris and was lost in the splendor of the atmosphere.
The two kept on confessing their sins before the Deacon, but unknown to them, the Deacon did not hear a word of their previous discussion, and so was lost.
” Is like the two of you were planning something fishy? ” Deacon Emeka found his voice at last and looked for a better seat to sit on. Not finding any seat, He sat on the table in their mini office.
” no o, we no wan go catch fish. We no be fishermen. ” the second security man replied in a hurry.
It took Deacon Emeka all the energy in his disposal to suppress the laughter that was fighting its way to his lips.

” that’s not what i meant ” Deacon Emeka managed to say amist laughter.
” what i mean is that the two are suspects ” He added.
” we no wan go prison o ” they echoed in unison.
” then you people will have to tell me what you people are planning or you will go to prison. ” Deacon Emeka replied. Even the first Security man that was thinking he had a stony heart was beginning to melt like butter under Deacon Emeka’s threat..
They had no option other than to include Deacon Emeka in the plans that they were discussing.

” that’s a very good idea ” Deacon Emeka replied after they were done with their plans.
The two Security men exchanged a glance at each other with their mouths, eyes, nose open. The sweat that was coming out of their body had tripled. They were still to believe what they just heard.
” you mean say!!! ” they echoed while the rest remained in their stomach.
They concluded the plan for 8pm which less than an hour from that time.part of the plans was stealing the key from the pastor’s office.

When they got to the pastor’s office, they discovered that the door was open. They went in and found out that the key to the safe was not there.
their curiosity led them to check the safe. They were shock to meet the Pastor packing money from the safe into a brief case.
Their arrival was a huge shock to the pastor, he pleaded with them not to tell the Church members which they agreed on the platform that all the money in the safe will be share equally among them.



We have to understand that even the most strongest of the Men of God is still prone to sin because of the Man-factor in Him. So we should stop looking at the Pastor or ministers as a yardstick. Rather we should look at the perfect example that is ” JESUS CHRIST “. In hebrews 12:2 ” it is written ” looking unto JESUS the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. ”
it take the grace of God and discipline not to compromise. So ask for that grace and run your race personally.
And for those of you that think that you can steak God’s money and go free, you better give your life to christ before the consuming fire side of God will turn at you.

Have a wonderful day guys and i’m so sorry for the scanty updates, see you in ” HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN ”

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