A Thief In The Church episode 9

A Thief In The Church episode 9

Three Hours Before the Discovery………..

” na wa o!, person don tire for this kind life sef. ” the security Man sat with hand akimbo on the small stool in the small room which was located at the gate that serves as his office.
Just then one of his colleague walked into the office and found him in that position.

” na wetin be your own this kind time? ” he said looking at his wristwatch that had stopped working even Before Abraham Lincoln was elected president of America.
The former did not reply the question, but continued in his personal meditation.

” na 8pm be this. Instead of you to dey patrol round the CHURCH premises to check for any fast movement, you dey here dey keep hand like who im papa just die. ” the latter added, taking a wild guess at the time.

” sidon make i tell you something, e get wetin dey bother me since wey i don try to reason am out. ” the first security man replied and pointed at the other stool for him to sit down.

” anything wey you wan talk, make you talk am fast, you no sey pastors and decons dem go soon come for their meeting, e no go good if them come see our two for here. ” the other replied.

” i go try make am sharp sharp. ” the first security replied. While the other went for the vacant stool and sat down turning his full attention to his colleague.

” you no say we don serve this CHURCH as security men for almost fifteen years now? ” the first security started.

” na true be that, but how that one come take be your problem? ” the later interrupted.

” you no go wait make i die before you bury me. ” the first man replied, while other adjusted his seat and gave him a suspicious look.

” for all those yes wey we don work, tell na wetin you don achieve? ”

” me!, no be last year wey i buy brand new motorcycle and i still hold that title as the first and only security man to get motorcycle cycle for this CHURCH. ” the other replied beating his chest proudly and smiling all the way.

” you be Ewu!, na motorcycle wey your mates dey drive abi?, see Open your eyes. ” the First man said in a harsh tone.
To demonstrate that his eyes were open, the other security man man used his hands to open his eyes wider.

” I don tell you sey you be big time mumu. ‘M.U.M.U’ ” he spelt it out and continued. ” wetin i mean be say you need to shine your eyes. ” he added.

” i dey shine my eyes with ogogoro and monkey-tail every morning and evening ” the other replied looking confused.
” shey!, na how i want take tell you sey this people dey cheat us. See that Deacon Emeka wey come this CHURCH which day don buy big Car dey enjoy with im family, but we wey don tey for this CHURCH no get anything, even to pay our pikin school fee na problem. ” the first security said with a serious look on his face.

” ** whistled loudly ** na true you dey talk o. Even my wife been tell me the same thing, but i tell to keep quiet. ” the other security replied and adjusted his seat even closer.

” you no see am sey your wife dey see road pass you?. ” He replied.
” bia no take style insult me because i say make i follow you reason! ” the other man replied angryly and was about to stand up when his colleague pleaded with him not to get angry that it was a mistake.

” wetin i mean be sey your wife………. ” he was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing his throat behind them.


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