A Thief In The Church episode 4

Episode 4

The heart is like an elastic that can be stretched. The thing is that when a heart is stretched by an idea, it will never return to its original position.
Since the idea of robbing the CHURCH got into the heart of James, His life had not returned to normal.
He sat on their 12inches mattrass in arm akimbo, he was drawn in his own thoughts that he did not notice when Peter walked into the room. It was not until Peter coughed to get his attention that he realised that someone was in the room.

They lived in a batcher house ( a house made with wood ). The environment was not a conducive one to dwell in. The compound was just like a final bus stop for refuse. When the rain is heavy, the flood will carry materials of all texture and deposit it in the compound.
Little wonder the place stinks like hell.
Their room was a bit small and almost empty save for the mattrass, a little stove by the corner of the room, some plates scattered on the floor, a little transistor radio, the type that Abraham lincoln use when he was yet to see the light of whitehouse and Ofcos two ‘Ghana must go ‘ bags.

James looked up from his sitting position to behold his friend’s worried face. He knew that there must be some bad news that was troubling his friend.
” how did it go! ” he asked. Earlier on, Peter had received a call from an anonymous caller requesting to see him immediately.
” there’s a serious problem o! ” peter replied. ” when i got to the place that the man that called me directed. He said that he is a DOCTOR and that a woman at the Hospital gave Him my number and that the woman had been the for about Three days now. I requested to see the woman. When we got to the hospital, i saw my mom lying on the hospital bed, she had become a shadow of herself, the DOCTOR says that she had kidney stone and that i need to bring 250,000 naira for them to commence treatment. Guy i’m so dead! ” Peter bursted into fresh tears aside from the one that was shed at the hospital.
” take it easy man. Put yourself together. ” James comforted his friend with a path on his back. ” i also have some sad news too! ” he added with a drop in his countenance.
” what is kind of sad news! ” peter wiped his eyes with the back of his palms.
” my father just pass on! ” James said calmly. He was tired of weeping and worrying, since his friend went out and that call came in, he had done nothing short of weeping and worrying.
” i’m so sorry about that. ”

” it’s ok, it’s not your fault that the old man decided to pass on at this time when things are so dry. ” James said. ” the only thing that is left now is for the living to take up responsibility. ” he added.
” So what do you intend doing now? ” Peter asked. ” i’m thinking of robbing that church with a toy gun. ” James replied.
” are you out of your mind!, do you know what you’re saying! ” Peter screamed.
” do you want your mother to die like my father did! ” James replied ” no o, God forbid! ” Peter shrugged.
” then you need to use to your head! ” James started. ” but it’s not proper to steal from God. ” Peter countered.

” So it is good for men of God to drive in big cars and live in big houses while their members live in thatched houses and swim in poverty. Is it good for the ushers to enrich themselves with church fund?. My friend open your eyes and see things clearly. That fund was for people like us but this people won’t just let it come to us. ” James concluded.
” hmm, but how do you want to carry out your mission of stealing God’s money ” Peter exhaled. ” stop calling it God’s money. For all i know, God is in heaven and they don’t use naira and dollar in heaven. ” James cut in.
” ok. so how do you intend carrying out this mission without getting caught? ” Peter asked.
” we will go to that church at night today, because by tomorrow they might take the money to the bank. I saw that man carrying all those money into one room at the back of the church, i guess that is where the money is being kept before being transferred to the bank. ” james released his well packaged plans.

” how about the security men? ” Peter asked, he was becoming interested in the whole deal.
” i know where we will use to get in unnoticed. Trust me on that. ” James smiled.

” oboy you na baddo!, you don draft out everything ” Peter haled

” that’s why they call me James bond! ” James boasted. ” so are you in? ” he asked. ” why not!, abi you want my mother to die ” Peter replied.

” we move in by 9pm tonight. ” James said with a wide grin.


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