A Thief In The Church episode 8

Episode 8

Deacon Emeka opened the door and met two strangers in the strong room. The CHURCH administration does not allow even Deacons that don’t have anything to do with recording or keeping financial obligations not to talk of strangers invading the strong room. He was about to scream when Peter and James out of fright pointed their guns at him and commanded him to keep shut.

They dragged him into the room and commanded him to kneel down and raise up his hands.
” where is the key to the safe? ” Peter asked Him in a low tone. The man refused to answer the question that was thrown at him.
” If you don’t cooperate with us, you will have yourself to blame. But if you give us your full cooperate then we will leave you with a smiling face. ” James added.
Deacon Emeka being an Ibo man was seriously planning on how best to negotiate with them. It took Deacon Emeka some time to register that he did not actually collect the key from the Pastor.

” Brother abeg i no collect the key from my Pastor. ” Deacon Emeka confessed.
” na wetin you talk? ” They replied in unison.
” na my pastor dey hold the key to the safe. Them dey for meeting now up stairs. Na im tell me to come collect the money come the meeting place but i forget to collect the key from am. ” Deacon Emeka replied shaking. Droplets of sweats were forming all over his body.

” how many people are in this building right now? ” they asked him quietly.
” i don’t really know. The choir is having their practice in the church auditorium right now. ” James and Peter exchanged a glance at each other. ” we are in for a stronger work than we expected. ” Peter whispered to James.
” mr Man take us to the conference room where the pastors and Deacons are having their meeting right now. ” they commanded Deacons Emeka.

The Pastor and his ministerial cabinets had waited for Deacon Emeka to return from the strong room for more than twenty minutes without any sign of him or the money. They were contemplating on sending another person to go and check what was happening when the door swung open and Deacon Emeka and two gun men graced them with their presence.

They pointed the gun at the Pastor and his assistant before issuing out some instructions.
” Everybody bring out your phones, switch it off and place it on the table. Don’t let any phone to remain with you, else you will have yourself to blame for disobedience. ” they instructed.
All the people in the hall including the pastor and his assistant switched off their phones and place it on the table.
Peter went from seat to seat collecting their phones and putting it into the school bad that was with him. After collecting and searching them to make sure that there was no ELECTRONICS on them they gave another instruction.

” Pastor you will have to accompany me to the strong room while the rest of the ministers will remain here with my guy. No stories, just full co-operation is what we need now. So stand to your feet Pastor! ” James commanded.
Together they went to the strong room and returned after a while to declare that the safe was empty, which means that someone had stolen the money.


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