Tochi episode 16

Episode 16

She rushed at me and gave me a tight hug. I pecked her, lifted her and carried her in. Even though i had shown her where we lived, it was her first time of crossing our gate not minding that she did so at the wrong time. I dropped her on the bed gently as we both laughed. In my mind, i was contemplating on how to avert the disaster that was looming. I sat beside her, pulled her closer and kissed her, she put her hands around my neck as we engaged each other. We felt very relaxed, the chemistry was there and i wasn’t going to let anything destroy it. I jumped up from her as an idea struck me.

“Baby what?” she asked looking up at me with concerns written all over her face.
“Nothing sweet, i just needed to buy something outside before the shops closes.” i said and dressed up. She said ok and lay down on the bed, i secretly grabbed my Bible and ran outside. I headed straight for Ada’s lodge and into her room, i met her rubbing powder on her face.

“Boo what are you doing here with a bible?” she asked on seeing me.
“Errm, something just came up” i said scratching my head.
“What? ”
” i just remembered that our church would be holding a midnight crusade today and my friends are waiting for me at the junction”
“Ok, wait for me, we’ll go together” she said and my eyes widened.
“Okay, errm, i mean NO Sweetheart ” i started explaining
” No what? “she asked and faced me with this look that made my legs shake. I walked up to her and held her.
” See, its a guys fellowship kind of thing, i would have taken you along since if girls were allowed” i explained praying she believed me, being simple minded, she bought my excuse, hugged me and asked that i prayed for us.
“I will boo” i said and hugged her tight.
“So what will be your prayer point? ” she asked
” That our wedding will take place at the Burj Khalifa” i said and smiled. She laughed and kiss me, she saw me off to her gate and made sure she watched me as i walked towards the junction looking back to make sure she had gone in but she stood there waving. I had to follow another shortcut back to my lodge through the back. I had bought two cups of ice cream for me and Eve as i walked back. I needed proof of what i went to buy.

Eve was a sweetheart despite being a bit of an introvert which made a lot of people see her as a snub and proud, being very beautiful didn’t help her much. She tried her best that night at being naughty. We fell in love over and over again that night, we made promises to each other that we swore never to break. I was so scared that i was going to disappoint her, i felt feverish with emotions as we held onto each other in the darkness. Everything about her made me come to like her the more. I kissed and practically licked her body clean, i wanted to do more but i was running out of ideas. She was so sweet and delicate and i could swear i have never been so in love before.
I discovered to my utter Joy and partial dismay that she too was a Virgin. I came to respect, trust and cherish her the more.

I had made my decision to love them both without making any unnecessary demands on them. It wasn’t easy being with two sweethearts who were still virgins and not be getting intimate with them considering that a look at them would make you want to take them straight to bed. Tonia seemed to be taking care of that part of my life, we never needed each other, we just wanted what we both want, our bodies. She was good in bed and i wasn’t bad either and we do try our best not to get emotionally attached. Tonia was a kind of girl that when she wants a thing, she goes an extra mile for it. She wanted me and she got me, i hoped and prayed she wouldn’t want my heart because she wasn’t going to get it and she could do stupid things just for it.

Our exams kicked off on a good footing. I was doing fine and it was all thanks to my search for Eve which had led me to the library many a times and my lessons with Ada which were more than just educational. My after revisions were spent in the library with my Eve and she was quite a good study companion, i had often imagined how she managed to study with me being all over her, i just couldn’t keep myself away from her as we studied and she didn’t mind, she also did a part of the flirting herself. My night and mid night studies were spent in my room with Ada, she had often said she hated the school library because of the presence of many over serious students. We kissed and flirted more than we read, but at least we read something. My life could never have been better.

We wrote our math101 on a Thursday, the almighty math101 that brought me and Ada together. The exam wasn’t bad, i was a bit prepared for it. Ada was in the same hall with me and made sure she stayed right next to me. We wrote the ones we could and she sourced answers to the rest herself, all the guys around were more than willing to help her out. The powers of a beautiful damsel can never be underestimated. Her first and foremost concern was with me, she made sure i wrote well. We were through in 3 hours and we all left the hall. Ada made sure she grabbed me like someone was going to steal me away from her. Everyone stared at us like we were aliens.

“I hope you finished all” she asked me as we sat under a shade outside the hall.
“Yeaa, you nko?” i asked hanging my hands on her shoulder
“Trust me naa” she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. I was glad Eve’s hall wasn’t anywhere around ours. Ada got up, dropped her phone with me and left for the school canteen. Her Facebook massager binged and i decided to take a peek. We shared everything including her phone password even though i’m still yet to give her mine and she wasn’t asking. The message was from a mike and she was asking why she ignored him, i prodded further and what i saw shook me….


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