Tochi episode 8&9


“How long have you been Standing there?” I asked stella
“I just came in to see a big smile on your face while you slept, tell me, did you win a lottery in your dream?” She asked as she sat on the bed close to me adjusting her hair. She looked quite attractive that afternoon. I sighed and scratched my head “Bae it’s nothing, just had an enticing dream”
“Tell me about it” she said caressing my bare back.

“Well i dreamt i was banging you really hard” I said jumping up from the bed laughing as she threw a pillow at me. She hissed and laid back on the bed, i went over to her and lay beside her, brought her closer and planted my lips on hers. She was calm as we smooched for as long as 40 seconds and she pulled away. I fell flat on my back and stared at the ceiling. Stella was beside me but Eva was on my mind.

“Tochi look at the time” she said after a few seconds of silence. I looked at the wall clock and it was 2:23pm, i remembered our 3pm lecture and jolted up from the bed.
“Its like your dream made you forget you had a class” she said looking at me as i grabbed my towel.
“Babe once its about you, i tend to forget every other thing” I said tying the towel round my waist. She kept mute and just stared at me like she needed to learn what i was doing.
“Look away jare lemme change” i said rolling my eyes at her.
“Nothing new joor, I have seen bigger” she said waving her hand and looking the other way.
“Mumu girl” I said and threw my boxers at her and ran into the bathroom.

The time was 2:40pm. I held Stella’s hand as we both strolled leisurely to our department for the proposed lecture. I heard someone call my name from afar. I turned and saw kossi walking up to where we were. Stella disengaged her hand and moved a little distance from me as kossi got closer. He waved at her and faced me.
“Guy hafar nah?” He asked as we shook hands.
“Bro i dey o. I wan tidy one 3pm lecture like that” i said looking at my watch.
“Ok ok, i get gist for you shaa” he said with a smack on his face while rubbing his palms together.

“Guy you too like gist, no waste my time with any irrelevant story abeg as you see say my sweetheart dy wait for me” i said and looked towards stella who smiled and looked away.
“Mumu na about that fair girl wey you carry her pen that day for medicals” he said licking his lips. I stared at him for a while and asked him how he knew i took pen from anyone at all.
“Guy i was there that day nah, just that your romance with her no gree you see me” he said nodding towards stella.
“Guy forget am shaa, abeg gist me about the girl, how i go take contact her”
“Guy na small matter, the babe na my department she dy” he said
“You mean mass comm” i asked folding my hands
“Yes nah, na im i been wan tell you but its like you dey busy and i no wan waste your time” he said slowly turning around to walk away. I held his cloth and pulled him back.
“Guy no vex abeg, waste my time biko, yarn me the gist” i said
“Oya nah, make we shift small” he said walking away. I turned to stella and winked at her.
“Bae just go ahead without me, i will be there soon”
She said ok and left while i ran after kossi.


We got to an eatery besides a classroom block that belonged to the department of mass communication. I sat down, kossi pulled up a seat and sat besides me. I ordered for meat pie and soya milk for the both of us. Kossi looked at me with a wide grin on his face.

“i swear you be correct guy” he said as he opened the cover of the soy drink. I frowned as i Picked my meat pie removing it from its package.
“Guy u go vomit all these things if i no see this girl” i said biting into the pie and sipping the drink with a straw.
“Bro chillax, you go soon confirm” he said
“okay o” i said looking around the environment and admiring the girls around. We soon got through with our snacks and sat there eagerly looking around. Kossi was busy greeting his course mates who came around, girls mostly.

I looked at my watch and the time was 4:36 pm. I had forgotten totally about the lecture i was supposed to be attending. I looked impatiently at kossi who was busy fondling with his phone.
“Guy, what’s up nah? Make e no be say i miss my lecture and come miss this girl too o” i said.
“Chill nah guy. She go soon show up” he said still focused on his phone. I grabbed the phone from him, he looked up to protest but rather broke into a big smile looking in the direction of the classroom block. I followed the direction of his eyes and there stood my dream queen. She was gorgeous as ever, she was on a red fitted gown and black sneakers, her hair was braided. She hid her eyes behind sunshades. My heart was on the verge of running out of my chest. I was sweating or maybe i thought i was. For what seemed to me like a lifetime, i sat there staring at her as she stood near the classroom. I was jolted back to reality when kossi snatched back his phone. I stood up and was about to rush at her but was pulled back by kossi.
“Guy chillax” he said motioning me to sit down.

“For what nah? ” I asked spreading my hands.
“cool down and watch” he said. I sat down reluctantly still staring at him with a deep frown.
He looked at me with a grin.
“Just watch” he said looking back in her direction.

I looked back to her position. A black Toyota camry pulled up a little distance from where she stood. She walked to the car and got in and the car drove away.
“See, you for go disgrace your self now” kossi said as he picked his books and stood up. I was really disappointed as many thoughts flew through my mind. Kossi pulled me up and we left the canteen. I was really downcast as we walked back to our lodge. Kossi wasn’t helping matters as he was busy suggesting how i could get a car better than the camry to impress her.

“But kossi come” i said as we got to the junction that led to our logde.
“so you made me miss my lecture, made me buy you free lunch just so you can show Me my crush’s boyfriend and his car?” i asked as i bent down and removed my right sneaker. Kossi laughed and broke into a run. I threw the sneaker after him as he ran into our lodge, it landed on Ada who was just coming out of the gate.


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