Tochi episode 5&6

Episode 5&6


As usual, there was a long queue at the medicals. Year one students lined up to get their blood examined. We approached and joined the queue with stella right in front of me. We started talking about taking the needle in the process of getting our blood.

“I’m scared, I heard its a bit painful” stella said
“Yea, I heard they will stab you like three, four times with the needle to get enough blood ” I said loudly with a mischievous grin on my face while demonstrating the stabbing with my hands, people laughed, the ladies smiled uneasily. Stella turned at me with a look of disbelief in her eyes and said “Baby could you just comfort me?”
I circled my arms around her moderately shaped waist and half whispered into her ear “Baby don’t worry, they won’t use a knife, it’s just a sharp big needle” she pinched me hard, I laughed and withdrew my hands and someone said from the front “they should jejely crucify us naa”

Everyone laughed but i noticed only one even though she didn’t laugh, she only smiled but to me, it was louder than every other sound there. I looked at her as she stood there. The Eve girl from my dream, the one that made me run into stella. My heart pounded as i grew cold all of a sudden. All i just wanted was to go there and lift her in my hands.
I don’t know what my expression looked like but stella looked up at me and asked
“Tochi why is your face like this?”
“Nothing” I replied absentmindedly
She nudged me on my stomach and I squeezed my face and looked at her
“Please stop caressing my six packs ” I said in a low sassy tone and smiled. She smiled back and in my mind I thought ” why must she always intrude anytime i set my eyes on this “fine china” “.

“I’m coming” I whispered to stella as i left the queue and started walking up to where she was. I got closer to her and reached to touch her, my heart pounded so hard I thought everyone noticed the noise it made. I quickly brought down my hands and put them in my pocket. I looked around and nobody seemed to notice my little drama. I relaxed a little.

“Eve please can I borrow your pen?” I said in a not so audible voice . She didn’t even make a move or look at me. Maybe she didn’t hear me i thought. I coughed and touched her, she turned to me with this charming but low self esteem inducing frown on her face.
“I was asking for your pen” i managed to reiterate with the highest level of seriousness i could muster. Her face lightened and my heart skipped as the beauty of her ovally shaped face came much more to the fore. I felt hot all over.

“Well, first my name is not eve or whatever and secondly, isn’t that a pen am seeing on you” she said nodding towards my bre@st pocket.
” Like seriously your name isn’t eve? But that was what you told me” i said as i bent my head with a little frown on my face
“Told you where? ” she asked with a slight puzzled look on her face. I was going to answer in my dreams but checked myself as I said never mind.
“Besides I wouldn’t be asking for your pen if mine was ok” i said
She observed me from head to toe as i was some good she wanted to buy and brought out her biro, handing it over to me she said
“Please return it immediately you are done”
I smiled and walked back to my position in the queue with a pen I wasn’t going to use. At least i needed a reason to meet up with her again.

Stella was giving me this naughty look as i walked back to her.
“I thought you went up there to create space for us” she asked as i settled behind her.
“Yes bae but those people up there were getting ready to eat me so i ran back.”
“Hmmm, so what are you doing with her pen”
“Well i borrowed it just in case i needed it” i said
“So all this sweating just because you wanted to borrow pen” she said almost laughing
“leave me joor. Didn’t you see as i ran up there now, thats why i’m sweating ”
Which kind wahala be this, i thought as she started laughing

Episode Six

Two days gone and i haven’t seen my dream Eva neither has she seen her pen. The thoughts going through my mind all those while was that i could have taken her number. D–n! I don’t even know her real name. I hardly smiled much. It was funny how much of an effect this Eva girl had on me. Someone i dont even knw her name. I had strolled the lengths and breath of the schools medical hoping she would come back there. I missed her even though i had only seen her twice, thrice actually if i were to count in my dream. I began planning on making a poster with my name and number on it asking Eva to call for her pen.

“Guy unto say wetin happen? Dont come here and be disgracing your family because of a girl” Martin had said to me as i told him my plans about the poster thing.
“She doesn’t even know my name” i said absent minded looking into space
“Tochi its like you no hear wetin i talk?” Martin asked. I looked at him with a frown on my face “so how do i locate her?” I asked
“Use Google map” he said getting up from the bed we were sitting on and picking his bag.

“Guy i get lectures now, give me that girl’s pen make i use am jott since you no wan keep am” he said looking down at me. I looked up with half a smile on my face and said ” Give you p—y, na your joystick you go use write today” he gave me a slight jab on my chin and walked out of the room laughing.
“Mumu, I know say you don kiss the pen to stupor because na girl get am” he said amidst laughter as he left. I smiled and fell back on the bed. I picked my phone and checked the time. It was 10:05 am, i decided to catch some sleep as i had one lecture by 3pm.
I lay across the bed and not long after i drifted off to sleep.

Someone knocked on the door, i tilted and looked in the direction of the door, the knock came again, i said come in and waited for about 5 seconds. The person knocked again. I grudgingly got up and walked to the already open door, pulled the curtains aside and across the little corridor locked by a burglary proof, Eva stood staring back at me.


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