Tochi episode 17

Episode 17

Most of the advances from her male Facebook friends were ignored by her except for one. I found out that there was something between them right up until she started ignoring him. I checked up on the guys profile and he was dope. Seemed to be living abroad judging by the places he took his pictures. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties. I just sat there and stared like i just submitted my question paper and came out with my answer sheet. Ada came back with two cans of fanta and two large meat pies. I was too annoyed or should i say heart broken to even look at her, she sat beside me oblivious of my composure and was trying to hand over the drink and snack to me. I ignored her and looked in another direction while trying to figure out my next move.

“Let’s go home” i finally said getting up from where we sat.
“Now?” she asked looking up at me
“Yes, now” i sounded a bit harsh, she looked confused as she stared at me.
“But what are we now going to be doing at home?”
“I don’t know, i don’t want to stay here, either you come with me or you stay here, either way i’m going home” i said getting up. She got up and walked after me as i led the way.

We got to my lodge and we both went in. I sat on the bed, she dropped the drinks on top of the fridge and sat beside me. She had probably noticed my countenance had changed. She came closer to me and held me by shoulders.

“Too, is anything wrong? ”
I kept quiet
” Talk to me naa, eh baby, why is your face like this?” she kept asking, she was going to break down when i decided to talk.

“Ada who is Oscar?” i asked looking at her.
“Oscar, from wherever?” she asked
“Oscar from your Facebook, Ada, who is he?” i was beginning to sound very bitter and i was bitter. I loved her and couldn’t bear having someone who is probably better than me getting her attention, i was scared she may decide to leave me for him. From the chat, i had figured out that they have gone far and i wasn’t ready to lose her. She looked at me with a little bit of sadness in her eyes.

“He’s my fiance” she quietly said as my heart started pounding so hard i assumed people outside could hear the sound.

I stared at her like i just met her for the first time, i had wished it was a joke but it wasn’t.

“Your fiance?” i asked again and she nodded.
“And you never told me? ”
” It wasn’t necessary” she said pulling closer to me, i shifted farther from her which seemed to hurt her, she was hurting me with this revelation and i wanted so hard to reciprocate this love so she could feel how i felt. Sitting there all of a sudden i realized how scarcely we knew each other, we had been too consumed by our affection for each other that we cared about nothing us but us.
“What do you mean it wasn’t necessary? ” i asked.
” It wasn’t necessary because i was going to break up with him”
“Why would you want to break up with him? ”
” Because of You tochi” she said and i stared at her.
“Why because of me?”
“Tochi, i met you and i fell in love with you, i was with Oscar because he told me he loved me and always tried to show that he did, i don’t love him as much as i would want to, but you tochi, you lit a part of my heart that had been dark for ages, i love you for what it’s worth and i’m willing to let everything go for you” she hugged me as she cried, i was supposed to be happy about her reassurance but i wasn’t, the thought that i may end up breaking her heart made sure of that. She was going to break up with her fiance because of me and i wasn’t sure i would marry her. Heck, i was just in my year one in the University. I drew her closer to me and held her tight, I loved her and that was the only thing i’m going to allow to matter, i was going to let my fears sort themselves out.

“I love you and i’m never going to let you go” i said as we held onto ourselves.
“I love you too” she whispered and sniffed.

My door opened and Kossi walked in, he observed us silently for sometime and rushed to the fridge, he grabbed the drinks and meat pies and ran outside. We didn’t care, our bellies were obviously filled with our love for each other. About 30 seconds later, kossi walked in again

“Guy you fit borrow me garri” he said, i picked my heavy dictionary and flung it after him as he ran outside. I gently laid Ada to the bed and cuddled her to sleep. I dressed up and left for Eves lodge to find out her math101 exam was.

Very much to my objection, Ada had broken up with Oscar in my presence over a call. He had asked her why and she told him bluntly to his face or rather his ears that she doesn’t love him enough to want to be with him. She had asked me why i was against her breaking up with him.

“Or don’t you want to be with me” she had asked with fears in her eyes…
“It’s not that” i hugged her and pulled her closer to me “Its just that we are still students in our 100 level and i keep wondering if you can wait so long for me”
“Tochi, i will wait for eternity for you, if you want me to” she said and held me tighter. Tonia walked in without knocking.

“Hmmm, lovebirds ” she said and laughed.
” Ada come and give me your English textbook, i need it now”
“Ermm, go and check my room, it should be there”
“No, come yourself, it will be faster” she insisted and winked at me
“Tonia must you disturb us” Ada said and heading for the door.
“Go i’m coming behind you” Tonia told her as she left and faced me
“Are you sure its just the text book you want or do you have ulterior motives” i asked staring at her.
“I have dozens of English textbooks” she said hugging me and kissing me on my lips.
“So what do you think you can do within the 3 to 5 minutes she’s going to spend bringing back the book”
“Nothing, if i wanted to start something, i would have sent her to the market and not her room” she said and bit my lips while grabbed her hips and squeezed them hard, she moaned and kissed me again and longer.
“She’ll soon be back you know” i said
“Yea, I just came to tell you that Eve would soon be here, she was taking her bath when i left her room” she said pulling away from me. I looked at her with my mouth open.
“And you couldn’t say that since? ”
” At least i told you” she smiled
“What do I do?” i was getting worried and confused.
“Don’t worry, i will go and hold Ada back” she said, kissed me and left while i tidied up my room .
Eve came in 10 minutes later looking like a model. She was on a grey tight gown which revealed her hour glass shape. I hugged her for like 10 seconds in which i felt every part of her in HD. She laughed and pushed me away.
“I have missed you” i said as i sat on the bed and pulled her to my laps.
“I missed you too” she kissed me and i held her cheek and we both kissed for long. Her skin were radiant and they made me weak and lovesick at the same time. We were in love and it was very obvious. The more I thought about whom i loved most, the more i became confused and the more i found myself entangled in my state of dilemma.
My phone started ringing but i wasn’t going to be distracted. I flung it away and laid Eve on the bed. I lay beside her as we kissed, i was too engrossed in the affair that i didn’t notice when Ada walked in…

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