Tochi episode 3&4

Episode 3&4


I got up to a warm meal of indomie prepared by my brother. We both sat on the bed while our two lodge mates kossi and Emeka sat on the rug, we surrounded the steaming food dished out in a large saucer. I was really moody as i did more staring at the food than i ate it. All of a sudden, my brother laughed and turned to me “Guy which level nah. How you go dy sleep, dy call baby and dy smile like mumu at the same time, nawa you o.”..

I looked at him and hissed. Emeka and kossi were visibly trying to suppress their laughter. I was weak and fuming inside at the same time. I thought to myself “so all these perfect romance was just one stupid afternoon dream”.
I put my fork into the food, rolled up some noodles and put it in my mouth, i swallowed hard. Staring across the room and softly asked
“But Martins why naa”
From the corner of my eyes i could see him raise his head up with a frown on his face aimed in my direction
“why what? He asked
“Why must you wake me up at that instant, you just disrupted my kiss with this chic and i no go forget am”
For some seconds he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face like he was trying to understand what i meant and then they all burst out laughing.

Kossi looked at me and said
“Oga no vex, go back to sleep and collect that kiss make we see if this indomie go do us” they laughed
“But seriously that girl must be nicki minaj, guy imagine how you were smiling and screaming my baby, imagine wetin for happen if you completed that kiss, maybe you would have scattered my pillow with your teeth” Martin said amidst laughter.
I got up, stretched myself to breaking point, hissed and walked outside, i could hear them eating and laughing as I left.

I walked outside the gate. The sun was still high up, i noticed a familiar figure walking past, i stared sheepishly at her as she walked down a bit and catwalked into a logde adjacent to mine.
Two guys passing by stared hard at me, one of them with a wicked grin on his face shouted in my direction. “Guy easy nah, no be only you see her”

I gave them this killer frown and noticed other passers-by stared at me like i was doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk. I stared back at myself and noticed how my reproductive organ was raised in an awkward angle
” yaaay, this Ada no go kill me for this world” i half screamed and ran inside..

Episode Four

Fridays at school was always considered not different from Saturdays. Lectures hardly hold so we just gist our time away. I was with my guys discussing about everything and nothing, most of us were sitting on the desk, i was at the extreme. The time was just 9 am. I took a glance around the hall and noticed stella looking at me, we had gotten a bit closer since i ran into her or she ran into me. She was with her girls, the types that when they look at you they see books. I waved at her, she waved back and started coming towards me. She got to where we were sitting, my guys were still talking but an observant me knew they were eagerly waiting to eavesdrop on whatever it was stella was about to say to me.

“Hi” she said
“Hello, stella how far? I asked
“I’m fine and you”
“I just dy, wetin you bring for me?” I asked giving her the mr charming smile
“My humble self” she smiled, a cute smile i observed.
“Well i can manage, lets start with a kiss” I said with a naughty grin as i noticed the tempo in my friends conversations drop, those bad guys..

“Well you can’t manage me joor, am enough for you” she said with a fake frown
I smiled and rubbed her hands while pouting my lips “well babe, give me everything”
She laughed and punched me lightly on the chest.
“I wanted to know if you have gone for your medical tests and stuffs” she finally asked
“Nop, i just got my form last week so i just have the x-ray and blood test left to do” i explained scratching my head.
“Well i want to go do mine today, why don’t we go together” she said with a little plea in her eyes

I looked up and frowned like i was in deep thought
“Hmmmm, well yea but you have to beg for my company” i said and smiled at her
She bowed and said please
“Bribe me” i winked
She came closer and pecked me, i was shocked but i didn’t let it show. At this point my guys almost stopped their fake conversation.
She laughed and i looked at her
“Ok, i accept. Lets go”

she ran back to where her friends were seated and picked her handbag. We both started leaving, steve, one of the guys shouted
“Tochi so you wan carry her go abort the belle for medicals abi?” Everyone laughed
I turned and shouted “your father” at him, put my hands accross stella’s shoulders, she slid hers around my waist as we left the hall. I didn’t see them but i felt everyone’s eyes on us…


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