Tochi episode 18

Episode 18

She just stood there looking at us like she couldn’t see us. I was caught red handed, there was no way i could lie myself out it. I was on the verge of losing two of the most valuable people in my life should Ada freak out. She just stood and stared like she was dumbfounded. I had gotten up and sat on the bed, i couldn’t look her in the eyes and i couldn’t say anything. Eve had innocently gotten up from the bed too, she was very ignorant of the situation in the room. She said hi to Ada with a broad smile on her face.
“Hello, i just came to take my jotter” Ada said to my surprise and shame, she turned immediately and walked out. Eve dropped her head on my shoulder.

“Ermm, i will be right back, let me return her jotter” i said and she said ok. I ran blindly to Ada’s room and found her lying on her bed. Her eyes were wet with tears but there weren’t running.
I went on my knees and held her hands and to my surprise she allowed me..

“Ada i don’t know what to say, I’m sorry for what you saw, Ada i love you and i swear i never meant to break your heart ” i didn’t even know what to say, i wasn’t going to deny my love for Eve or call it a mistake but then i loved Ada and i wasn’t going to lose her. She just lay on the bed, she wasn’t even looking at me. I sat on the bed and wiped her eyes, she got up and kissed me, i held her and kissed back. Just then Eve came in on us.
“Tochi! “she called as i looked back at her. I was staring at the ground, expecting it to open up anytime soon and swallow me but nothing like that happened. I jumped from the bed and stared at the ground. I was going to pay for all my sins that particular day and i wasn’t ready for the penance.

“Are you two together” Eve finally asked and i saw Ada nod. Eve looked at the two of us.
“I just came to tell you i was going back to my lodge” she said and left without looking back. Ada got up and walked to where i stood
“Tochi why? ” she asked me as she cried.
” Ada i’m sorry” i muttered. She slapped me as i held her and pulled her to me. She held me and cried on my body. I drew her to the bed and held her as she cried herself to sleep. I prayed so hard that all these should turn to one of my dreams but my prayers were never answered. I bent my head and cried without tears…..

Ada had broken up with me that day, i had betrayed her love and it was more than she could take. Eve doesn’t even want to see anyone that looks like me or bears my name talk more of seeing me, she had cried the day i visited her and when she could no longer stand my sight, she ran out of her room and i went after her. I caught her up on the road and knelt before her to the spectacle of a few number of people. She couldn’t even look at me, she looked beautiful and fragile as she cried and i fell in love the more. She later walked out on me and into her room and banged the door.

The funny thing was that i had kept to the same mistake i had made at first, i was still begging the both of them for reconciliation. I couldn’t even imagine how i was able to write the rest of the semester’s exam. The holidays were the next big thing after boredom and couldn’t wait to get back to school. Ada and Eve had since blocked my number from reaching them and didn’t waste time in blocking any other number i called them with. Fast forward to the end of holidays. I ran back to school, i was determined on getting the loves of my life back to me.

I had just gotten to my room and was unpacking and then Ada walked. She looked exquisite. I was surprised, she was the last person i had expected to walk into my room at that moment.

“Hey” she said and sat on the bed
“Ada, how are you doing? ” i asked and sat beside her
” I’m fine, welcome back”
“Thank you, how was ur holiday? ”
” Fine thank you” she said and we stared into space for a long time. I could sense the tension between us. Maybe she still felt something for me, maybe she missed me during those periods we were on break and had come to tell me that, i mean, we really loved each other and love doesn’t just die like that. I managed to look at her and our eyes met, God she was so beautiful in a way that i haven’t noticed. I pulled her to me and she obliged. I hugged her and she hugged back.

“I really missed you” i said with the greatest bit of emotions i could ever muster in my voice.
“I missed you too ” she said in the sweetest voice i had ever heard in a long while. We kissed passionately for a while and then she pushed me away.
” Tochi stop ” she said moving farther away from me
” Why? ”
” Nothing, just stop please ”
” Ada you should know i’m really sorry for what i did, you are all i want now and forever” i said hoping i meant it but i knew i was hoping against hope, i wanted Eve too.
“Its too late ” she said in a shaky voice, i was shaken by the statement and i prayed that some random guy haven’t snatched her away from me.
” What do you mean too late Ada” i asked with my heart pounding. She looked at me and she was crying, she looked away, wiped her eyes and sniffed. Then she dropped it on me like Hiroshima..

“I’m getting married!!! ”

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