Tochi episode 20

Episode 20

Final episode

Our love was the best in town, i have never felt so fulfilled in my entire life. Tochi and Eve, Bonnie and clyde had nothing on us. We spent more time together than we spent anywhere. She was my unofficial wife. All i did was aimed at making her happy and she was happy and that made me happy. She had moved out of the school hostel and gotten another lodge. For the sake of decency, she wasn’t going to move in with me but we spent time together anyways.

I never get to see much of Ada these days and i thought it was a bit better that way. What i had for her never died but i wasn’t going back to who i was. I had made up my mind to stick with Eve and i wasn’t going back on that and after all Ada and I happened by chance and not because i intended it to happen.
But i guess when you love someone, you just love them, maybe i was able to keep to my resolution because Ada had kept her distance and didn’t want anything to do with me again.

It was on a Tuesday afternoon, Eve had gone for her lecture and i was alone in the house watching a movie. Ada walked in looking all cute. I was startled, i had never expected to see her again.

“Hey” she said and sat down.
“Hi, what’s up” i said and faced her
“I’m cool”
We were quiet for sometime and then i talked.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you the last time ” i said and she nodded, then silence again.

“My wedding is next week Saturday” she finally said after a while, i was surprised that the news got to me when i thought i was finally getting over her.
“Are you happy with him?” i found myself asking, i was jealous.
“Tochi, i don’t know, i just came to tell you as someone i knew” she said and got up, said goodbye to me and left. I realized i still needed her anyways.

I never got to see her again until a day before her wedding. She had traveled down from her hometown where she was supposed to be having the wedding. I had just finished taking my bath when she rushed in. She grabbed me and kissed me like she needed it to survive. I snapped out of my amazement and kissed her back. We kissed our selves out of breath and i realized how much i had missed her.

“Tochi i may be getting married to him tomorrow but my heart and everything is with you, if i have any regrets tomorrow, it would be not getting married to you. I never meant to end it like this but you caused it, i love you so much ” she said with tears in her eyes. I just stared at her, i couldn’t speak. She pulled her clothes down and without any words, she engaged me in the process of breaking my second Virgin. She was all over me by the time we were through.

” I belong to you and there’s nothing i can do about it” she said as she laid her head on my chest.
“I love you Ada and i’m sorry for everything ”
” Do you want me to call off the wedding?” she asked and looked up at me
“I wish its possible but i think its better you go ahead with it, you should know i’m with Eve now but that does not change a thing about how i feel about you” i said. She was silent for a while.
“I wanted you to be the first person inside of me and I’m happy about it. I want you to know that i hold nothing against you and would forever think of you” she said and left the bed. I watched her dress up and prayed to God that I would be able to leave without her.
“Please don’t come to my wedding, i may be forced to put the ring on your finger instead of his’” she said and smiled a weak pretty smile
“I won’t come, i may also be forced to shoot him for taking you away”.
She kissed me and left me staring at her as she walked out of the door. She called me later in the night and wished me well with Eve. We spent over 2 hours on the phone after which i sulked to sleep.

I woke up late the next day, i had dreamt of my wedding on a hill top, a lavish wedding and the funny thing was that Ada was by my side..

The time was 10 am, i sat on my bed sulking. My boo was getting married to another guy and it wasn’t funny. I may be greedy and selfish wanting two people at the same time but then, the heart wants what it want.
I was still seated on my bed contemplating on what to do with my self when i heard a car stop in front of our gate and Ada entered my room clad in her full wedding gown, she looked like she just fell out of heaven. She wasn’t smiling.

“I have made up my mind, i can’t give my heart to one man and marry another. It’s you Tochi or no other and its final” she said as i just stared her with my mouth wide open. She locked the door, undressed herself and came to the bed..
I just knew my DILEMMA was just about to start.


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