Nina episode 5

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

Nina was stuck in Sam’s house, feeling frightened and without a way out. She begged Sam to release her, but he ignored her pleas. He gripped her tightly and began speaking, expressing his feelings in a desperate tone.

He said that none of this would have happened if Nina had listened to him earlier. He claimed to love her deeply, but he blamed her for changing him into someone he didn’t want to be. He confessed to feeling angry and obsessed with her, unable to focus on anything else, even his studies. He declared that he wanted Nina all to himself, consumed by his desire to possess her completely.

Nina was in tears, pleading with Sam to stop, but he seemed unaffected by her distress. He assured her that they had the house to themselves and there was no need to rush as the night was still young. With that, he left Nina alone in the room, locking the door behind him as he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

When Sam returned with dinner, Nina’s fear only intensified. She refused to eat, feeling more trapped than ever. Despite her protests, Sam insisted that they should enjoy the meal together. He tried to force her into eating, but Nina remained steadfast in her refusal.

Seeing that Nina wouldn’t comply, Sam ate the food by himself and then returned the plate to the kitchen. Alone in the room, Nina felt helpless and vulnerable, unsure of what Sam might do next.

Sophia and Bella went to the hostel to meet Nina but she wasn’t there. Sophia realized Nina had already gone to Sam’s place. She tried calling Nina, but her phone was off. Sophia started to worry that Nina might be in trouble.

Sophia and Bella decided to take some guys they knew and headed to Sam’s place to find Nina.

Sam returned to the room, and as soon as he opened the door, Nina dashed out, trying to escape. She made a beeline for the main door in the sitting room, but Sam laughed, taunting her that she couldn’t leave as he had the keys in his pocket.

As Sam tried to catch Nina, she ran around the house, desperately trying to evade him. Eventually, Sam caught her and dragged her to his room, forcing her onto his bed. Frustrated, he lamented that he had wanted things to go smoothly but was now forced to act differently.

In a bid to escape further advances, Nina pushed past Sam and locked herself in the bathroom. There, she prayed for divine intervention, hoping for someone to rescue her. Sam threatened to break down the bathroom door if Nina didn’t come out, but she remained strong, refusing to give in to his threats.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door, and Sam went to check. It was Sophia and Bella, who insisted on seeing Nina. Despite Sam’s denial, Bella went into the house and saw that the living room was messy and disorganized. She thought that something must have happened there.

Sam attempted to remove Bella from his house, but Sophia and the guys accompanying them intervened, preventing him from doing so. Inside, they called out for Nina,Nina heard Bella and Sophia’s voices, so she opened the bathroom door and hurried out of the room, seeking refuge with Sophia.

Angered by their presence, Sam tried to stop them, but the guys warned him to behave,They told him they will watch him closely from now on. He must never bother Nina again, or they will take action against him.

Before leaving Sam’s house, Bella slapped him hard, telling him it was for hurting Nina. Sophia also slapped him twice for trying to take advantage of Nina.

They warned him never to go near Nina again. If he sees Nina on one side of the road, he should go the other way. They said if he tries anything like this again, they’ll tell the school authorities and the police.

Bella and Sophia comforted Nina and took her back to the hostel. In the hostel, Nina thanked Bella and Sophia for their love and support. They promised to always stand by her no matter what. They told her not to cry but to be happy that the m0n$ter didn’t touch her.

Sam got really mad after the slap. He was also angry because he was so close to achieving his goal, but these girls ruined his plans. He felt furious and frustrated.He couldn’t believe how everything went wrong. Sam was very close to getting what he wanted, but Bella and Sophia’s actions messed it all up.

The following day, Nina returned to school, determined not to let the previous day’s events derail her focus on her education. Meanwhile, Sam, still seething with anger and frustration, remained absent from school, unable to accept his failure to manipulate Nina.

To be continued
Written by Rukevwe merry
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