Nina episode 10

Written by Rukevwe merry

Two days before Dave and Nina’s wedding, Sam ran into his cousin Susan at the mall. Sam asked Susan when she returned to the country and what she was doing at the mall.

Susan replied that she had returned a few months ago and had come to buy her dress for Dave’s wedding, which was happening in two days.

Not knowing about Sam’s behavior, Susan asked if he had also come to get his outfit for the wedding. Sam l!ed and said yes but claimed he had lost the address of the wedding venue.

Susan kindly gave Sam the details of the wedding and the reception address.

Later, Sam returned home and shared the information about the wedding with Kenny. Kenny suggested hiring an @ss@ssin to
el!m!nate Nina, but Sam refused, saying they didn’t have enough money for that. Instead, he proposed getting a güñ and carrying out the deed themselves.

On the day of the wedding, everyone dressed beautifully for the occasion. The wedding venue was at the court, where Dave and Nina exchanged vows in the presence of their loved ones.

After the court wedding, they proceeded to the reception venue to celebrate their union.

At Nina’s request, Dave stationed security agents everywhere because he didn’t want anyone to harm Nina again. She had already been through a lot in life, and he wanted to ensure her safety.

At the venue, everyone celebrated Dave and Nina with gifts, prayers, and well-wishes. The occasion was filled with high-class people, adding to the colour of the event. When it was time to cut their wedding cake, Bella, Nancy, and Sophia stood by Nina like bodyguards.

Dave and Nina cut the cake together, feeding each other a piece before distributing slices to everyone at the party. After cutting the cake, the couple started dancing while guests showered them with money as a sign of blessing and celebration.

As the music filled the air, Kenny and Sam suddenly appeared and fired their güñs into the air, causing chaos. They demanded the DJ to stop the music, which he did immediately. Kenny then called out to Nina, but Bella stood in front of her, refusing to let her go.

Sam recognized Bella and Sophia, accusing them of slapping him back in school. He threatened to take revenge on not only Nina but also on them.

Dave intervened, urging Kenny and Sam to cease their reckless behavior and lower their güñs. He reminded them that security personnel were present everywhere, and he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Their mom also pleaded with them to drop their weapons, but Kenny shouted back at her, claiming he didn’t recognize her anymore since she sided with their father in disowning them.

Their father also stepped forward, urging them to stop, but Sam warned him to back off or he would sh00t him first. Dave was outraged and shouted at Sam, asking him how dare he. However, Kenny silenced Dave, threatening to change his mind and sh00t him if he didn’t keep quiet.

The guests were all terrified by the sudden turn of events. Kenny ordered everyone to drop their phones on the ground, warning that he would sh00t anyone who tried anything funny. The atmosphere grew tense as everyone complied with his demand, fearing for their safety.

Kenny turned to Nina, demanding that she come to him immediately. Sophia defiantly shouted, asking him what he would do if she didn’t comply. Suddenly, Sam pulled the tr!gger and sh0t Sophia, hitting her in the shoulder. Sophia collapsed to the ground, and Nina rushed to hold her, horrified by what had just happened.

Ignoring Sophia’s injury, Kenny laughed and ordered Nina to stand up and come to him. However, Bella bravely refused, and Kenny sh0t at her, but the bullet only grazed her arm before hitting the wall. Dave rushed out to confront them, but they sh0t him in the hands, incapacitating him.

Panic spread among the guests as they witnessed the vi0lence unfolding. Sam began counting from one to three, threatening Nina to comply peacefully, but Nancy, Nina’s younger sister, stood in front of her, refusing to let her go. Kenny pushed Nancy to the ground, attempting to drag Nina away, but Dave stood up and fought back.

Nina also tried to resist Kenny’s grasp, but Sam fired another sh0t into the air, causing everyone to freeze in fear. Meanwhile, security personnel outside who were dr!nk!ng, alerted by the gunfire, rushed to the scene. They aimed their gūñs at Kenny and Sam, ordering them to drop their weapons or face consequences.

Ignoring the warnings, Sam told the security agents to lower their guns, but one of them sh0t Sam in the leg before he could react. Kenny attempted to retaliate but was sh0t in the stomach, resulting in his demise.

One of the guests quickly called for an ambulance to take the victims to the hospital. They all received medical care, including Sam, who was h@ndcuffed by the police.

After a few weeks, everyone recovered and returned home. Nina expressed her gratitude to Sophia and Bella for standing by her, not just standing by her, but also putting their lives on the line for her sake. She told them that they were not just her friends but also her sisters and guardian angels in human form.

Dave also expressed his gratitude to everyone for standing by them during this difficult time.

Dave and Nina returned to her in-laws’ place to offer their condolences for Kenny’s de@th. However, Dave’s parents didn’t show much emotion over the loss of their son. They remarked that it was better to have no sons than to have ones like Sam and Kenny who brought disgrace upon them.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Dave and Nina’s parents encouraged them to go and enjoy their honeymoon together without worrying about Sam or Kenny, who had chosen to lived a wayward lives.

Dave went to the police station to visit Sam. Upon seeing Dave, Sam made a promise that the battle wasn’t over and that he would ensure he ki!!ed both Dave and Nina.

Dave urged Sam to change his ways, warning him that if he didn’t, he would remain in jail for a long time.

After their conversation, Dave left the police station and returned home to spend time with his wife, Nina.

In the cell, Sam acted as if he is having a panic attack and was rushed for the hospital. However, on the way there, Sam made a desperate attempt to escape. He jumped out of the police van with the intention of hurting Dave and Nina. Despite the police’s orders to stop running, Sam refused to comply. In response, the police were forced to sh00t him. Tragically, the bullet struck him in the head, and he d!ed on the spot.

Nina and Dave mourned the loss of Sam for a while before deciding to move ahead with their lives. Despite the challenges they faced, they soon welcomed a beautiful baby girl who resembled Nina. With their new addition to the family, Dave, Nina, and their loved ones lived happily ever after in a surrounding filled with peace and love.

The End
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Written by Rukevwe merry
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1. Hard work and dedication lead to success: Nina’s commitment to her job as Dave’s personal assistant helped her thrive in her career and earn recognition for her contributions.

2. Friendship and support are invaluable: Throughout the challenges she faced, Nina’s friends, Bella and Sophia, remained by her side, offering encouragement and advice.

3. Responsible financial management is crucial: Kenny and Sam’s reckless spending led to the downfall of their businesses, highlighting the importance of managing finances wisely.

4. Sam and Kenny’s de@ths is that our actions have results:They made bad choices, and it ended tragically. This shows why it’s important to think before acting and seek help instead of using vi0lence and force.

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