Nina episode 4

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

Nina took her friends Sophia and Bella to see Sam during break. They gave him back the money Nina borrowed because she didn’t end up using it for its intended purpose. They pleaded with Sam, explaining that Nina is struggling emotionally after losing her parents and need peace of mind.

Despite their heartfelt pleas, Sam remained firm and refused to change his mind. He even hinted at seeking legal action against Nina if she didn’t comply with his demands, showing them papers she supposedly signed in front of witnesses.

Feeling defeated, Nina, Bella, and Sophia decided to leave and return to their classes. Nina found it hard to concentrate during lectures because she was worried about how she would take care of herself and her sister, Nancy, especially since she is broke.

After class, Sam and his brother Kenny went to the police and the witnesses to report Nina’s refusal to fulfill her part of the deal. Sam explained to them that Nina wanted to return the money because she hadn’t used it, and also because her parents had passed away. He emphasized that he didn’t want the money back but wanted Nina instead.

However, upon hearing Nina’s circumstances of Losing her parents and being ready to return the money she borrowed, the police and witnesses sympathized with her and advised Sam to let her go.

They explained to him that he can’t force someone to love him. Instead, he should find someone who will love him back, and he will love the person too. They warned him that forced relationships often don’t end well.

Despite the advice, Sam remained fixated on Nina and vowed to continue pressuring her until she complied with his demands. Kenny supported Sam’s decision and promised to help him in his efforts to threaten Nina.

Sam’s obsession with Nina grew, and he couldn’t remove the thoughts of her from his mind. He was determined to make her his, even if it meant resorting to forceful tactics.

Despite the setbacks and warnings from police man and the two witnesses, Sam was unwilling to give up his pursuit of Nina, convinced that she belonged with him.

Kenny suggested to Sam that the most effective way to retaliate against Nina would be to deceive her. He proposed that Sam should pretend to forgive her and ask her to bring the money to their house. Once she arrived, Sam could confront her and manipulate the situation to his advantage.

Sam hesitated, expressing that he didn’t just want a one-time encounter with Nina but desired to maintain control over her continuously. Kenny assured him, advising him to focus on getting her to come over first, and then they could plan further actions accordingly.

That evening, sam called Nina to offer sympathy for the loss of her parents and claimed he was ready to destroy the signed papers. However, he insisted that Nina should bring the money in person to witness him tearing up the papers.

Feeling relieved, Nina agreed to come immediately. However, Bella and Sophia weren’t around in the hostel at that time. Nina managed to reach Sophia on the phone and explained the situation, mentioning that Sam had forgiven her. However, Sophia expressed her distrust towards Sam, advising Nina not to go. But Nina dismissed her concerns, fearing that if she didn’t return the money, Sam might change his mind.

As Nina and Sophia were discussing, Nina’s phone battery d!ed, cutting off the conversation. However, she didn’t hear Sophia’s last words, where she insisted on accompanying Nina to Sam’s house because it wasn’t safe for her to go alone, especially in the evening.

Nina went to Sam’s house, feeling a bit nervous but hoping to settle things and return the money she owed. Sam greeted her warmly but had something b@d in mind. He asked Nina if she is hungry, but she declined, wanting to get things done quickly. She handed over the money and asked for the papers they had signed to be destroyed.

But instead of agreeing, Sam tried to change the topic. He moved closer to Nina and told her he love her so much and want to take care of her. Nina didn’t want any of that. She just wanted to leave. She placed the money on the table and headed for the door, but Sam blocked her way and locked the door.

Just then, Kenny, Sam’s brother, appeared from his room.”Look who’s here, pretty Nina,” he said. “Wow, you’re beautiful, girl.” Nina responded with a hiss of irritation.

kenny said to Sam, “I’m leaving. I’m going to stay at a friend’s house tonight,you have the house to yourself! Enjoy” Sam agreed and opened the door for Kenny to go. When Kenny was leaving, Nina tried to leave too, but Sam stopped her, pulled her back inside, and locked the door again, keeping the keys in his pocket.

Nina pleaded with Sam to let her go, but he didn’t listen. He seemed determined to keep her there. Despite her protests, Sam forcibly took her to his room, ignoring her cries for help. Locked in the house, Nina felt trapped and afraid of what might happen next.

To be continued
Written by Rukevwe merry
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