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Once upon a time, there is a rich family. They have three sons: Dave, Sam, and Kenny. Dave is the oldest, Sam is in the middle, and Kenny is the youngest. Their parents are very rich. They give their boys everything they want.

The family lives in a big house. It has pretty gardens around it. They have people who help them in the house. The boys have lots of toys and nice clothes. They also go on trips to fun places.

Even though they have lots of money, their parents tell their sons to work hard. They say it is important to be kind to others. Dave is the oldest. His brothers look up to him. Sam likes to have fun and make jokes. Kenny is always curious and wants to explore new things.

Dave is studying in a private university, while Sam gained admission to study in a state university. Alongside Sam, Nina also gained admission to study in the state university. Nina comes from a very poor family.

She has a younger sister named Nancy, and her parents struggle to make ends meet. Despite their hardships, Nina was fortunate to receive a scholarship starting from elementary school. However, the scholarship only covers her tuition fees and accommodations.

Nina has to take care of her own expenses for food and buying books. Even though Nina’s parents can only provide her with basic food supplies and a small amount of money for meals, they do their best to support her.

Nina is a beautiful 20-years-old girl, and her beauty shines wherever she goes. As a freshman (100 level student), Nina catches the attention of almost every guy in her class with her stunning looks and figure. Many of them ask her out, including Sam, but Nina refuses their advances and chooses to focus on her studies. She is determined not to let anything distract her from her academic goals.

When Sam first laid eyes on Nina during their clearance time, he immediately fell in love with her. Sam was known as the kind of guy who didn’t take no for an answer, and when Nina rejected his advances, he became determined to win her over. Despite Nina’s refusals, Sam continued to pursue her relentlessly, even when others gave up. His persistence knew no bounds, and he kept on bothering Nina about being in a relationship with him.

As time passed, Kenny, Sam and Dave’s younger brother, joined Sam at the university when he gained admission. Kenny enrolled in 100 level, while Sam progressed to 200 level and Dave was in his final year, studying at a private university. Despite being in different stages of their academic journey, the brothers stayed connected and supported each other.

Sam and Kenny decided to move from their small room to a two-bedroom flat, feeling cramped after being used to the spaciousness of their family’s mansion. In their new living space, Sam confided in Kenny about his feelings for a girl in his class, Nina, who was giving him a hard time and seemed uninterested.

Taking Kenny’s advice, Sam decided to flaunt his wealth in Nina’s presence, hoping it would impress her and make her accept him. He showered her with gifts and gave her large sums of money in front of their classmates, hoping to show how genuinely he cared for her. However, Nina rejected his gifts and money in front of everyone, humiliating Sam and making him the subject of ridicule.

Feeling embarrassed and hurt, Sam tried to stop Nina from leaving, asserting his dominance. However, Nina was not intimidated and slapped him in front of their classmates, warning him never to bother her again. The slap stung both physically and emotionally for Sam, as he became the target of mockery and laughter from those around him.

Feeling ashamed and unable to face anyone after the public humiliation, Sam confided in Kenny about his desire to hurt Nina for the embarrassment she caused him. Kenny, standing by his brother, supported Sam’s decision and agreed to help him confront Nina.

Together, fueled by anger and wounded pride, Sam and Kenny devised a plan to retaliate against Nina for her actions. They plotted to confront her and make her pay for humiliating Sam in front of their classmates. With determination in their hearts, they vowed to confront Nina and teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

To be continued
Written by Rukevwe merry
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