Nina episode 3

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

Nina was busy studying, and she didn’t know that Sam had a mean plan against her. She was really good in school and often helped her friends Sonia and Bella with their hard homework.

One day, Nina got a call from her mom and dad. They were happy about how well she was doing in school. They told her to keep focusing on her studies. They explained that if she got good grades, she could get a good job and help them have a better life.

Nina’s parents told her how proud they were of her and said she should promise to do her best. They asked her not to let them down. Nina promised to work hard and do well in school, just like they wanted.

With her parents’ encouragement, Nina felt really determined to do well in her studies. She knew it was important to make them proud and help them have a better life. So, she studied hard every day.

Kenny and Sam found themselves in a difficult situation during this semester of school. They were more focused on figuring out how to deal with Nina than on their studies, which resulted in poor performance in their results. After the semester ended, Sam moved up to 300 level, while Kenny in 200 level, both with low grades and even having to repeat some courses(carried over).

Their older brother, Dave, brought joy to their parents by graduating with a first-class degree. Their parents, disappointed by Kenny and Sam’s performance, scolded them and warned that they wouldn’t receive much money if they didn’t improve.

Feeling embarrassed and frustrated, Kenny and Sam blamed Nina for their academic troubles. They vowed to confront her when school resumed, determined to make her pay for what they perceived as her role in their failure. Meanwhile, Nina continued to excel in her studies, bringing pride to her parents.

During the holiday break, Nina selflessly helped her father with farm work, even selling some of the produce to earn money for her expenses at school. Her dedication to her family’s well-being was evident, and she remained committed to making them proud through her academic achievements.

Nina’s love for her parents and sister, Nancy, was unconditional, and she was willing to go to great lengths to ensure their happiness. Her focus on her studies was not just for herself but also to fulfill her promise to her family and bring them joy and pride.

When school started again after the holidays, everyone was happy to see each other. But Sam and Kenny weren’t as happy as the others. Their dad had reduced their allowance for food, and they had been scolded a lot for not doing well in school. This made them feel sad and upset, unlike their classmates who were enjoying being back at school.

While Nina was in class receiving lectures, her sister Nancy kept calling her phone, even though it was on silent. Nina had never received so many missed calls from Nancy before, over 20 in this case. Nina decided to wait until class was over before calling Nancy back.

Nina called Nancy back and learned that their parents were in a terrible accident, needing 300,000 for hospital bills. Nina didn’t have that kind of money, but she comforted Nancy and promised to come. She then went to Bella and Sophia, explaining the situation and asking for help. Sadly, Sonia and Bella couldn’t assist either. They suggested asking classmates, but no one had the amount needed for Nina’s urgent situation.

Nina decided to approach some lecturers she was close to for help, but they explained they didn’t have the money she needed for her urgent situation. However, some of them gave her whatever little they could to support her. Left with no other options, Nina turned to Sam, hoping he could assist since her parents’ lives were at stake. Sam agreed to help, but he laid out five conditions.

Nina refused Sam’s offer after hearing his conditions, which included her becoming his girlfriend, doing all his school work, moving in with him to be his flatmate, never rejecting his advances(s@x)when ever he want, and making their relationship public on campus. Nina refused,she left and traveled to her village to see her parents.

When she arrived, she found their condition critical. She offered the little money she had gathered from people to start treatment, but the doctor said they needed 300,000 within the next 3 hours, or they wouldn’t survive. Fearing for her parents’ lives, Nina returned to school and reluctantly accepted Sam’s offer. Sam had her sign some papers with the police and two others as witnesses. He then gave her the money, but tragically, before Nina could reach the hospital, both of her parents passed away.

Upon returning to school a month later, Nina attempted to return the money to Sam, untouched. However, Sam refused to accept it, insisting that Nina must fulfill the conditions she had agreed to by signing the papers.

To be continued
Written by Rukevwe merry
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