Nina episode 2

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

Nina’s friends in her class, Bella and Sophia confronted her in their dormitory(hostel). They scolded her for slapping Sam and said she had gone too far. They explained that people don’t handle rejection and humiliation well. After being scolded by her friends, Nina promised to apologize to Sam.

The next day, after classes, Nina tried to talk to Sam, but he didn’t want to listen. Despite this, Nina kept trying for about three days until she finally got his attention. She apologized to Sam for slapping him and humiliating him in front of everyone. She asked for his forgiveness.

Sam responded by saying he would only forgive her if she apologized to him in front of everyone she humiliated him in front of. He also said she had to agree to be his girlfriend, or else he wouldn’t forgive her.

Nina replied that she was sorry for the slap,and also ready to apologize in front of the class but she couldn’t date him or anyone else because she wanted to focus on her studies. Sam got angry and said if she couldn’t date him, he wouldn’t forgive her. He told her to leave, and they both started arguing and insulting each other. Sam’s revenge was further provoked by Nina’s refusal to date him.

Sam, still fuming with anger, stormed to his brother’s department to vent about how Nina was continually provoking him. Kenny, his brother, urged him to calm down, assuring him they would find a way to deal with Nina.

During the weekend, a classmate invited everyone to her birthday party. Nina wasn’t keen on attending, but her friends Bella and Sophia persuaded her to join them. To Nina’s surprise,Sam also showed up at the party.

When Sam saw Nina at the party, he pointed her out to Kenny who came alongside with Sam to the party, expressing his frustration. Kenny, amused, commented on Nina’s attractiveness and beauty suggesting that the best revenge would be to get on her p@nt,that will make her too embarrassed to face anyone. The brothers laughed at the idea while sipping their drinks.

Sam and Kenny devised a plan with some friends to distract Bella and Sophia, who were acting like bodyguards for Nina, so they could isolate her. While Nina sat alone, enjoying some birthday cake, Kenny approached her, pretending to be friendly. Nina didn’t realize Kenny is Sam’s brother.

Kenny complimented Nina’s beauty, making her blush, but his intentions were deceitful. He pretended to be interested in her, urging her to drink juice. Nina agreed, and Kenny signaled the waiter to bring the juice, which had a sleeping pill added to it. Kenny eagerly waited for Nina to drink it, hoping she would fall asleep.

Just as Nina was about to take the drink, her phone rang, interrupting the moment. Kenny anxiously waited for her to finish the call so she could drink the juice. After the call,before she could take the juice, Bella pulled her onto the dance floor, causing the drink to spill. Nina apologized to Kenny, who smiled outwardly but felt furious inside.

Nina and Bella danced with everyone else at the party. Sam asked Kenny if their plan worked, but Kenny said no. He said Nina was lucky, but wondered how long she could stay lucky and avoid them.

Towards the end of the party, Kenny made a deal with some guys, offering them a lot of money to try to win over Sophia and Bella, so they would spend the night with them leaving Nina behind. Luckily for Nina, her friends weren’t easily swayed by money. They turned down the guys’ advances and decided to leave the party early with Nina because it is getting late.

Sam and Kenny returned home angry that their plans failed. They couldn’t understand why Nina seemed so lucky. Kenny assured Sam that they wouldn’t give up. They vowed to find a way to deal with Nina and her friends Sophia and Bella, who always had her back.

Back at Nina’s hostel, Bella and Sophia teased her about her dancing skills, saying she could dance really well despite pretending to be a “church girl.” Nina laughed and admitted that while she could dance, she preferred watching others dance instead.

Bella praised Nina, saying she was the best dancer among them,everyone at the party was impressed by her. Nina explained that she didn’t like dancing because guys often took advantage of the opportunity to touch girls inappropriately.

Sophia agreed, acknowledging the unwanted attention girls often received while dancing. Despite this, they all complimented Nina, saying she was amazing. They shared a laugh together before freshening up and getting ready for bed.


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