Nina episode 9

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

When Nina returned home from Dave’s house, she looked upset. Bella and Sophia, who were still in her house, noticed her gloomy expression. They asked her what is wrong. Nina shared that she had seen Sam and Kenny, and they are Dave’s younger brothers. Bella and Sophia were surprised to hear this news.

Sophia asked Nina how Dave reacted when he found out about Sam and Kenny. Nina explained that Dave stood by her, but she still felt scared. She worried about what Sam and Kenny might do. Bella and Sophia assured her that she shouldn’t be afraid because Dave is on her side. They promised to support her and ensure that Sam and Kenny didn’t harm her in any way.

Nina felt relieved by her friends’ words of comfort. She knew she could count on them for support. With Bella and Sophia by her side, Nina felt a little less scared.

Two days after returning from his parents’ house, Kenny called Dave, asking for money. Kenny and Sam had successfully wasted 30 million on clubs and partying. Dave asked Kenny how much they needed now, and Kenny said both him and Sam needed 50 million.

Dave asked Kenny if he had a money tree growing in his backyard., and questioned what they did with the 30 million in less than a week. Kenny replied that they needed it and what they did with the money was not Dave’s concern. Dave replied that they wouldn’t get any money from him because they were all given the same amount to start their own businesses, and he didn’t understand why they kept asking him for more.

Kenny respond that Nina, Dave’s girlfriend, had asked him not to give them money, calling her “$tûp!d.” Dave warned him not to insult Nina and then ended the call.

Kenny turned to Sam,”Nina isn’t even married to Dave yet, but she has the audacity to tell him not to give us money when we ask,” Kenny exclaimed to Sam.

He expressed their need for money to enjoy their youth. Sam suggested selling one of their cars to get some money. Kenny agreed, and they also decided to confront Dave when he and Nina returned to their parents’ house on the weekend.

During the weekend, Dave and Nina returned to Dave’s family house. When they arrived, they found that Dave’s parents were not home. Dave called them, and they said they were on their way back from church, asking Nina to cook because they were very hungry.

Dave instructed Nina to start cooking,Nina began cooking, but she noticed that some of the spices she needed were missing from the kitchen.

Dave told Nina he would go get the missing spices and left the house, leaving Nina alone in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Kenny and Sam arrived at the house, drawn by the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. They assumed their mom was cooking and went to check, only to find Nina there.

Curious, they asked Nina where Dave is, and she explained that he had gone to the market to get some spices. Kenny decided to check upstairs for their parents but found no one at home.

Kenny signaled Sam to come closer, and they discussed their plan in the sitting room. Kenny suggested that since no one was home, it was the perfect opportunity to deal with Nina. They believed that if they could r@pë Nina, Dave would not be able to marry or date her anymore. With ev!! smiles, they returned to the kitchen to carry out their plan.

Kenny and Sam forcibly dragged Nina out of the kitchen, their faces twisted with malicious intent. Sam sneered at Nina, telling her that once they were finished with her, no man, especially not Dave, would ever want to marry her.

Nina pleaded with Sam and Kenny to let her go, her voice trembling with fear and desperation. She screamed for help, hoping someone would hear her cries and come to her rescue. But in the empty house, her pleas echoed unanswered, intensifying her sense of dread.

They said they want to have a thréé$0me with her. They pushed her around and tried to take off their clothes to r@pé her. They pushed her to the floor, with Kenny holding her hands tightly while Sam attempted to be intimate with her.
But suddenly, their father came in and shouted at them to “STOP”. Nina ran to Dave’s mom for safety.

Their father got really angry and slapped Kenny and Sam for trying to do something terrible in his house. When Dave showed up and saw Nina crying and upset, he asked what happened. His dad told Dave that Kenny and Sam were trying to r@pé Nina.

Dave got furious and hit Kenny and Sam hard. Their father was so disgusted by their behavior that he said they were no longer his sons(he disowned them). He told security to kick them out of the house and never let them come back.

Nina cried a lot and then went back to the kitchen to turn off the cooking gas. Dave’s parents, comforted her. They promised her that nothing like that would ever happen to her again.

Nina was too scared to continue cooking the food. She told her mother-in-law that she needed to go back home. She apologized, and they allowed her to leave. Dave drove her home, but she cried the whole way. She couldn’t understand why Kenny and Sam h@ted her so much and what she had done to deserve their anger.

Meanwhile, Kenny and Sam arrived home, seething with anger. They blamed Nina for their parents disowning them. They vowed that Nina would pay for what had happened.

Nina asked Dave for some time to heal before they resumed planning their marriage, and Dave agreed. When they went to Dave’s parents’ house again after a month to discuss the marriage plans, Nina suddenly felt sick and started vomiting. Concerned, Dave’s parents’ smiled.

Dave went to check on Nina who is vomiting. They returned to the sitting room together. Dave’s mom gently asked Nina when she last had her period. Nina replied that it was last month and she hadn’t had it yet this month.

Dave’s mom smiled and hugged Nina, congratulating her on soon becoming a mother and herself becoming a grandmother. Dave was surprised and asked his mom if she was sure. She assured him, saying she was certain that Nina is pregnant.

Filled with happiness, Dave hugged Nina tightly and expressed his joy. Nina is also full with joy and happiness.

The marriage is scheduled for two weeks from now, and they plan to have a court marriage.

To be continued
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