my sister and i episode 7


Finally the dramatic Saturday came, mom lied to us that aunty Chiamanda wanted us to help her look after her kids because she was going on an official assignment of which she could not take the kids along. We first branched at Ifunaya’s store to do the dramatic break up. I could see the smile on Ngozi’s face. The smile on Ifunaya’s face when she saw Ngozi and I approaching her was none I have ever seen, I just made a face to make everything looked real. She ran to hug me;Idid not respond as Iused to;

She held my face and said with a fake worries on her face “My love what is wrong with you, are you all right?”

I sighed as I placed my palm on her shoulder “In as much as I hate to say this, I don’t think I can continue this relationship anymore.”

She pretended to be shocked while she laughed sarcastically. “You are joking right?” she said amidst tears.

“You just have to believe me. It is over!” I said firmly.

She let the tears in her eyes dropped to the ground; she held my palms “Please tell me if I have offended you in any way, I am ready to apologize. If there is something you don’t like about me, tell me let me make amends.”

I pulled her hands from mine and walked away. Ngozi hugged her and I heard her say, “I tried my best last night to make him see reasons why he should not do this to you but he was adamant”.

Ifunaya tearfully said, “Why will he do this to me? I love him so much; I thought I have found him. What would have made him take a decision like this, is it that I am no longer beautiful or has he fallen in love with someone else?”

Ngozi consoled her “Whateverhis reason may be, all I know is that he will surely regret this decision, why do guys always play with the feelings of the girls that really love them, I want you to be strong, and I am there for you always”.

“Ngozi!” she yelled her name.

“Oops! Please just take heart and stay calm.” Ngozi hugged her and left.

As we walked some distance, she just wrapped my waist. “I love the act you just displayed.”

“You know I just broke someone’s heart and it is so disrespectful.”

She looked me in the eye “What you have done is a show of love; it simply means you love me more than her. Now let’s go.” When we arrived aunt’s house, she was set to go out; she gave us instructions and showed us where her kids’ items were should in case they start crying.

Not too long after aunty left than the kids started crying. Ngozi just turned on the TV and acted as though nothing was happening.

“You are there watching TV and this is your job as a woman.”

She answered me “Hey, I am not a woman, I am a pretty fine girl, and stop making it seem I am old”.

Ilaughed,“Who is deceiving you? Go and join the old women association in your village.”

“I just want to be left alone.”

The kids stopped crying and one of them said,“Aunty please tells us a story.”

I laughed out very loud. “Mama the kids want you to tell them a story, let me go have some air outside.”

Ngozi brought the kids outside after some minutes

“Go and play with uncle, he knows how to make kids happy and he has lots of story to tell.” She said to the kids who ran to meet me. Before I could say a word, Ngozi went inside and I had no other choice than to keep the kids company. The kids loved me; they were the one telling me stories and not the other way round.They told many children stories and acted very intelligent. The senior one went inside to bring his book, he pleaded with me to help him with his assignment. I knew he was brilliant when I went through his previous work. The junior one feeling jealous also went in to bring his workbook. I noticed some errors in her work and she was embarrassed. I told her not to feel embarrassed and that it was normal for people to fail and try harder next time.

It was time for lunch, I prepared noodles for them and for us as her mother had instructed.

“Uncle you can cook very well, can aunty cook like you?” the younger one asked.

The senior then added “I doubt if she can, uncle is the best cook of noodles, I cooks it better than mom.”

“Don’t say that, mom is the better cook, ok?”I cautioned them.

They chorused “Alright uncle!”

Nevertheless, the younger asked Ngozi “Aunty, can you cook?” Ngozi was annoyed by it and yelled at him.

“Calm down, they are just kids, you know how they behave.” I tried to pacify her but she would not listen.

“And so! If they are kids, I should be crying?” she said sounding harsh.

The kid again asked me “Uncle why is aunty so harsh, I will tell my mom not to allow her to our house again, she is so mean!”

I rubbed his hair and said to him “Hey don’t say such thing about your aunty, she is a nice person”.

“Why then is she mean to us?”

Sometimes these kids can be so annoying, nevertheless, I answered them “She is just having a tough time, when she overcomes; you will love her more than me”.

Ngozi stretched her head towards the kid and said, “You won’t like me, you know why? Because I am very wicked!” the kid got scared and that they hid themselves at my back. “Ngozi stop it!You are scaring the kids.”

However, she answered me “That is what I want”.

It was about 4: pm and our aunty had not returned and there was no sign she would return any moment from then. While the kids were in the sitting-room playing hide and seek with me, Ngozi called me to the bathroom. “I am so in the mood right now, please enter me.”

“Look Ngozi, I am not in the mood, I am too busy with the kids.” I said and walked away.

I heard her say “Is this how you plan to treat me?”

A minute later, I decided to go see her, I checked the bathroom, but she was not there. As Iwalked, pass the guest room I heard her m*****g, “What could she be doing?” I opened the door slowly and to my amazement,I saw her m**********g. I have never seen her do so. “Ngo” I called slowly “what is it that you are doing?”

“What does it seems I am doing? I begged you to do it for me but you refused, I have no choice than this.” She said without an iota of shame.

“But you shouldn’t be doing this, it is cheating to me.”

She looked over my head “What do you have me do? You refused to do it for me;I have no choice than this.”

I joined her in bed, “Come on, you shouldn’t be doing this, it can cause damage to your virginal; now let me do it for you.”

At exactly 6: pm aunty returned and got us some goodies. We delayed a little before going home.

“I am glad you broke up with Ifunaya, I am so happy you are fully mine. I love you.” Ngozi told me on our way home.

“I love you too, I am glad I am opportune to date you. You are very beautiful and sexy. If you weren’t my sister, I would have asked for your hand in marriage.”

She blushed and said, “You are happy you are dating your sister, your hellfire is 100% sure. I always wish the same my love; I want to be the mother of your unborn children.”

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her.

We finally got home; Ngozi looked around her room, stretched her hand to the top of her wardrobe. She brought and out a camera.

I was surprised, I said to myself “So this is her plan, and she is really smart”.

She also went to my room and did likewise. She connected the cameras to her laptop and played it. “Yes that is where they placed the camera in my room.” She played the other camera and we saw where it is kept in my room. She also went round the rooms and apartments in the house and brought out many more cameras. We watched them all and it was obvious that our parents must have installed more CCTV cameras than we found.

“How did you get these cameras?” I asked Ngozi looking surprised.

She disclosed to me the source of the cameras “This is to tell you how much I love you. I rented them from the digital shop with my savings.”

“I must compensate you for this.” I said to her but she protested saying it was out of her love for me that she did it. I almost kissed her when the thought of the CCTV cameras installed all over the house left me for some seconds.

Ngozi told me “Now that cameras has been placed all over the house this means we shall only have s*x in my room or your room. We also need to be extra careful with our moves so as to avoid suspicion.”

He said to her “You also need to keep your voice low when you m**n. How do we hide from the camera if we are to have s*x in my room or your room?”

Ngozi bit her nails “That is another problem; we will use the bathrooms no camera was installed in them”.

While we discussed these things,we kept their voices low.

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