My Sister and I Episode 2



It was Sunday afternoon;mom and dad were around. They had nowhere to go. “Anayo what are we eating for lunch?” Mom asked me. I was puzzled. I scratched my head trying to figure out something to say.

“Hmm… Maybe beans.” Everyone eyes popped out as I mentioned beans. “What?” I asked looking puzzled. “Is there anything wrong with it?”

Dad spoke for the first time. “I hope you are aware of the fact that you are our cook for today, get ready to prepare beans; please do not bring out what you brought out of the kitchen last time.”

Everyone burst into laughter especially Ngozi. “What I cooked the last time was not even beans. The seed was floating in the plate. Only God knows what we ate last time. The beans were as deep as the ocean and I was afraid of drowning in it.” Ngozi laughed aloud.

“At least I tried.” I said in defense and forwarded a foolish question to her “What about you, can you cook?”

She laughed and said, “Look who is talking; Mr. Cook you should learn from me”.

The doorbell rang. Ngozi went to checked who was at the door. As she opened the door,I saw a figure of a light-skinned girl dressed in purple gown, which ended just above her knee, her hair was well packed. She wore a sandal to match and a purse to match also.

“It is Ifunaya.” Ngozi announced and ushered her in.

She greeted mom and dad while I did the introduction “Mom, dad this is Ifunaya a friend of Ngozi and I”. My parents welcomed her and offered her hospitality.

“Now that our friend is here,” Ngozi continued, “…show her what you can cook and let’s see who the best cook is.”

“I doubt you.” Ifunayasaid, “Anayo can cook better than you, these days boys are taking the kitchen from our hands.”

“Certainly not with this one.” Ngozi said pointing to me.

“Yes I can cook more than you.” I said feeling proud.

“Hey Mr. Man” Ifunaya said to me “don’t let this little credit I gave you get into your head”.

“Up up up” Ngozi said pulling me from the sofa “to the kitchen and don’t worry about Ifunaya, I shall keep her company; mind you, don’t sort my assistance.” The girls laughed as they walked outside and waved me goodbye. All this while, mom and dad had been watching us without saying a word.

I went straight to the kitchen to cook the beans, which I was sure, would be the worst of its kind. “Now that Ifunaya is around I must take precaution not to serve her ugly looking meal with bad taste.” I took to the internet and searched for the procedures of cooking beans and plantain. I followed the procedure carefully, and soon the aroma filled the air, I also presumed that it made the inhabitants of the house hungry. When I was done cooking the beans,I fried the plantain as instructed by the article I was using. “Food is ready!” I announced. I made use of the bathroom while mom served the meal.

I could see the joy in everybody’s face as each of us ate especially that of Ifunaya’s, Ngozi almost ate her spoon.

“Wow! Your food taste great, I knew you could cook better.” Ifunaya complimented,

Ngozi refused to compliment me instead she said “But not more than me.” Nevertheless, she complimented me that same night. Dad and mom also complimented and with that, dad promised to get me the suit I saw at the boutique last week. Ngozi, Ifunaya, and I were also given the opportunity of going out.

On a certain Friday night, Ngozi had persuaded me to go out with her; I guessed she was feeling the detachment I was creating. Idid not understand why she would not let go of me. I was beginning to get bored by her. It was no longer fun as it used to be. Being with her was a burden to me. She will not stop with her usual love profession. I just played along so that she would not have a clue of my relationship with Ifunayaand so that I could use as my s*x-tool. As we strolled out of the house, she held my hand just the same way a girlfriend holds her boyfriend’s hand. Her body clung to mine like a plastic wrap. We went to a stand and she bought a smoked meat called ‘suya’.(A smoke meat mostly sold by Hausa men in Nigeria)

She led me to a dark corner where the both of us sat on a set of block. We sat together with no space between us. As we ate the suya, she began to speak “My love” she said drawing my attention “I have missed you so much. I feel you are distancing yourself from me ever since we wrote our WASSCE. You no longer hug me the way used to; you no longer speak to me the way you used to, no petty kisses and the romance has died down. Each time I try to initiate any of these you always act busy. What is it? That you no longer love me.Alternatively, have you gotten a girlfriend who is now taking most of your time? Tell me that I may know what my fate is.” She said amidst tears. I felt guilty for what I was doing to my sister and the pain she will pass through when she finds out that Ifunaya and I were dating already. I said to her “You are the only girl I know and love, no girl can take that from you. I love you and you know it. With your endowment what would made you think that I will go after other girls when you have it all? You are accusing mefalsely and that is an insult to me.” She apologized quickly. She drew me closer and kissed me.

Ngozi and I were watching a movie on a Saturday evening cuddling each other when my phone rang. I looked at my phone so did Ngozi, right on the screen was the beautiful selfie of Ifunaya. She had earlier confronted me with the fact that I stored her number as Ifunaya and not something romantic. I told her it was because I love her naturally. Ngozi’s eyes and mine met, I could sense her anxiousness and jealousy at the same time. I had scheduled a date for Ifunaya and I believed that was the reason she was calling. “Hello Ifunaya” I greeted immediately I answered the call. She asked if I had forgotten about the date. “No no, I will be with you presently”I hung up and dashed to the bathroom. Ngozi now looking more serious demanded to know where I was going with Ifunaya.I lied to her about Ifunaya and I having an issue to iron out. She let out a sigh and sat down.

In no distance time I was in my knickers, a fancy sleeve and a pair of eyeglasses, I wore my‘airmax’ shoe to match. As I walked through the open space of the living room to the door Ngozi did not even glanced at me her eyes were glued to the TV. I finally called out to her, “Hey babe, am out, see you later”. She did not even look my direction. I knew she was angry but that did not mattered to me at that point in time, what mattered most was the date I had with Ifunaya. “Anyways” I said with a sigh. I tried opening the door but to my surprise,I found it locked. “Ngozi where is the key and why would you lock the door?” I asked sounding furious.

After looking at the sitting room for what seemed like ages, she answered, “I don’t want you to go out!”

I was taking aback by the response. “You must be joking, now hand over the key to me!” I said authoritatively.

However, she rather proving stubborn said, “If I don’t hand over the key to you what shall you do?”

This infuriated me; Ngozi was getting on my nerves. “For the last time, hand over the key!”

“I am giving you the key on the condition that I come with you.”

This angered me. What does she think she is? What is making her feel that I must take her wherever I went? This had to stop! “It seems I have given you too much space and you are beginning to take advantage of it.”

Sheaid to me in reply “You and I know that I am taking advantage of nothing”.

I smiled wickedly and said to her “You are now countering my  word; it is because I am having an affair with you that gave you the gut to counters my words. Well I have good news for you: I regret the day I entered you. I regret the entire escapade I had with you.” I knew I had insulted her by those words but I was not ready to apologize.

“Oh! I see!” With tears gathering in her eyes she said “You have been sleeping around with God knows how many girls. Go ahead and insult me, it is not your fault; it is because I love and cherish you. Is it not the key? Take it!” She shouted tearfully and at the same time angry, she threw the key on the floor “and don’t you ever come close to me again!” She stomped into her room.

I sighed. “Whatever! You are an old cargo.” I cursed under my breath.

I left to meet Ifunaya who had been waiting anxiously for me. “What kept you this long?” She asked and I replied, “My sister wanted help and I could not leave without helping her”.I lied to her and she believed it. She complimented me on it. We ate some ice cream and I brought the idea of taking a walk. As we walked, we held hands while we talk at intervals.

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