My Sister and I episode 1


It was a Monday morning – a boring day, I lay lazily on the bed since it was public holiday and there was no school. I flashed back to yesterday’s event and I smiled sheepishly. Yesterday, I sat in the new church building waiting for my sister, she was having a rehearsal with other actors in preparation for the valentine’s fiesta. As I waited something caught my attention, it was the figure of a girl. She looked so beautiful in her red skirt and black top. She had a very nice curve, and her face was oval. I stared at her until she was out of sight. I never knew my sister was standing observing me until she cleared her throat.

“I wonder what my brother is looking at that had made him notto notice his beautiful sister.”  My sister said sounding jealous.

I unconsciously answered “Nothing!”

She asked almost immediately “Let’s go home, shall we?” and stretched forth her hand for me to hold.

“Sure” I answered her and I took her palm in mine.

On our way out of the church compound, I saw the girl sitting on a plastic chair. I stared continuously at the strange girl until we left the church compound. When we got home,mom and dad had gone out.I went to my sister’s room, I opened the door without knocking, and I saw my sister standing unclad at the mirror staring at her body. Tears were in her eyes. I walked to her and started massaging her shoulder. She did not respond to it as she always did, instead she sobbed.

“Why are you crying my love?”I asked in agitation but she did not answer me.

I kissed her neck and after many pleas, she opened up to me. She turned facing me still unclad.

“Look at me standing unclad before you, am I not beautiful enough, curvy enough, sexy and attractive enough?” she asked in tears.The question marveled me.

“My love you are the most beautiful girl on earth and none can be like you.” I answered.

However, she yelled atme “That is a lie Anayo!You and I know that you are lying!”

I tried touching her but she yelled at me the second time.

“Why are you yelling at me?”I asked her because she yelled at me the second time.

She said to me “The way you stared at that girl in church this evening; that look on your face, I know what it means, it means very soon you will dump me and go after her”.

I assured her that nothing was going to come between the both of us. “Ngozi I am assuring you, nothing will come between the both of us, you are the only girl I love, and I love you with all I got.”

She asked me “Are you sure?”

In addition,I answered her “Yes I do with all my heart. Now wipe your tears.”

She fell into my arms and said, “I love you too.” We kissed passionately and had s*x.

My sister and I had been having the secret affair for three years that was when we were in SS1. It all began when mom and dad left both of us alone for a business meeting. Ngozi wore the knickers mom had bought for her the previous day and a tight top to match. From where I sat, playing video game her beauty shone before me and for the first time I noticed my sister’s curve. I became inclined to her and she became inclined to me. From that very day, after I kissed her we had been seeing each other as lover of the other. You are right if you say it is the Devil’s handwork but that did not bother us because we enjoyed it.This drew the attention of fellow students, and they began to question our intimacy. There was a day Chizz and Iwere sitting, eating together during break, Ngozi walked into the class and when she found Chizzand mein that position, she took her bag and went home. This further raised the suspicion of the students.

Still the same Monday after mom and dad had returned from work and they sent Ngozi and me to get a loaf of bread from a store that was located at the junction, it was a new shop though. As we left the compound, Ngozi wrapped her arm around mine. On getting to the store, it was the girl whom I saw in church yesterday that attended to us. I used the opportunity to talk to her.

“Hello beautiful,I am Anayo, may I know your name?”

“I am Ifunaya but my friends call me Ifunaya”

“What a nice name you got, do you stay here often or once in a blue moon?”

“Not really, I only come to the shop when I don’t have much to read and when am bored at home.”

“Oh! Really!I can keep you company if you don’t mind, keeping company is my hobby.” Ifunaya laughed, and this infuriated Ngozi,

In reaction, Ngozi said, “I think someone is busy and had forgotten he came with his sister. I think I should be going.” and she eventually left.

I stayed extra 40minutes chatting with Ifunaya;I was able to get her number and promised to chat with her on WhatsApp later at night. By the time I got home everyone had already eaten. After dad had queried me and warning me never to let my sister walk alone at night, I ate supper and went to bed.

I screamed in a low tune“Oh! My God” and jumped out of bed when I remembered that I promised to chat with Ifunaya on WhatsApp. At once,I opened my WhatsApp messenger, and I sent a message to her;immediately she sent a reply. She initiated a video call. She is such a humorous girl. she cracked my ribs. I was still laughing when Ngozi came into my room; I quickly exited my WhatsApp to avoid any suspicion from her.

“Who was that?” she asked as she sat by the edge of my bed.

“Oh! That? It was a friend” I stuttered.

“Are you sure it was not that girl? I know you collected her number, you boys are like that” I chuckled as she said those words. She placed her arms on my shoulder and planted a kiss on my lips. It happened again-we had s*x.

The next day, which was Tuesday we dressed in our uniforms looking smart, getting to the junction, we met Ifunaya; it appeared she was going our way.

“Hi, I am Ifunaya” She greeted Ngozi first.

Ngozi paid deft ear to the greeting. I quickly   save the situation before the girls would begin to fight. I know Ngozi; she was ready to pick up a fight with Ifunaya at the slightest opportunity.

“Don’t get upset, she has this phobia for stranger.”

Ngozi stared at me with a look that means ‘if I chop your head off!’ I signaled for her not to get upset. She grudgingly went ahead of us. Ifunaya and I walked behind her. One thing I love about my sister was that no matter how upset she might be she never went far from me.

“Your sister is so beautiful, I envy her beauty.” Ifunaya complimented.

“Yes she is very beautiful and sexy too.”I added.

Ifunaya hit me playfully and said in a bid to remind me“Naughty boy, don’t forget she is your sister”.

“I haven’t forgotten that.” I reminded her also.

Ifunaya complimented again “She has nice curve too and I really wish I was her”.I chuckled.

Ngozi turned back with a straight face. “Will the both of you just shut up?” She asked authoritatively.

“Yes ma!” I answered her giving her a military salute which made Ifunaya laughed.

Ngozi hissed as she said “Whatever!” and she walked fast.

On getting to class, Ngozi sat hands akimbo not giving me the opportunity to speak to her. She sat with her body away from me. This was usual of her; I knew she was not happy with the way Ifunaya and I were getting along. I knew she was jealous, but I could not help the situation, with Ifunaya I became aware of what real love was. On the other hand,I was hurting my sister deeply. Being in that position for a short while, she bent her head to the desk.

Miss Onyinye, our literature teacher entered the class, we all stood up to greet her except for Ngozi whom I guessed was lost in deep thoughts. When her seatmate tapped her that she came back to reality.

“What is the matter with you Ngozi and why are you crying?” the teacher inquired.

Ngozi replied, “I am missing my pigeon which died yesterday”.

Miss Onyinye looked puzzled, “It’s OK” she said,and “you just have to pull yourself together. You must really love and cherish the bird.I will get you a pigeon tomorrow from my grandmother, she has a lot”

“Thank you ma.” Ngozi appreciated and the class commenced. I was also puzzled.

“Don’t even dare it!” Ngozi cautioned me on our way home when I tried to hold her hand. “Go and look for Ifunaya’s hand to hold and stop disturbing my life!” She said in a high-pitched tone but I laughed.

“Come on; is it because of Ifunaya you are acting this way?” I asked.

“Stop acting like you don’t know,I saw the way the both of you were laughing and the way she touched you. Leave me alone!” She shouted.

I said to her “You are taking this thing too personal”.

She said to me laughing sarcastically “Oh! Am I? You know what;I hate you! Bloody-betrayal!” She cursed.

As she walked some distance away from me she encountered Ifunaya who greeted her, but she raised her eyebrow against her.

“What is wrong with your sister?” Ifunaya asked as she drew close to me.

I answered her “I made her mad”

“And you could not apologize to her or don’t you know that it is not good for a pretty girl to cry? You should be punished for this.” She said.

I said to her “OK I will apologize to her once I get home.”

“Better.” She said to me while she brought out a headset from her bag “I thought you will like it”

“You bought this for me?” she nodded positively “This is unbelievable, you know exactly what I want! I love music, how did you know that?” I asked

She said to me “You mentioned it to me online so I decided to get you one since you said yours got broken.”

We went to the store where I helped her to attend to customers. I had to go home when my stomach became angry and threatening. Though she offered to get lunch for me but I declined saying I had food waiting for me at home. I waved her good bye thanking her also for the headset. “Don’t mention,” She said.

On getting home, I was welcomed by a sweet aroma form Ngozi’s kitchen; she knows how to make a man’s mouth go watery. She is a professional when it comes to preparing great and hygienic meals. I guessed she was preparing spaghetti, one of my favorite meals for lunch. As I moved closer I held the rattling of oil, then I knew the food was two minutes away from my stomach. I quickly rush to the bathroom to have a minute shower. I was chatting with Ifunaya on WhatsApp when Ngozi served me the meal coupled with chilled yoghurt; just the way I loved it. She pecked my cheek just the way a wife does to the husband. She also offered to feed me but I declined.

“I am sorry for the way I treated you this afternoon” she began to apologized “Forgive me, you know I love you and I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” She knelt to beg me.

I said to her “I will forgive you on one condition.”

“What would that be?” She asked.

Ireplied, “Promise me you will be nice to Ifunaya”.

She provokingly askedme “How do you expect me to be nice to someone who has drawn the attention of ‘my love’ to herself?”

Ngozi was a gullible girl, so convincing her was not a problem at all. “I don’t know why you are feeling the way you are feeling, she is nothing but a friend to me, I want you to be her friend also. It is as if you do not understand; we need to look beyond ourselves and associate with others. No one can take your place in my life. You are the prettiest girl I had known, had it not be you were my sister;I would marry you. I love you so much.” I said to her and she believed me.

Within me,I was looking for a way of getting rid of her but not anytime time soon because I needed her in my sexual life. She should get herself a boyfriend so that I could enjoy my relationship with Ifunaya. She fed me, as I could not stop her from doing so just to clear the air off suspicion.

When we had finished eating, we visited Ifunaya at the store. It was Ngozi’s Idea that we visited her so that she could make up for her mistakes and as well apologized.

“Hi” Ngozi greeted first.

Ifunaya was surprised at the new development; Ifunaya wore that look which said ‘What has come over her?’ I only smiled while I watched the girls continued. I left them to take a seat. “You greeted me today and I guessed God had touched you a little.”

Ngozi laughed at Ifunaya’s comment. “I am sorry.” Ngozi apologized “for the way I had treated and ignored you”.

Ifunaya placed a palm on her shoulder and said “It is OK, everyone makes mistakes, I am glad we can be friends. You are such a pretty.”

Ngozi blushed at the sound of that. Ifunaya stretched her hand for a shake. “Friends?” She asked expecting a handshake but Ngozi hugged her to her amazement.

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