My Sister and I


This book centers on two siblings who were having secret sexual affair. They were having this affair and their parents did not know it because they were too busy with work and as such became insensitive to their children.

The siblings were seeing each other as the lover of the other and felt the need not to have any other partner;however, Anayo fell in love with Ifunaya. He was dating her without the knowledge of Ngozi, his sister. When Ngozi found out about it she dared Anayo to break up with Ngozi else she would deny him s*x. Unknown to her that Anayo did not actually break up with Ifunaya; when she return home after lecture she met Anayo and Ifunaya having s*x in the sitting room. She attempted suicide but was saved. After the incident, the priest prayed for the siblings after they confessed to their parents and the priest that they had been having s*x for a long time. They were able to get out of it through the help of the priest and their parents.

This should be a warning to parents to be observant about their children and study every change of attitude in their children, as the children are easily influence by what they hear and see. The devil is always looking for the little ones to destroy.


Story narrated by

Ogugua Obinna Stephen



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