M Sister and I Episode 3


I lay in bed chatting with my beloved Ifunaya and I was really into the chat that Idid not notice the present of Ngozi until she cleared her throat “What does she want this time?” I questioned within me. “Hey beautiful sis you are awake, what’s up?” I asked her.

“Who are you chatting with?” she replied rather with a question. I quickly closed my WhatsApp and opened my Facebook “No one, I was just… just going through my news feed”.

“You don’t have to lie; I saw it all you were chatting with your girlfriend Ifunaya.” She had seen it all.

“And who said Ifunaya is my girlfriend?” I questioned defensively.

“I‘d break up with you if I were Ifunaya and I get to know you denied me, I know already, Ifunaya told me and I am happy for you both, it is a good thing you found someone you love, that ,makes you happy, doesn’t it?” I was thrown off balance; it never occurred to me that Ifunaya would tell her about our relationship, only God knows what will happen next. She continued, “Now you are happy but I am sad, how does that make you feel, like a hero?I guess, you could easily use and dump girls because you have them running after you. I am a victim of that. Anayo I loved you and this is what I get from you, a heartbreak. Go and love Ifunaya, I wish you the best.” She slammed my door as she dashed out of my room. Immediately she left Ifunaya’s call came in,

“Mr. Man what is taking you so long to reply my message, don’t tell me you are chatting with someone else;I will rip off your head, now go back, and reply my message. Now!” she stressed and ended the call without me saying anything.

On our way from tutorial class,I requested we eat lunch at the restaurant. “With who?” Ngozi screeched at me with daring eyes that almost swept me off my feet.

“Come on girl, you don’t have to be rude to your only brother.” I tried holding her hand but she withdrew it.

“If you ever try this nonsense again you will forever hate me, I am warning you!” she said piercing deep into my eyes.

I thought she was joking and I tried holding her again. First, it was the sound of a rushing wind that passed my face; second, I heard a sound like that of a thunder and the feeling of a sharp pain on my cheek. I placed a palm on my cheek as I stared at her with disbelief and with mouth wide open; she hissed and walked away. I looked from the corners of my eyes and I noticed the eyes of others were on me. I shamefully walked away from the scene.

I arrived home to meet Ngozi filing her nails. “What was the meaning of that stunt you pulled out there?” I asked with a raised voice but she pretended not to have heard me.I asked again but this time she attempted to walk out of me. I pulled her back. “Don’t you dare walk out of me when am talking to you!”I yelled at her.

“And who are you that I shouldn’t walk out of, look here Mr. Man, don’t infuriate me the more. Get behind me you womanizer!” she attempted to walk out of me the second time. I pulled her back and landed a heavy slap on her ear. She fell to my body as she held her ear. “Get away from me!” I pushed her from me and she fell hitting the back of her head on the couch, she collapsed and passed out. I tried waking her up but she did not, I poured cold water on her but to no avail. It was then it downed on me thatI might have killed my own sister.

I ran outside, luckily enough I saw a commercial tricycle, I beckoned on him and he helped me get Ngozi to the hospital where she was taken to the emergency ward. The doctor requested I called my parents. I dialed dad’s number but it was not going through, I tried mom’s, it did not go through either. I called mom’s friend at the office. Aunty Uka as we fondly called her, she has been friend with mommy since primary school. She picked up almost immediately “Hello aunty Uka, please tell my mother to come now to Izuchukwu Hospital. Ngozi has been admitted there.”

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