my sister and i episode 6


It was a shout of joy at Izuchukwu hospital when Ngozi sneezed. At first we all stood still until she sneezed the second time. “Doctor!” we called out simultaneously. Soon nurses were tripping into the ward. The doctor came and put us out of the ward while he examined Ngozi. We were singing praises to God; other people joined us to thank God. I was the happiest. I excused myself to inform Ifunaya.

“Hello Ifunaya guess what!” I said with so much excitement in my voice.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Just guess.”

“OK. You’ve won a lottery.”

I said to her “but you know I don’t play such. Anyways my sister has gained consciousness.”

“Oh! My God” she exclaimed loudly. She inquired how it happened and I told her Ido not know, God who did it.I went back to join the others who were already in the ward with Ngozi. I held her palm and looked straight in her eyes “I have missed you so much”.I knew she would have rebuked me for saying that but because our parents were there and she did not want them to have a clue about what was going on between the both of us, she smiled. I felt the urge to kiss that shinning lips of hers.

Finally, Ngozi was home and I was glad she was because I have been starved of s*x.

“Anayo!” mymom screamed my name, I knew what she was calling me for, and I got set to run the errand.

“I am coming mom!” I answered her from my room before I went to meet her at the dinning.

“Go get your sister nutri-milk from your girlfriend’s, your sister is demanding it.”

I grumbled. “Don’t worry I will soon fall sick and you will be the one running errands for me.” I hissed as I walked away. Mom and Ngozi laughed aloud.

I soon got to the shop and I met Ifunaya attending to a customer who was busy shouting and complaining. “What is the matter?” I asked Ifunaya and she explained to me what was wrong. I turned to the customer and faced him eyeball to eyeball. “The milk is ok.” I said authoritatively. Like I compelled him, the customer kept quiet and walked away.

“Wow! How did you do that?” she asked and I replied her

“That is a littlesecret I learnt on my own and I am not ready to share it not for any price.”

“What about if I offered you hmm hmm?” She winked.

“Not even for that, I won’t share it.”

She hit me playfully as she laughed. “Except you are not a boy, no one can resist my nudity.”

“Tell me, how many have you seduced so far with it?”

“What even brought you to my shop?”

I said to her “Like the shop is yours.” We laughed simultaneously.

“What about Ngozi how is she doing?”

I answered her “It was she who brought me here.”

“How do you mean?” she inquired.

“She demanded for nutri-milk and as you know she is sick and need to be treated as a queen.” I answered. She again spoke as if an idea popped into her head.

“That reminds me” she said, “I have not seen your sister with any guy not even for once”.

I chuckled. I said to her “That is her own way of life.” Ifunaya took my order and I rushed home.

On getting home,I met mom pretending to be angry. I hugged her waist and she rubbed my hair saying, “Let me guess, you were chatting with your girlfriend at the shop”.I hummed. I noticed Ngozi’s mood changed when I agreed that I was chatting with Ifunaya. I knew I had to explain things to her later.

At night while mom and dad went out for a walk, I slide into Ngozi’s bed asI did whenever I was horny.

“What are you doing here? You had better go to your Ifunaya and let me be.”

She said sternly. “I haven’t come to enter into your valley of pleasure, you won’t deny access if I want to. Anyways I come to tell you something the priest said.”

“What is it?” She asked feeling unconcern. “The priest said that there is an immoral act going on under mom and dad’s nose which they are not aware of because they are too busy with work. I know by now mom and dad would have gone to see the priest times without number concerning this.”

She said again, like she was not concerned about what I told her “and what are you now saying or suggesting?”

“I don’t know, that is why I have come to you.”

“My dear” she said “it is obvious that you do not want this to stop if not you would have said you want us to end it.” I opened my mouth in dismay. She was right; I never wanted it to stop. I wanted to have more of her. “But not to worry, the priest said that just to gain favor from our parents. I will be mad at mom and dad if they ever give anything to the priest.” I was shocked. How could she say such a thing concerning a man of God? It was obvious that she does not know the gravity of the offence she had committed.

However, she said that, but at that moment,I wanted her badly. I had missed her for so long. It seemed like she noticed the strength of my manhood. She planted a kiss on my lips that lasted for a brief moment. Catching our breathe she said, “You were right, if you had asked for my honey pot, I would not have denied you access.” I just smiled while we undressed. We were so deep in the pleasure that we did not notice our parents calling our names. They were a minute from us; it was obvious that they heard our m*****g. As soon as we heard their footsteps, we stopped and were shocked in the apex of the pleasure. We hurriedly dressed up. I never knew my sister was that smart. She started praying like the white garment church as she ordered me to kneel. The sound she was making sounded as though she was m*****g.

“What are you children doing?” mom asked as she pushed the door opened violently.

“Anayo said he had an evil spirit that is making me not to eat so I took itme upon myself to deliver him.” My sister answered smartly. Mom and dad also laughed but without looking at us with suspicion.

“What are you, prophetess?” Dad tripped in.

“Yes” she answered with a grin.

“And you big head, you had better eat before I take you to the hospital for injection.”

When mom and dad had left, we made a quickie to satisfy our urges. As I walked through the passage, I heard mom and dad discussing about Ngozi and I having s*x, they were really convincing themselves that the sound they heard was not that of a prayer but of s*x.

“That sound was not just an ordinary sound; it sounded like they were having s*x. I could hear her m*****g.” Mom said to dad.

“Or could it be that it was because the priest mentioned that there was immorality in our home that has make us to hear the sounds of our children as that of s*x?” I love that question at least that calmed me a little. What mom said after that sent fear down my spine.

“How about we placed a cameras in their rooms?” mom suggested.

“What a brilliant idea!” I could sense dad’s face lighten up. I almost cursed mom for that.

The next day, which was Friday, a day which mom and dad had planned to get the CCTV cameras. When they went out, I told Ngozi their plan to install CCTV cameras in our rooms.

“They are not serious!” Ngozi exclaimed. “What will the CCTV cameras do in our rooms?” she asked.

“They are suspecting we are having s*x and it seems they want to get enough evidence to believe to be sure.” I answered.

“That is never going to happen! No way! Before then, let us quickly enjoy ourselves.” She said placing her hand on my shoulders

I held her tightly to myself. Not up to a minute we started that we heard a knock on the gate. Ngozi said we should ignore the knock but it kept coming. Ngozi suggested she check who it was. I pitied whoever it was that was on the gate because I knew Ngozi was going to insult whoever it was that was on the gate. I stood at the window. As soon as the gate was opened, a figure jumped at her. It was Ifunaya;I could see happiness all over her to see Ngozi healthy.I could also see the annoyance on Ngozi’s face as she walked behind Ifunaya;I was a little bit annoyed also because she just came at the wrong time. As soon as she came in and saw me, she jumped on me. I loved the smell of her hair. “Hmm… seems like you got a new hair style.” I said to her.

She reacted “Yeah! I did have a new hair style;I just got out of the salon, and do you like the hair?”

I answered, “I don’t just love the hair, I love its smell too, and it makes me want to lean on your shoulder forever and ever.”

She was so excited “Wow! Really? Thank you so much.” She pecked me. Ngozi was there standing, staring at us.

“What shall I offer our guest?” Ngozi asked and served her fruit juice.

As we sat,I noticed Ngozi was still in the mood. So was I. “Anayo, can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked just for us to finish what we started.

“Sure”.I answered her.

We went to the bathroom. “Let us have a quickie, I don’t think I can bear the urge till Ifunaya leaves.” I gave her that look which means ‘Bad girl’. She positioned herself and we were at it again.

She was beginning to m**n loudly and I said to her “You had better reduce your voice or else Ifunaya will know what we do”.

She said in the midst of her m*****g “Let her know, she is not a virgin either, she is having s*x, every girl does. Tell me you haven’t slept with her yet.” I told her Ihave not, but she insisted I had. After a period, I noticed I was about to c*m, immediately I pulled out from her and poured everything on the ground. That was it; we were done. We cleaned up and joined Ifunaya at the sitting room.

Close to noon after Ifunaya had left, mom and dad arrived. They brought along with them the CCTV cameras.I ran quickly to Ngozi’s room to inform her about the arrival of mom and dad and the new CCTV cameras. She was silent for what seemed a minute before she spoke “I know you are angry now because you and I will not be able to access each other’s pleasure, but not to worry we will devise a means to obstruct their plan”.

I asked her “What is the means?” she just heaved a sigh and walked away. “What the heck is she up to?” I asked myself. “Whatever her plan is, I pray it won’t be disastrous.” I concluded.

That same night I heard mom and dad discussing how they will install the cameras. Mom said she has informed the person who would install them and he was coming tomorrow. Dad added, “How about the children, remember we must not let them know about it.”

“Exactly!” I heard mom said excitedly “we shall send them to my sister’s house while we install it.” I heard dad pecked mom; I guessed dad hugged her after all.

“That is why I love you.” Dad said.

Mom laughed and then she said. “Tomorrow you be calling me naughty wife, you naughty husband.” I heard mom playfully resisting dad’s moves.” Mom laughed out – I guess dad tickled her. I just hissed and mumbled, “This is still the same thing they want to find out between Ngozi and me, and yet they are guilty of it”.I hissed the second time and left.

I went to the sitting room where Ngozi sat watching her favorite night show. “Hey my love” I said as I sat with her putting my arm around her neck. “Guess what!” I said as I planted a kiss on her lips.

“Hey be careful either mom or dad can walk in and catches us, remove your hand from my neck please.” She was nervous.

“Come on…” I said as I attempted to kiss her, which she resisted. I said to her “mom and dad her enjoying themselves, they should be in deep pleasure by now.” I had barely finish speaking when we heard mom’s m**n. “I told you.”

Ngozi added “And letter they will be suspecting us having an affair when they too are also having an affair.” She hissed.

“Don’t mind them” I said“, anyways, Iover heard mom and dad saying the CCTV will be install tomorrow.”

She quickly asked, “Did they mention where the cameras will be installed, my room, or your room?” I answered her “No, they didn’t, but I guessed it will be each in our rooms. I heard mom said she would send us to Aunt’s house to enable them install the cameras without us noticing. What are we going to do now?”

“I have an idea, but I will only do it on the condition that you break up with Ifunaya.” I almost shouted, I could not say anything;I just stared at her with my mouth agape. “Choose wisely, me – giving you the pleasure you deserve or your so called girlfriend who all you do with is to hug.”

I thought deeply. I love Ngozi so much, but my sister always gives me pleasure. “I don’t think I can survive a week without s*x.”  I finally chose her over Ifunaya with the mindset of dating Ifunaya secretly. I would cook up a story for Ifunaya to come to my plan. “All right, I will break up with Ifunaya first thing tomorrow.”

“Perfect!” she insisted a Hi – five of which I hesitated. “Don’t worry brother; you will be glad you chose me over her. For that come and have a quickie.” I was glad she initiated that. I laughed wickedly behind her knowing fully well I was never going to break up with Ifunaya not for anything in this world. I love her with my body,soul, and spirit. I was ready to die for her to live. When we were done with the quickie,I logged in to my WhatsApp and message Ifunaya telling her about the whole break up thing and she gladly agreed to play along.

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