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Anayo continues…

When Ngozi opened her eyes and she saw a woman leaning against the wall with eyes fixed on her she recalled what happened. The young woman raised alarm for the doctors to attend to her. The door burst open the doctor with my parents and me standing right before her. What would Ngozi tell them?

“Who is this young Lady?” mom asked referring to the young woman who was leaning against the wall.

“She was the one that brought your daughter; you need to pay more attention to your children because the lady said she saw your daughter threw herself into the river from the bridge. She thinks your daughter may suffering from depression which could be true because something must have triggered her to think of suicide.” The doctor told mom and dad.

Mom and dad thanked the young woman and dad told the young woman to follow him to the car. He gave her twenty thousand naira in appreciation. She further advised dad to be conscious of us.

When Ngozi met eyes with, she remembered how I had almost made her lose her life she was disgusted by the sight of me. She felt like punching me right in my eyes.

“Ngozi I am sorry, I caused all this.” I tried to touch her face.

She yelled at me “Don’t even come close to me I hate you!” which got our parents puzzled as they stared at each other.

“What is it? He is your brother and you cannot hate him.” Mom intervened but that did not save the situation.

“I hate him mom! He caused all this.”

Dad told her to calm down that she needed to rest since she was just recovering.

That evening when she was fully recovered, she was taken home. Our parents looked worried. Ngozi felt pity for them; she had caused them a lot of pain and troubles. She apologized “Mom, dad I am sorry for what happened today, I didn’t know what came over me today, I never meant to…”

Dad cut in “You don’t have to worry yourself, go to bed we shall talk about it tomorrow.”

She lowered her head feeling bad and ashamed of herself.

As she went to her room, the whole incident replayed in her head. She was having her bath when her bathroom door opened. She exclaimed “What!” when she saw me, I was hard-on. “What is wrong with you, why would you open my bathroom door, what are you looking for, didn’t Ifunaya gave it to today? What do you want me to do for you this time? You better find a way of bringing down your urge else you will die by It.” she said with no atom of pity rather she was mad at me. I pleaded for her to allow me have s*x with her but she was bent on her decision, she had vowed never to allow me find my way between her legs anymore. I tried to play my usual trick on her but she slapped me. Not too long after I left her bathroom than she heard me m*****g, she knew I was m*****g loudly to get her in the mood. Yes, she got in the mood but she controlled herself and remained bent on her decision. I was still m*****g when I heard dad screamed I was caught red handed. One thing I love about dad was the fact that no matter the gravity of offence we commit, he never raised his hand against us but the way he lashed Ifunaya and I that afternoon still surprise me to this day. His words are always touching and have more effect than cane.

The next morning an emergency meeting was called. I knew what it was. The priest was also there. It was during the meeting that Ngozi and I made our confession to the priest. Our parents were so shock at our confessions and I could sense they were not happy not because my sister and I were having s*x but because they had failed as parents. They blamed themselves for paying too much attention to their work rather than we the children and their home. The priest prayed for us. It was not easy for us to overcome the sin of incest, with the help of our parents and priest we were able to exhibit self-control. It took us a year and some months to fully overcome. Ifunaya also reconciled with our family and pleaded Ngozi to forgive her. Mom and dad gave me the permission to date Ifunaya and we lived happily afterward.

Right now, I am still wondering why my sister did not get pregnant for me, perhaps I would be telling another story. I thank God for not letting that happened. I wish to tell all parents out there to be watchful of their children as they are their greatest investment. Never let anything take you away from your children, you could say you have all the money and all the children need is available and there is no need to watch them, or monitor their behavior. If my parents had been watchful, I do not thinkNgozi and I would have seen each other’s nakedness, maybe they would have found out on time and do something on time. In addition, for the siblings, I know it is hard but the sin of incest need to be avoided even if it means your parents separating the both of you. This sin of incest should be checked and controlled by parents and other adults, you can never be too busy for your children, and they should take most of your time. More also never draw far from God. I believe if my parents had taken us to church at our early age the sin of incest would not have found its way into our home. Not just incest, other form of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the home needs to be checked. Parents should always pray for their family.



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