My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 9

My best friend is now my stepmom πŸ‘€

Chapter 9
I woke up in a strange place, i was tied down,two boys were sitted ,there were looking at me.

” where am i ? I asked.

” you are at the point of no return ” one of the boys said as he brought out his pistol.

” please let me go, i have money, i can give you plenty money” i said as i pleaded.

“Even if you are a billonaire we don’t care,we do fulfill our promises, since our client wants you dead, so be it “the other boy. I am sure it’s maria that want me dead, that wicked girl.

“Am still a young girl, i still have many things to do in this world, please let me go” i said as i cried.

“Bade, this girl too like talk, if not because of manaki that learned about this mission and said we should wait for him, we would have k*lled her since” one of the boys .

” that’s what am waiting for, he should come fast ooo, he knows the client said we should send him pictures of her corpse, so make we do am fast fast” the other boy said. So they are going to k*ll me, God please save me, i said in my mind as i started praying. someone came in.

” Makanaki, two hands for you baba, we have been waiting for you” one of the boys said as they greeted the man, the man didn’t answer them , he just looked at me, i know this man somewhere, he is one of the area boys in our street, i said in my mind mind as i stared at him.

“Why did you accept this mission without informing me? The man said to them.

“Sorry baba, the client gave us a lot of money, and we know you don’t accept this kind of deal, so that was why we didn’t tell you about it” the other boy said apologetically.

“Do you this girl you kidnapped is one of my people” the man said.

“Makanaki we don’t know ooo, please forgive us, we don’t know she is your sister we wouldn’t have touched her atall”one of the boys said.

” i never said she is my sister, i said she is one of my people, release her,are you deaf? The man asked.

“Yes, i mean no baba” the boy said as he bowed. The boy released me and i sat down.

” whenever this girl sees me in the area, and i hail her she would give me money, do you remember the day, i brought a lot of acholic drinks for you guys, she was the one that gave it to me, that day her father was celebrating his birthday, he didn’t want me to enter his compound, he told security guys to send me out, this girl was the one that begged me that day cause, i was very angry i wanted to scatter the party, so she brought a lot of drinks out for me, so you better thank your creators that you haven’t touched her or else you also know what would have happened to you guys” the man said.

“Who was the client that gave you the job? The man asked the boy.

“We don’t know his name, it was marka that saw the man ” the boy said.

” marka, i am sure you heard your name, who was the client is it a man or a woman?the man asked.

“Baba na man, he lives in your area , you even said he has offended you before,you showed his picture the last time i came to your area” marka said as he bowed. The man pressed his phone and showed him something on his phone.

“Is this the man? Makanaki asked.

“Yes he is the one, baba am very sorry , i knew he offended you, but i still accepted the mission, baba you know i need money, baba you seff know, its not that i betrayed you” marka said.The man looked at me and shaked his head.

“Do you know the person that ordered my boys to k*ll you ? The man asked.

” yes, i know its maria my dad’s fiancee, she is very wicked ” i said angrily.

” No you are wrong, the person is a man” makanaki said.

” A man? I asked.

” yes, and am sorry to inform you that , the man is your dad ,he wants you dead”makanaki said. No that not possible , my dad.

“No, my dad can’t harm me,no that’s not possible ” i said.

“My boys don’t lie, because they know the consequences, see my dear there is a lot of things that are happening in this world, a woman contacted me one day , she gave me a mission to beat up her son and wound him, i asked her the reason, she said she told him not to marry the girl he married, so she told us to tell the son that we were sent by the wife, can you imagine? So don’t be too sure about anyone in this life, what if i didn’t learn about this my boys would have k*lled you, so i want to ask you a question , is there anything between you and your dad or do you know any secrets about him? Makanaki asked facing me.

“No, yes there is something, my mom’s company, my dad has been one managing it, now i wanted to take over ,since my mom willed it to me, but that’s not enough reason for my dad to kill me, am not sure, he is the one , what if someone is behind the scenes ” i said. Then Makanaki looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“Marka , call the client and tell him the work is done” Makanaki said.marka called the person the person picked and he put his phone on loud speaker.

“Have you done the job? The person asked. No i must be hearing things, cause the voice ,i heard was my father.

“Yes the job is done” marka answered him.

” ok remember to send me the evidences ” my dad said as he cut the call. My dad wanted me dead because of the company, and i thought it was maria 😒

Chapter10……… coming soon. …….written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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